Estel was packing some of his things when his father and Elladan walked passed his window and a feeling of foreboding flooded his mind…he knew he could not leave his Ada alone with this elf…silently he followed.

"We are close to the borders," Elladan observed, "Are you not afraid of being attacked so far from home?"

"Should I be?" Elrond frowned to his son.

"No…but sometimes orcs pass the patrols…"

"Yes but they are normally stopped and found."

Elladan nodded at this; sensing there was no one near by he attacked the defenceless elf.

Elrond was not ready for the sharp blow to his left temple which sent him down.

Estel speared the elf from behind his dagger scratching the elf's back slightly.

With unnatural strength Elladan flipped the man over and pounded his head several times until the man fell unconscious beneath him.

Returning his attention to the fallen elf lord Elladan pulled the ring from his finger.

Elrond started to stir a few more blows to the head saw to that.

"Elladan?" a blond stern looking elf glared icily at him.

"Orcs," someone called in the distance, "Orcs are invading."

"Get back to Imladris," Glorfindel ordered, "Get the army ready."

"Glorfindel," Elrohir ran to the blond, "Ada," he knelt by the elder, "What happened?"

"I think Elladan has some explaining to do," Glorfindel said icily, "Get your Ada and Estel back home, I will deal with Elladan."

"Glorfindel…" Elladan started and rushed the elder, hitting him in the side of his head.

Glorfindel had not been prepared for the attack and fell to the floor and felt his dagger bite close to his neck.

"You move; you die," Elladan hissed.

"Don't make me hurt you brother," Elrohir said sharply holding his sword to the back of the elder's head.

"Ro," Elladan's expression turned soft and caring, "I know you wouldn't hurt me," he stood and faced his twin, "you don't have it in you…"

Elrohir felt his demeanour waver slightly as his twin moved to his side and gently lowered the sword.

Elrohir stepped away slightly.

"Why brother?" the younger twin's voice was soft.

"I had to," Elladan shrugged as if it was nothing.

The sound of battle raged quite close to the brothers; yet it went unnoticed to Elrohir as he stared at his brother, his sword raised again.

"You planned this…" Elrohir whispered, not hiding the betrayal in his voice, "getting attacked…everything…you…why?"

"I only want Vilya Ro…I don't want to have to hurt you for it…"

"Get out," Elrohir flicked his blade across the elder's body, drawing a thin, slightly deep line, "I will give you this one chance to leave Elladan…I know others would not be so lenient."

"Your mercy is touching brother, but I will not leave until I get what I came for."

"You are no brother of mine." Elrohir hissed, "Nor will I let you harm Ada." He moved protectively

"So be it," Elladan shrugged and knocked his brother to the floor, his weight pinning the younger down as he brought his hands down hard on Elrohir's making him loose grip of his weapon.

Elladan rolled off and held the blade menacingly at Elrohir's throat.

"Don't think I wouldn't," Everything about Elladan was now cold and harsh; his eyes, expression, voice…it was like Elrohir no longer knew him.

"I know you would," the younger replied, hiding any fear from his expression, a low moan caught their attention, Elrond was waking. "Ada?" Elrohir glanced to the elder, "Ada you have to get up…you're in danger…Ada saes…" he went to move but the blade nicked the side of his neck and he placed his hand to the wound trying to staunch the flow in vain, he started feeling light headed and passed out.

Elladan kicked the body away and went to claim his prize…