Title: Another Failiure

Rating: R

Summary: a sequel to Letting Go. Estel wants to go on a hunting trip, but what will happen when Elladan's over protectiveness for his younger brother gets the better of him.

Disclaimer: Don't own, no owning, not mine.

The being grinned maliciously drawing his sword, a wild fire burning brightly in his eyes, backed up with a lust for ridding the foul creatures from existence. His brought his sword up to intercept the Orcs. Parry. Turn. Lunge. Kill. Parry. Kill. Lunge. His movements were swift as he danced a ballet of death with all those that attacked. Parry. Kill. Lunge. Kill. Turn. Parry. Kill. Lunge. Kill. His warrior instincts were trying to get an order of attack but his desire to slay the orcs easily overridden what his instincts told him. He risked a quick glance to his mirror image as he parried another repulsive creature.

Parry. Lunge. Turn. Parry. Turn. Lunge. Kill. Elrohir's mind was in a constant pattern, trying to survive, he met Elladan's eyes. A chill ran down his spine as he saw the bloodlust in the elder's eyes and the random way he was fighting. Too careless, he thought, one wrong move could cost him his life, a misplaced lunge where he should parry, a turn where he should lunge. Elrohir had seen it happen, Elladan had missed a few parries but amazingly enough he was able to counter them somehow and was nearly unscathed. Nearly. Elrohir turned his head in concern, seeing all the Orcs heading to his brother, Elladan had a gash on one arm and a huge cut on the left side of his cheek.

Elrohir quickly drew is bow and rapidly shot the Orcs as they crowded his twin before running to his aid.

'What took you so long?' Elladan grinned as he decapitated three Orcs in rapid succession.

The Orcs began their retreat.

'Dan?' Elrohir watched his brother as he began to follow the retreating Orcs. He recognised the cold, chilling malicious grin that swept across his features.

'Come on Ro.' The elder called, slightly running ahead.

'What are you doing?' Elrohir knew but asked anyway.

'Going after them. Now come on, before they get too far ahead.'

'No Dan,' he said quietly.

'What do you mean no? Do you not want to be rid of them? Do you want them to continue living so they can harm other innocents?'

'No I don't but…'

'But what?' he stopped and advanced towards to his brother.

'They could be going back to a camp somewhere, there could be more of them…' that was the wrong thing to say, he knew that by the new flames in the fierce dark eyes.

'Then we can kill more.'

'NO…please stop this…'

'What? You will let them live after they…'

'No…they do not deserve to live but…' he paused.

'But what?' Elladan frowned at Elrohir's hesitation.

'I…I worry for you…'


'This…it…its not right…'

'What's not right? That we are killing them…'

'Yes…I mean no…they do deserve death but you…I hate what this is doing to you…'

'To me?'

'Yes…it…it frightens me Dan…it seems the only thing you want to do is to…to kill…'

'That is the idea of these hunts…to kill them…'

'It is but…you just get so absorbed in killing them…you get reckless…you could have been killed twice this fight…you were lucky…but next time…next time might be different…'

'Ro,' he placed a comforting arm around his twin, 'I just want to kill as many of these Orcs as I can…'

'That is my point…the way you act…the glimmer in your eyes every time you think about killing them…it frightens me…its…its taking over you…'


'Oh forget it…lets just go home…' he suggested ending the argument. Elladan cast one more threatening glance at the retreating Orcs and reluctantly followed Elrohir to where the horses waited.