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Chapter 9 A New Start Again…Maybe?

Lois woke up on Clark's bed. Of course Clark was not on it he was on the sofa. Lois took a quick glance on where she was. The memories suddenly flooded back into her mind. How she was to die, how Chloe was becoming an evil bitch and that her life was nothing. She moaned and went back to sleep.

"Lois, Lois, LOIS!" Shouted Clark. Lois moaned.

"What, what, I'm awake!"

"Come on we're gonna be late for school!"

"I don't feel like going today."

"Oh, okay then. You sty in bed and I'll…"

"No, I do want to go to school. I have to get on with my life."

"Good for you Lois."

Lois got up and bumped into Clark.

"Um Lois, what are you doing?" asked Clark.

"What do you mean, I'm getting a shower."

"No, you have a shower inside the house, this is my shower…for boys."

"Look smallville, I only want a stupid shower, I'm not gonna kill ya."

"I know, but it's kind of weird."
"What is, the fact that I need to use your shower, or the fact that your scared of a naked girl being in your barn?"

"Lois, just go down to my moms shower, she will totally understand." Lois sigh and walked over to Clark.

"Clark, I don't want to, I want to use yours since I'm in my nigh gown. So if you don't let me I have other ways of persuading you."

Lois touched his chest (because he was wearing just shorts) and put her lips near to Clark's. Clark didn't know what was going on but he felt a bit uncomfortable.

"Okay Lois, but hurry up!" Lois smiled and walked off to the bathroom.

Half an hour later and she still hadn't finished.

"Lois hurry up!"

"Wait one second smallville!"

Another 10 minutes went by.

Why don't I jus' go to my house and take a shower! Oh wait I can't or Lois will think I'll do that for now on! Oh and I need to tell my parents Lois is staying for a while.

Clark knocked on the door.

"I'm just coming in too get my shirt Lois!"

"Okay, ya can't se me anyway I'm behind the shower curtain!"

Clark walked in and grabbed his shirt. But as he was he saw Lois's outlined body. It was so perfectly shaped so stunning he even found himself drooling. He realised he was just standing there and walked out of the bathroom.

When Lois had finally finished and Clark had a quick shower, Lois walked over to Clark and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks samllville, for letting me stay here." He looked into her beautiful green eyes somehow knowing her and he would never be.

"Anytime Lois, I mean what Chloe said to you was mean, but I don't think you're parent's will like you staying here."
"I know, but I feel more…right here. But I guess my mom and dad would freak out at the idea of me staying here with a boy on my own."

"Yeah, but lets make it last. You were just kidnapped though, and you were accused of hurting your mom by a family relative, you've been through a lot Lois and you don't deserve it. I've been through a lot in my life and yeah people like us have a hard life keeping it a secret, but we get through it. Sometime the only thing we can do is run away, even though It's wrong and…" Suddenly Clark felt Lois's lips on his. He was stunned at first but then it got really intense and he held her tight. Lois pushed him back.

"Oh my god Clark! How many times have we done that now!"

"I…I don't know but it was good."

"Yeah it may have been, but Clark we have to stop this."

"Why, what are you so afraid of?"

"Clark, 1, you like Lana 2, I can't tell you the reason because of I did then I'd just feel bad at my self and 3, I can't love someone right now I mean I'm not in love with you but I defiantly know I'm attracted to you!"

"Yeah and I know I'm attracted to you too. So what are we gonna do?"

"Just be friends, let's just forget this ever happened!"

"O…okay Lois."

Lois and Clark both knew they couldn't forget what happened, but in Lois's head she knew nothing could happen with her and Clark, but it Clark's head he thought different….

To be continued…


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