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Summary - How they all turned out. See what everyone has been up to over the years.

'Ah, today will be a lovely day.' Miroku thought while slipping his robes back in place. He winced as he began walking to the door. Though his thighs had not pained him when he supported all of Sango's bouncing weight on them they were making their cries heard now.

He smirked. Sango was just going to have to massage them out for him. She still needed practice. The last time he tried to teach her she had ended up giving him a so call "body massage". He had never heard of that before, or rather he had never heard of someone using their whole body to massage the other person's. And while having her breasts "massage" his neck had led to highly interesting results he was most certain that it had not been relaxing.

He stopped a servant in the hall.

"Did you happen to see what way my lovely wife went?"

"Yes your Highness. She went just down there."

"Thank you."

He couldn't wait to see his friends but it was always hard to get his enchantress to do anything with him when they were here. To quote her, "I have been waiting for months to see Kagome. You will just have to be content with your friend while we are visiting." Sango and InuYasha got along better now but that didn't mean that they still didn't have verbal spats that required one or both of them to be removed from the room. "And keep your ecchi hands to yourself when we get there."

He actually grinned at this. He loved it when she called him ecchi but not for the reason people think. To him it meant that he had graduated from being a "lech" and "hentai" to being ecchi. Even though she had accepted his touch and his "teachings" privately calling him such in public, where she tried to deny him the joys of touching her, meant that she was covertly broadcasting to the world that she wanted him despite her objections.

The whole Naraku situation had made them admit their feelings but the journey they had embarked on to get the plants he needed to make the medicine had bonded them closer than he had ever hoped.

More than once he was thankful that they had a deep connection. They had had many tests over the years. There was another Yura incident. It seemed that Yura hadn't been content with just "ruining" his name but he was required to be an unsatisfied bachelor for life. If she hadn't been good enough for him no one was! When she learned of their wedding celebration, which to their displeasure she HAD to be invited to, she seemed bent on destroying the event before it took off. There had been a month set aside for the whole affair since it was literally three kingdoms having to celebrate this one event. Sesshomaru was set on having it in the newly built kingdom however he insisted it not be more than that. They had to give friends and allied kingdoms a proper chance to show their appreciation but he didn't want his kingdom to come to a complete stop for months. Yura had dedicated three weeks to whispering doubts in Sango's ear and taking any chance to attempt to jump him the moment he was alone. Thankfully her plans blew up in her face when she threw herself at him in what appeared to be a secluded patch of the garden but unknown to her it was visible from the grand balcony, where most of the guest had adjourned to gaze at the landscape. Seems one of the queens had gifted them with a few statues that had been placed in that very garden which is what the guest were supposed to be admiring at the time.

The couple had been hoping that they would have some time to themselves as a married couple before things got really intense but as usual fate had its own grand design. Their fathers had decided that they should start taking on many of the royal responsibilities. So they had to delegate many of the political debates and major decrees, while their father's only dealt with the town people's problems. There was 'The Flood' as it was now commonly known. Which had drove the bat demons from their caves to terrorize one of the few all-human dwellings in the Youkai Kingdom. Then they had to track down the group in Mayan that had successfully poisoned the entire castle and surrounding town's water supply and was charging outrageous prices for their "pure" water. Which turned out to be the same tainted water that had been mixed with the purifying agent. And who could forget Ryukotsusei. They were still trying to figure out how he got unsealed. Currently they were digging up information to see if Kagome and Kikyo were actually separated sisters. Since their parents had mysteriously died and they ended up on the palace doorsteps with similar stories.

However, there were two situations in particular that were personally the worst of all. The first had been when some woman demanded that he acknowledge her son as his. Of course he dismissed it as just idle yellings of a wronged woman. Sango on the other hand had taken it to heart. They ended up having to call Kaeda to read the mother and child. As he figured, the lady had been lying but his wife had to be constantly reassured for months that no one else would show up making same bold claims, true or false.

The other had caused him the most frustration, when a foreign prince had come to seek Sango's hand in marriage. It seemed that the prince had heard stories of his unpolished gem and wanted to claim her for his own despite that fact that she was married. The little snot had even gone as far to challenge him for HIS wife while the rest of the court was watching! Sango wouldn't even let him hit the bastard.

