Hey all, this is just a really short Jammie piece that I got the inspiration for when watching Murder One. If you haven't managed to catch it, it's a series that Anthony did back in the 90's where he played a character not a million miles away from Jack. Jimmy (Anthony) had an inter-office affair with Justine and their scenes together reminded me so much of Jack and Samantha, that I stole one of there scenes and wrote it for WAT :) Hope you like :)

Dscmlr: The only WAT/Murder One things I own are overplayed DVD's and the concept of this fic :)

A/N - I changed the last line because Mariel3 helped me to see that I didnt like it either lol TY:)

Samantha sat on the edge of his desk, crossed her legs, and placed an object on the paper in Jack's intense eyesight. The action causing him to start and look up to his visitor.

'What's this?' he asked, leaning back on his chair and taking off his glasses.

'A dime for your thoughts.' She replied with a triumphant smile, before leaning in to whisper 'I couldn't find a penny'.

Jack chuckled, 'And what makes you think I have thoughts?'

'Oh nothing, just that I've been standing in that doorway for a half hour and you never so much as twitched, even when Danny streaked down the halls buck nekkid'

'Remind me to talk to him about proper Federal etiquette' he joked.

Samantha smiled, before turning serious. 'So, come on, what's wrong?'

Jack pinched the bridge of his nose wordlessly.

'Okay, let me guess. It's coming up to Hanna's birthday and you're not going to get to celebrate it with her.'

Jack picked up the coin on his desk and placed it on Samantha's knee, 'You need a refund' he said with an unconvincing smile. Tiredness and worry was playing havoc on his attractive features. She hated to see him this way. They'd been through to much for her to just dismiss it all as personal problems and he needed somebody, even if he refused to talk about the divorce.

After a few moments where neither talked, Samantha asked 'have you eaten?'

'I'm not hungry'

She slid herself down from her seat and grabbed Jack by his hand, 'Then come and watch me eat'. And with that, Jack followed Samantha out of the building and to the car park, neither refusing, neither speaking a single word.