Teaching the Malfoys will be on an indefinite HIATUS. I'm really sorry for this but it seems that I've bitten off more than what I can chew, yet again. Yes, I do have an outline for it and there is an ending. It's just that now that I'm looking at the entire outline, it seems very ambitious. There's simply too many things happening (mysterious murderer, dark magic, Derek's behavior, the Malfoy vs. Cassel trial, and even the conclusion in itself)! If I rush this, there's no doubt that it's just going to be half-assed, and therefore pretty disappointing for those who are expecting better. And to think I only planned for this story to have, at most, 16 chapters.

I'm not saying I'm giving up on this story, I just need a bit of push/inspiration to revamp some latter chapters to smoothen everything out to pave the way for the rest of the story to be finished. Anyway, for those who have been waiting for something new, I do have one called Une année à Paris (One Year in Paris). It's under a different pen name, adifferentending. Or you can pop over at dracoandginny dot com and find it under the penname, goodbyedraco.

Also, give a bit of love to my new favorite author, ADURO, who has written The Code Trilogy, one of the better (if not the best), Draco stories out there. It's Draco Love + Complexity + Magic all rolled into one (or three, if you want to get technical about it), story.

So there, that's the latest update. )