Then he had the nerve to linger for weeks. He had to constantly shadow her for it seemed the moment her left her side the idiot would appear. Finally he did give up but only after he promised that he would be her next choice if for some reason Miroku died. He was unsure whether to take the parting statement as a threat to his person or a vow to his wife. Neither sat well with him though. Kagome had had a good time laughing it up. She blamed Sango for picking at her about Koga, said this was Kami's way of paying her back.

But why did he have to get the raw deal of Sango's shortcomings?

He ran a hand through his hair. At once he was struck with the fact that it was lose. Quickly he pulled a small tie out to pull it back. After he got married he had grown it out. He thought it had a rather nice rugged look to it and so did Sango until his hair began to catch up with hers. She had put her foot down saying she didn't care what Kagome tolerated but her husband's hair would not exceed her own. So he had been force to cut it horridly short.

Looking back it hadn't been that bad. Honestly it looked like it usually did when he had his ponytail from the front anyway. Now his hair was growing back. It was almost the length it had been before he married her. Only problem was he had to keep it tied back with the small tail tucked in. The last time she noticed his hair had grown this way she had made him cut it again.

He sighed. When left with the choice between keeping his hair or his wife's moist heat the answer was obvious. He chose both. She just didn't know about it. What Sango didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

As he neared the door he could hear the mystifying mummers of his beloved's voice. Then he heard his friend's accusing tone.

"At least someone can catch us in the act of what we're doing and not find any humiliating or putrid smells. Can you say the same?"

So they had gotten caught? He shrugged. It was only a matter of time before someone told her. He had been visiting here long enough to know that certain scents lingered on the skin no matter how you tried to mask them. Sex was one of them. But it was an unwritten rule among demons that one did not speak of things that weren't their business. He would have to make more of an effort to convince her next time. He would personally 'thank' InuYasha for ignoring that rule that later. It had been years since they had both been able to visit the Youkai kingdom together. One of them always had to stay at home to oversee things.

Now what was supposed to be a nice trip with his wife and friends would be slightly ruined. Next time he had a chance to take a trip with Sango he would know better than to come here.

Oh well, the best cure for being caught with your hand in the cookie jar was to just admit being guilty.

He walked slowly into the room.

'Time to turn the tables.'


Sango patted her hair and checked her attire before stepping out into the hallway. She smirked wickedly to herself while thinking of how she left Miroku with slight cramps.

'It was his fault for being so impatient. Honestly hadn't he had enough on the way here?'

But then most of that had been her fault. For some reason she just couldn't keep her hands off of him. The entire time they had been in the carriage she felt sick. It must have been the bumpy ride. It was the worst part of coming here. One of these days she was going to figure out a way to smooth out the roads. But even though her insides felt like they were doing somersaults the only thing that made her feel relief was sexually attacking her husband.

"Your Highness, the Prince and Princess are waiting for you in the East Wing. Someone will escort you to the proper room shortly."

"Thank you but that's not necessary. I believe I know where they are."

A genuine smile crossed her lips this time. Things were so different now. She and Miroku were so busy with their duties that neither of them had the time to really visit their best friends. It had taken so long to find another lady in waiting that pleased her so. Not only had Kagome been her life long friend but she had been basically train for that position since they were both children. No one would be able to replace Kagome, but the girl was giving it her best. Still it couldn't replace how lonely she felt without Kagome sometimes.

Her smirk appeared again. At least she had her spouse to distract her when missing her friend got her depressed. Of course her duties kept her busy but he was a much more preferred and pleasant distraction.

He had seemed to make it a personal goal to corrupt her. In the beginning she had fought against him in this quest but then slowly she resigned and only fought him on the appropriate places for her "training", as he so affectionately referred to it. Hence why she was coming out of random room he had ambushed her in.

"Ow." Sango rubbed the back part of her neck. Maybe Miroku wasn't the only one sore after all. 'I'll have him invite Yura to our anniversary ball to make up for this. It's always a pleasure seeing her squirm.'

The royal stifled a groan as she tried to crack her neck and shoulders. If she didn't take it easy she wasn't going to have enough energy for a quick spar with Hiten. As much as she loved staff fighting with her husband it just didn't satisfy that rush she got when she tossed her boomerang around. Usually she could only practice with stationary targets and it was hard to catch InuYasha in a good enough mood to convince him to be a live target. Besides she needed to refresh her skills with Kirara. It had been a while since she practiced using weapon while riding her.

