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Chapter 1: WHY!

Wally and Hoagie walk quietly from the movie theatre as they wave goodbye to their dates. Wally had gone to the movies with Kuki and Hoagie ironically with Mary-Jane (the blonde-haired girl- I gave them personal names OKAY!), a member of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane. Now fourteen both had left the KND over a year ago and are both enjoying the teenage lifestyle (but they remain kind to little kids though). Hoagie used his nickname 'Hank' and surprisingly after his voice developed (it's now deeper and kind of sultry- like his voice was in the KND episode when he turned himself into a teenager and kissed Cree) and he lost his baby fat, a lot of girls were now flocking to him. Wally voice was mainly more mature and just a bit deeper. He towered over Hoagie at 5'9 and Hoagie was 5'4. They had just seen 'Harry Potter 5' and were heading to Hoagie's 'Hang Pad' (Hoagie's parents trusted him enough to allow him to have a room added on to the back of the house, to which only Hoagie had the key. The only conditions were that he didn't have anyone over 18 spend the night there, he'd let his parents know when he's going to use it, and that he promised not to have sex with ANYBODY before he was at least Seventeen and used protection. Also he had to maintain his B and C average in school; any D's and the pad would become PILE, a pile of rubble). They continued walking, passing the candy store that they used to visit regularly when they were in the KND and continued walking silently and briskly along the quiet street.

"Wally! Hoagie!" they heard a female voice cry from behind them as footsteps of low-heeled shoes clamped along the sidewalk towards them.

Wally and Hoagie turned around to see Mary Jane running to catch up with them, her white dress flapping in the cool late night breeze.

"Can I walk with you two?" Mary Jane asked softly when she caught up with them, "I'd really like to hang out with you too a little more," she said and bushed and looked away when Hoagie looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Wally quickly nudged him and told him to stop it.

"Mary," Wally said seriously, "you know that your father doesn't know that you and Hoagie are going out," he said as Mary started to look down at her feet, "it may not be wise us walking home together, especially so late at night," he said, "your Dad would go ballistic if he found out that you hung out with us and don't even get me started on him finding out that you and Hoagie are dating," he said.

At first Mary Jane looked solemn and disappointed, but when she looked up at Hoagie her eyes brightened and soon she started stifling a laugh with one hand and pointing at Hoagie with another.

Wally turned around to see a furious Hoagie that looked like he was about to punch him.

"If I need advice on how to take care of my girlfriend," Hoagie hissed, "I'll ask my mama," he spat at Wally and grabbed Mary's hand as he started to storm off.

"Fine!" Wally cried angrily, "I'll walk home alone!" he threw at Hoagie and stormed off in the opposite direction.

"Wally wai…" Mary started to say but Hoagie stopped her.

"If Wally wants to walk home alone it's his business," Hoagie told her, "but he better not blame me if anything happens to him," he muttered indifferently and Mary walked along side him, all romantic mood destroyed.

Wally continued walking in the opposite direction furious. How dare Hoagie treat him like that? It wasn't as if he was lying about Father and usually Hoagie was much more logical and thorough than he (Wally) ever was. It was just unfair that Hoagie treated him like that and he was going to take the other way home. Even if it was nearly ten (p.m.) and the lonely alley's that he'd have to pass through on this route weren't even safe during the daytime.

"Hello Wally," a voice said suddenly after Wally had been walking for nearly half-hour, "how's the night life?"

Wally spun around and soon saw two blue bright blue eyes in a nearby alley but could barely see anything else.

"What do you want Lenny?" Wally asked angrily.

"Stay away from my sister," Lenny said suddenly.

"I can hang around anyone I want," Wally snapped.

"And tell Hoagie to stop dating her," Lenny added.

"Hoagie's no longer…." Wally started to say, "just go tell him that yourself!" he snapped and started to walk away.

"Be careful," Lenny said suddenly and Wally looked back, "it's very dangerous out here at night," he told Wally.

"Oh shut up," Wally spat and stormed off.

One Hour Later Wally realized that he was lost and he started to worry.

What if my mother finds out that I took this route and grounds me? Dad will be furious if I'm grounded and I can't go to the Football match tomorrow with him. (Wally's thoughts)

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed him and pulled him into a dark alley.


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