Elladan ran amid the Orcs, swinging his sword ferociously, killing several creatures, fighting a path through them reaching the centre where he saw Estel pinned down with daggers through him. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to block out the pain and guilt. 'Oh Estel, I'm so sorry my brother, I never meant anything I said, I love you so much, I was just angry…' he broke off, choking back tears, gently smoothing the Human's hair from his face.

'Elf.' Orcs hissed.

An Orc sliced though his shoulder slowly pulling the blade out, causing the Elf great pain.

'You will pay for all the lives you have destroyed,' the leader hissed, slicing his other shoulder. Elladan bit hard on his lip causing it too bleed as one of the Orcs broke both of his shoulders, breaking the left hand even more than it was.

Elladan tried to blank out the excruciating pain, glad that they had taken their minds off Estel.

Several booted feet crashed down hard on his ribs, breaking them several times over.

The Orcs flipped him onto his front, using the same whip they had on Estel they mercilessly flogged him until his tunic was shredded to nothing and blood pulsated from the layers of wounds.

Elladan was unable to repress the cries of pain as an Orc stamped heavily on both of his arms.

'Orc bane,' a dark voice hissed, Elladan was brought to his knees, his arms stretched painfully.

'Why kill them?' another asked.

'To forget,' third stated.

'Yesss, there is much grief in this one, too many painful memories, at the hands of the orcssss,' a fourth added.

'What a good asset Elladan Elrondion would make to our ranks,' the leader hissed.

Elladan opened his eyes and saw what he thought. Nazgûl. Why did his luck never hold?

'You want to forget,' the Witchking purred, 'you want to forget the painful memories and failure of your mother, Hîrsá and Arathorn.'

Elladan's eyes widened, how did he know?

'We know much about you young one. We can help you forget the pain…you can join us…' the second hissed.

'No,' he managed shakily, his breath becoming laboured.

'Yet you wish to loose the pain…you can do that. What would it hurt?'

'NO. I will…die first.'

'You have come close to that already, several times, when you believed you failed those you love.' The High Nazgûl's voice was soft, almost kind sounding but had a crisp undertone.

He suddenly felt a sharp pain and looked down to see the point of a blade sticking through him. It had miraculously missed hitting any major organs, but Valar it was painful.

'The offer is open…we will wait just there for you, if you change your mind.' The Witchking hissed and led his lackeys off.

Elrond was first to reach the hill, he could clearly see loads of Orcs, near the middle of the rabble though there were two still forms, no need to guess who, he thought. He gave the signal to attack, horses stampeded towards the camp.

'Oh Estel,' Elladan whimpered as he was dropped to the floor, 'I'm so sorry Arathorn, please forgive me, I failed you, again,' he murmured weakly, feeling faint from blood loss. He tried to move to check if Estel was alive, but it hurt too much and he looked a familiar deathly pale, nor could he see the soft rising and falling of his chest. 'No,' he breathed softly, no it was not possible, 'oh Valar no, Estel, I'm so sorry brother,' his heart could not face that Estel was dead, it was not possible…he was so young. He choked on the tears and let them fall. Suddenly he remembered the Nazgûl's offer; there was no other choice he decided.

It did not take long for Elrohir to fight his way to Estel. His brother seemed lifeless, but he managed to find a weak pulse, then he noticed his twin was missing.

'Legolas,' Elrohir called, the prince was at his side in an instant, 'stay with him and wait for father to get here, I'm going to look for Elladan.'

Elrohir glanced over the massacre and saw a figure limping away from the battle, escorted by orcs. 'Dan,' he called, but he did not look back, grabbing his sword Elrohir sprinted to follow.

'Dan…' he trailed off seeing a battered and bloodied Elladan talking with Orcs.

No, it's not possible, Elrohir would not believe he had joined the Orcs by his own free will; he went closer to listen in.

'…tell your master that I am agreeing to his offer…' his mirror image said.

NO, he shook his head disbelievingly. This was not his twin; it could not be his twin. A chill swept over him as a Nazgûl appeared, to his horror Elladan stared back, unflinching as the creature placed a hand o his shoulder.

'So you have decided to join us,' it hissed.

'Yes, I just want to forget…'

'NO,' Elrohir had heard enough he ran to his twin's side, 'Dan, don't do this, please.' Unshed tears came unbidden to his eyes.

The Orcs began to surround him.

'NO, don't,' Elladan stepped in front of his brother protectively, 'please…don't harm him, let me talk to him.' The Nazgûl nodded, Elladan pulled his twin over to a corner.

'What do you think you're doing?' Elrohir hissed.

'The only thing I can do…'

'You said you wanted to forget…forget what?'

'What do you think? The pain I've caused; my failures.'

'What failures?'

'Mother, Hîrsá, Arathorn, Gilraen, Estel…'

'How have you failed Estel?'

'Did you not see him out there? He is dead because of me…'

'Elladan, Estel's alive but he is badly wounded…'

'NO. I saw him, he was dead…' he trailed off choking back the lump in his throat. 'Just get out of here Ro…before the Orcs take you, please, this is the only way…'

'What? Surrendering yourself to these foul creatures, the ones that have destroyed all those we love?'

'I don't expect you to understand,' he muttered, 'just…just tell Ada that I'm sorry it had to be this way…tell him that I love him more than anything but the pain was unbearable…'

'Dan, don't, please…' tears rolled down his cheeks now.

'I'm sorry, I love you Ro, I always will no matter what…look after father, he needs you now, more than ever…I love you…brother…' without another word or glancing back Elladan turned and bowed before the Nazgûl, un-responding to Elrohir's cries as he followed them away.