No matter what anyone said Kirara was the best retainer. She didn't tell any secrets. She was well behaved, did whatever task was asked of her, and gave the false impression to any fool that she was a harmless kitten.

She still remembered the day that both her and Miroku received the people that had been appointed to act as their right hand. Usually they would have chosen their own but since one of the main focuses of the newly built castle was to be the prime example of how equal humans, hanyous, and demons were it made sense for both royal humans to have demon counterparts. Hachi and Kirara were almost over qualified for the job.

Their personalities meshed nicely to the ones they were now meant to serve. Their demon senses came in handy to compensate for less enhanced humans. Both had high levels of patience. As well as the ability to quickly transform into to emergency transports if there was unanticipated danger.

Plus Kirara was undeniably adorable. She couldn't thank Sesshomaru enough when she was given the fire cat.

Sesshomaru could be nice when he choose to be. Of course it was usually disguised as annoyance or practical planning but she had come to learn the difference.

'Hmm. I'll have to talk to him later about Abi.' She and those hell birds were slowly but surely encroaching on Fantasia territory and her father was considering stepping down to pass the crown to her. Which would make things even more complex if the little witch decided to make an all out attack on Fantasia while she and Miroku were otherwise engaged in being crowned the new King and Queen of Mayan.

Sango sighed. It was a good thing Miroku had suggested this small vacation. Perhaps after a little time to relax she would feel like her old self again.


"InuYasha I'm not drinking that gunk, I don't care how healthy it is." She pushed the cup away from her.

"It's not gunk, it's tea. Drink it." He pushed it back in front of her.

"It's green. Tea is NOT green." She held her nose and pushed her chair safely away from the table. "And it stinks."

He pushed her back down into the chair for what seemed like the billionth time.

"Kagome do you like being sick?"

"You know I don't."

"Then drink."

Kagome crossed her arms and let out a "stubborn InuYasha" snort.

"There is no way you are getting that in my body unless you hold me down and pour it down my throat."

"That can be arranged you know."

She stiffened.

"You wouldn't dare."

After a brief stare off he sighed, "Fine then, get sick! What do I care, I was only trying to keep you from catching a cold. I can smell it coming. But all you want to do is whine about the smell and the color. I know it's green. I had the leaves special ordered. And I know it stinks. If you think it stinks think about how I feel. Is it really worth it to not drink this and spend a week in bed?"

'Damn it. Why did he have to be so logical when she didn't want to be? And worse he drained all the fight out of her by being so caring.'

"Okay, I'm sorry. Give me the cup."

She almost spit out the first sip.

"Eww, it tastes worse than it smells!"

"But it will keep you from getting sick." She managed a few more swallows before placing the now half-full cup back down. "Drink it all."

The Princess looked at him then at the size of the cup. No way was she drinking anymore of that!

"Please don't make me drink all that.", she whined.

"Every last drop." He stood over her like a warden.

Widening her eyes she tried again, "Please?"

He crossed his arms.

"Please?", she begged again while putting her hands in prayer position.

He turned away. He hated it when she did that. How was he supposed to say no to her while she was batting her eyes like that? He snuck a glance at her. If it was possible her eyes had gotten even wider.

"Inu, pleeease?"

"Alright Bitch!" She let out a squeal of delight while jumping up to hug him tightly. "But I don't want to hear not one whine from you later when you are sick. You choose this."

"Thank you o' great prince. You truly are my hero."

"Yeah well you remember that when your cold is making you feel like crap."

"But you'll be there to make me feel better."

Kagome tenderly tugged on his forelocks to bring his face in kissing range to her. She was just considering whether or not to deepen the kiss because she didn't want him to get her germs when…

"Ah!" Sango pretended to be disgusted when she walked in on her best friend kissing. "My eyes, they burn! Give someone warning signs if you are going to do that where people can see you."

InuYasha used his sleeve to cover his nose.

"At least someone can catch us in the act of what we're doing and not find any humiliating or putrid smells. Can you say the same?"

'Darn it. He could still smell it?'

They had gone through so many precautions short of taking a bath but it still didn't help. She knew she shouldn't have listened to Miroku. She just knew it was a bad idea. At home they could just adjust hair and clothes and be fine. Here there were too many demons that could smell your business.

