Part 1

by Kimra

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She could not believe it. Of all the god's cursed simple minded things to have allowed herself to do in a state of drunken delirium she could not believe this was the one she had chosen.

Okay, she had a crush on him, that was hardly anything magical or individual. Hell Rei had a crush on him! Half the female populace of Tokyo had a crush on him. But she didn't think any of them had been this stupid, maybe they had though. That thought irked her.

"Care to run that by me again?" Luna asked, her expression nothing short of flabbergasted. Serena let herself groan, let herself contemplate killing the cat for rubbing her nose into the situation then glared down her nose onto the bathroom counter where the meek black thing watched with wicked interest.

"I just woke up this morning… and it was there!" She made a waving motion at her right upper arm where the bleeding and puffy tattoo remained. Luna hadn't put it together yet, oh the cat knew it was a tattoo but she had no idea what it said. Usagi had made a quick recovery of parts of her memory even if the majority still remained lost in a drunken haze. She distinctly recalled declaring to the inside of the dirty tattoo parlour that she loved and would die for him so why shouldn't she get his name permanently fixed on her body?

Another groan as she realised this wasn't going to go anywhere in a hurry. She had already woken up to wonder at her strange dream, stumbled into the bathroom and screamed in horror at the realisation that parts of her dream, if not all, had been entirely too real. Considering her life it was very likely that she did met a giant blue woman dressed in paperclips and all Serena could hope was that if it was real she had killed it. Then again maybe that part had been a dream.

Luna had come running at the scream of course and Serena in a panic had done what she always did when she needed intelligent information. She had called Mercury fast, buzzing the communicator and demanding that her blue haired friend tell her how to get rid of a tattoo. The moment however Amy had asked 'why' Serena realised her mistake and cut of the communication.

Since Amy hadn't called back Serena had to hope the girl thought she was delirious and not worth the bother. If she was unlucky however her friend would be at her door any minute.

"Not a word!" Serena suddenly demanded with a fierce point at Luna.

"Nonsense." Luna retorted, looking shocked by the command. "Did Lita and Mina get one as well?" She seemed curious, not at all angry like Serena would have expected.

Serena frowned, remembered those two friends had been there and prayed to every god known that they had not heard her idolising the jerk like he was a god himself.

"I don't know." She replied carefully, concocting what frayed plans she could. If this got out she was dead. She had a hard enough time keeping her cool around him as it was, if he knew she had his name tattooed on her arm! "I think I'm going to be sick." She grumbled even if it was a lie. Nerves where making her jittery but they where not prompting anything resembling throwing up.

"What's it say?" Luna asked suddenly, her blue eyes squinting in fascination at the wound.

Serena shrieked and slapped her hand over it without a thought to pain and only a vague one to self preservation. The shock that went through her system on contact nearly made her faint, but she held it off with surprising endurance and reminded herself that if she fainted Luna might be able to read the stupid thing.

So gritting her teeth Serena looked down at the doubly curious cat and bit out a very tight. "I'm not sure."

"Well clean it up then. Silly girl." Luna reprimanded, a look of eagerness in her eyes.

"No. I have to bandage it up again." Serena interrupted quickly. She was wishing now she hadn't taken the padding off it at all. But she had still been asleep and had had no idea what was laying beneath the innocently tapped on cotton padding.

"But you have to clean it first." Luna interjected with a little frown.

"And I have to have a shower as well." Serena declared and as quickly as she could, put the cat out of the room and locked herself in.

She let out a quick breath of relief as she lent back against the door happy for the delay she had managed to create. Now all she had to do was figure out a way to hide it for the rest of her life from not only her cat but the entire world.

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