Title Darkness Will Follow

Rating R – DARK

Disc. Not mine

Summary 3rd in the Darkness Series. Many years after Elladan disappeared he returns, but is not the same.

Elrond kept seeing him in his darkest thoughts, chained up, in pain, the most horrific wounds covering his blood soaked body…yet it had been of his own free will…

Elrond shuddered, he knew all to well of the effects of torture by Orcs…but Nazgûl were far worse. He could only imagine the pain his eldest son had been in and although his heart wanted him to be well, his mind knew as time went on it was less likely he would see his son again.

He looked to see Estel slowly dismounting his horse and walking up the steps to the main building.

Estel had completely gone into self blame, he could not remember the amount of 'if I hadn't have argued with him none of this would have happened' speeches, no matter how much Elrond tried, he could not get through the wall of guilt Estel had built around himself and it was rare he was home anymore.

Elrohir had gone completely the other way, he rarely left the valley keeping mostly to his room, it worried Elrond about how subdued he had become.

"Estel," Elrond smiled breaking off his thoughts as he joined his human son. "Welcome home my son." He embraced the man tightly.

"Estel," Elrohir greeted his brother, "How have you been?"

"Well," Estel forced a smile.

Elrond shook his head, the two had been tense with each other since Elladan…left…he knew Elrohir partly blamed Estel for what happened which did not help the man's confidence that much.

"How long will you be staying son?" Elrond asked ignoring the tension.

"I don't know," the man sighed.

"You look tired…go and rest…I'll call you for dinner."

"Thank you Ada," Estel smiled tiredly ignoring the tight glare he received from Elrohir and went to his room.

The High Nazgûl grinned maliciously as the Elf completely obliterated a group of weak Orcs.

The Elf had become a perfected killing machine; all memories of his previous life had been taken from him…he knew nothing outside what his masters told him which suited the Witch King just fine.

The Elf knelt before his master and waited.

Muzazor was amused at the Elf's submission…he had willingly gone with them and endured hours of torture…all he had wanted was to forget, oh he forgot; no past, no memories, he did not even remember who tortured him, using it to his advantage Muzazor claimed it to be Elves.

The High Nazgûl had also found the location of one of the Elvish rings of power…he would use the Elf to get it back to his master.

"I want you to go to Rivendell," he hissed.

The Elf looked up sharply at the mention of the place where he had been tortured.

"You will be able to get your revenge on those who pretended to care." He soothed. "The lord of Rivendell carries a very special ring…Vilya…a blue stone set in gold. It is very powerful…it is what overpowered you…making it easier for them to hurt you."

The Elf narrowed his eyes and growled.

"I want you to take the ring and kill anyone who stops you."

"Yes master," he nodded, "How will I get in?"

"Fight a group of Orcs near the border, allow yourself to get injured and they will take you in…remember they only pretend to care…your so called twin was the one who wanted you to die."

The Elf rose and bowed leaving for his task.