"I would say that if you have yet to smell that scent on a regular bases then you must be a terrible husband and Kagome needs to divorce you. I'm sure Ayame wouldn't mind sharing Koga." Miroku commented casually as if he hadn't just insulted half the people in the room or embarrassed his wife further by confirming in Kagome's mind that there was indeed truth in what InuYasha claimed to smell.

Kagome had to cling to her hanyou to keep him from harming Miroku. Sango's face was temporarily red.

"Ecchi." Sango muttered to him the moment her normal color returned.

It had the reversed effect she was going for. He smirked. This caused the Princess to stomp her foot. Miroku reached out pulling her towards him so he could begin the process of pacifying her mood when she jerked away. Without a word she began to storm out the room. He frowned. Maybe she was more upset than he originally thought.

"Wait my little Discord."

Sango stopped abruptly. She halfway turned to face him.

"Did you just call me the Goddess of Chaos?", she sounded a bit shocked.

Perhaps he should just stick to a safe list of pet names instead of using whatever endearment popped in his head at the time.


What was that look she was giving him?




Part of him groaned knowing there wasn't a safe answer here. He would either have to tell her the truth or a blatant lie. The lie would be met with bodily harm. Smudging the truth might be less damning.

"I don't believe there has ever this much excitement", code world for trouble, "in the air since the day that you walked in this castle. Even the day we met you and Kagome were planning", nice way of saying plotting and scheming, "one wild adventure", palpable phrase for problems, "or another."

Sango scowled. "Did you just blame me and Kagome for everything from Naraku on down?"

'Wait, that wasn't what he meant but it was a theory he would need to toy with later.'

Kagome glared at InuYasha. Unlike Miroku, he had noticed the rise in tribulations and had already voiced it. Kagome was well aware of her husband's view on her being a magnet for mayhem.

"Not one word InuYasha."

"Whatever Bitch. I ain't afraid of you."

Let it be noted that he didn't say anything else on the matter, for now. He felt he could dig his own holes just fine. Best friend or not, he was not about to take mart in the grave Miroku was making.

"Well I- Well it's-"

"If I'm such bad luck you can forget about me bearing any fruits for you! Go get a mistress or whatever to do it for you! Wouldn't want my child cursed with a natural knack for 'exciting adventures' would we?"

She continued her exit as Miroku gaped.

"So I can have a mistress?", he asked more to himself than her. Unfortunately she still heard him and halted her steps once more.

"Oh! So now you want a mistress!"

"No! You just said-"

"Well it seems I'm not good enough for that either! Thank you for sharing that with me and our friends!"

"Sango!" Miroku ran off after his wife's fast fading figure. "Please stop! I didn't mean it like that!"

InuYasha shook his head while Kagome blinked owlishly.

"What was that about? Miroku didn't do anything he doesn't normally do. Usually it takes an hour of non-stop taunting from you to make her blow up like that."

He scoffed. "Don't insult me. My usual time is thirty minutes, tops. I'm glad they left. Those smells were more than cruel. Besides if you think she is bad now just wait until she starts showing. Miroku won't let her take more than two steps without hovering over her. Now THAT is going to be funny."

"Showing…Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yup, and I don't care how much you want to be there for her we are not going to stay with them while the Bitch is pregnant."

Her face frowned in thought as they continued to stare at the doorway their friends had went out of seconds earlier.

"But that can't be right. She can't be pregnant."

"With the amount of herbs she's been choking down I'm surprised she got pregnant too."

The Princess stiffened. "How do you know about that?" She glanced at him from the corner of her eye.

"You have to ask? After what happened with Kikyo I make sure I assess all scents. Under the stench of sex she smells like a fucking garden which never made sense to me because Miroku said they were trying to have a baby."

"Oh," she fidgeted a little, "Miroku told you about that, huh?"

"Yes." He turned to face her. "You mind telling me why Sango is silently objecting to it?" The half demon crossed his arms.

"You know how Sango is. She doesn't want to tell him no but she wasn't sure she wanted to have a baby. She's convinced that once she got pregnant that he wouldn't let her do much. I don't think I can imagine Sango not negotiating or traveling. It's all she has wanted to do since she was able to advise her dad. " He was about to interject but she continued on. "I know it sounds crazy. I tried to tell her that Miroku would let her continue her position as long as she tells him how important it is to her. But maybe she was right. You did just say how he would, scratch that, WILL be hovering over her. So can you blame her? She feels like she is being forced to choose between her husband and her people. Please don't tell Miroku."

