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Summary: How it all started.

Chapter 1 – How It All Began: Two Devastated Hearts

It was as silent as a tomb in the main castle corridor. The echoing of small footsteps were the only thing breaking the deadly silence. Her long dark hair curtained her, shielding her from the outside world so no one could see her solemn expression when she entered the throne room.

The King was pacing back and forth in front of his grand chair. "Father", she said timidly. "You summoned me?" She finished slowly already knowing why she was there.

He stopped and looked at her. "Yes, my daughter." A moment or so passed before he continued. "Give me a hug." The King embraced his one and only daughter tightly, desperately trying to figure out how to start the same conversation that always ended in a yelling match.

When he had finally gained enough confidence he spoke. "Sango" He pulled away from her to look in to the now wide eyes. "You are well beyond coming of age. There are no more excuses or delays. I can no longer give you a choice in the matter."

Sango's eyes began to water but she refused to let a single tear drop. "Sango, please don't look at me like that. You're a princess. And one of your roles is to promote and up hold peace at all cost. Your marrying the prince of Fantasia will not only ensure peace but guarantee us aid from the Youkai Kingdom as well. It is a known fact that the two kingdoms are practically run as one."

Sango tried and failed to keep her bottom lip quivering. She knew what was coming; she just couldn't believe he was saying it.


"Hey stupid! You ready to go?" The boy called looking at the depressed blob that he called a best friend. "Why are you still sulking? Just tell her to fuck off and she'll leave. You succeed in running the others away. What makes this one so different?"

His companion now came into view as he reached the carriage that would be charting him off into what he considered to be a living hell.

Miroku took in a deep breath. "It is not that easy this time." The boy quirked an eyebrow and irritatedly waited for his friend to continue. Miroku took another deep breath, though it didn't help the constant constricting in his chest. "Father said that if I run off just one more bride it would not be pleasant for me."

The boys now entered the carriage.

"What is he going to do, behead you?", the silver haired boy said jokingly.

Miroku fumbled with his royal robes for a moment before scowling back at his friend.

"Some where along those lines, yes." Rubbing his chest lightly, as he tried to enlighten his friend to the seriousness of the situation, "InuYasha, my Father said that this is the last bride that is of any use to our kingdom. The Mayan Kingdom has a booming trade station. It would mean that our kingdom would not only receive a waver for the toll fees but we would also get a share in the profits. In return, we would give them the much need muscle power that they lack to control the rash of raids that they have been suffering from lately."

"You mean my kingdom would give them the extra army power they need." Inuyasha corrected him.

Then he gazed out of the carriage window wishing he was allowed to run the way instead of being forced to endure to long, bumpy, and stuffy ride inside the confining box.

Now Miroku was the one getting irritated. He swung out at the hanyou's head.

InuYasha easily ducked and stared at him, trying to figure out why all this was making his life long friend so up tight. So it was an arranged marriage. What is the big deal?

"What the hell is the matter with you? You'll both benefit from it so what the fucking problem?" His answer was silence. "Wait a minute you do still like women don't you?"

This question the got the wanted rise out of him. After a few minutes of tussling, both boys returned to their seats huffing loudly.

"So now that I have finished kicking your ass, are you going to tell me what the real problem is? Or do you want to go another round?", the inu prince finished all in one breath.

The dark haired prince looked at him through narrowed eyes. "Excuse me? Who kicked who's ass? As I recall I had you in a head lock.", he replied slightly puffing. "And you of all people could not begin to understand my dilemma. To be forced to give up your freedom! To be bound to one woman."

"So this is about marriage?"

"No, this is about not being able to choose who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Being forced to marry some puff headed princess that I have never meet or even seen. I don't mind giving up all the women on the planet as long as I can be with one that makes me truly happy."

Inuyasha never thought of it like that. Not that he had to worry about being in such a predicament. Since he would never be king himself he didn't have to worry about such things and didn't take the time to think about them. Now he was beginning to understand Miroku's melancholy mood.

Though his comrade had a reputation for being an "appreciator" of women, he knew it was just him joking around to see what kind of reaction he could get out of them. Most of the women he did bother to go all the way with were usually very willing.

Now knowing that he might have to spend the rest of his days with someone who might not understand or even take the time to understand him was a little depressing. The rest of the ride was spent in a heavy silence.


Sango ran into her room and slammed the door with as much force as she could. Then with the last of her strength she leapt across the room and face first into her bed. It wasn't until then she let the tears flow freely and started to soak the sheets beneath her.

Kagome peeked around the corner. She had heard Sango's dramatic entrance and her worst fears were confirmed. She had been holding her breath since Sango had left. They both knew this day would come and their tomorrows had come to and end.

Kagome approached the sobbing girl as one would a tiger. Then Kagome realized that the princess didn't even hear her enter the room. Sango was still laid cross ways the bed crying in her dark blue silk sheets, oblivious to anything other than the pain in her heart.

Kagome sat on the bed looking down on her friend. Sango jumped slightly when she felt a comforting hand rub her back. "So you couldn't change his mind?" Sango shook her head. "When do we leave?" Sango put up some fingers, not wanting her lady in waiting to see her reddened tear streaked face just yet.

"Three weeks?"

Sango shook her head.

Kagome tried again, "Three days?"

Sango shook again.

"Three hours!"

Sango nodded into the soggy sheets fiercely.

"Doesn't he realize that you have nothing packed! Doesn't he realize that you may need some time to yourself before meeting this…guy?" Kagome stumbled over the last word.

The princess took this time to rise, sitting on her knees. "Daddy said that he is making me leave now because he might change his mind if he saw me moping around."

Kagome turned around and gave her friend a much needed hug. "It will be okay. Maybe this guy won't be so bad. I mean you parents were arranged, right? Maybe it will be love at first sight." Kagome finished dreamily. She hoped that she sounded more confident than she felt.

Slowly they both got up to prepare for the long journey.

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