"What's to tell? It's not my place."

She sighed with relief. 'Now how to tell Sango…'

"Just don't do anything stupid like that."

"Not telling you how I feel or taking herbs behind your back?"

"Neither. I'd smell the herbs though."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, I would."

"Did you know there are all kinds of herbs even kinds that affect your smell. If taken the right way they can mask the smell and come off as a natural perfume scent."

"Of course I know that. Who do you think helped Kikyo test the theory?"

"Are you sure she just used herself as a test subject? Are you sure she didn't have any other unknown testers?" She grinned. "She could have asked Rin or even me."

He narrowed his eyes. "That's not funny Kagome." She suppressed her giggles a bit longer to make him nervous. "You better not be lying to me!"

She curled her arms around his neck. "Don't be silly. I would never do that." He finally dropped his arms and let them cradle her hips. "But while the topic is open, you wouldn't go behind my back with something that important would you?"

As soon as he opened his mouth to respond he felt a familiar and unwelcome sucking on his neck.


"Myoga how many times do I have to tell you to if I ain't poisoned the only person that can suck me is my mate."

Kagome dropped her head in his chest. 'Did he say things like that on purpose? How could he not realize what he had just said? The way it sounded…'

The small body popped back to its original state and landed on her shoulder.

"My apologies, Prince InuYasha. It's not your fault that you inherited your father's tasty blood."

Of all the people that could have been his retainer why did he get Myoga? Sango got Kirara. Miroku got Hachi. Sesshomaru and Rin got Jaken…okay will maybe Myoga wasn't scraping the bottom of the barrel but still. His brother insistence that he no longer deny Myoga after he got married had been a pain. At least everyone else had someone useful.

"Aren't you supposed to be with Hachi?"

"Yes well," the flea cleared his throat, "he is needed else where at the moment."

"You're mad because he charmed all the girls again."

An irritated look passed over the servant's face. "Where would you get an idea like that my Prince? Anyway weren't you both talking? Don't mind me."

"How can we go back to talking? Your exasperating interruption made me forget what I was about to say."

Myoga smiled and replied helpfully, "Oh I remember. Her Highness was just asking if you'd ever lie to her. Which I'm sure you wouldn't. But does the time Miroku tricked you into proposing to her count? Because-"

The little demon was snatched, flattened, and flicked to parts unknown in record time.


'Damn it. Should have flicked him sooner.'

"Is that true?" When he failed to answer her she turned away. "I see."

He was prepared for yelling and screaming but only got deafening silence. When she walked out on him, he knew he was in deep shit.

'Today's going to be a crappy day.'


"Do it again. And this time I want you to concentrate."

The young prince prepared to strike the targets that were set over fifty yards away. He flicked the single ponytail his long silver hair had been tied in over his shoulder. In it's current state the hair cascaded over his butt however when he was not training the tresses were free to hang in the normal length that caressed his knees. The blue crescent on his forehead was slightly hidden under the angled bangs that graced the area over his right eye. The stripes that adorned his cheeks and arms were periwinkle. As his golden eyes scanned the distance one might have mistaken him for the King, for he was most definitely his father's son. One could not count the times his mother told him that she was happy at the way he turned out but she would have liked for people to realize that he was her son too. She had given him no physical features at all. The only way one could tell her legacy was if they had the good fortune to see that he had the Queen's good heart.

Faint grunting came from the boy as he lashed out at the target again. He had hit the target but the strike had caused the target to split into several pieces. He was supposed to only cut the target in half. He knew how to do this but there was a reason he couldn't concentrate properly. It was just a matter of time before he got busted and it was affecting his ability to pay attention to his lessons. Perhaps he would only get off with a minor scolding this time?

"If you do not focus the poison whip will go in whatever direction your finger sticks out. That is why you must keep your hand AND fingers straight the entire time you are using the whip."

"Yes Father. I'll try harder next time."

"No you will get it right the first time. In life, especially in battle, there are no second chances."

It took all his control not to let any of the smartass comments his Uncle InuYasha had taught him to fly from his mouth. Instead he looked at the ground.

"Yes Father."

Sesshomaru turned from his son to the small patch of trees and bushes a few yards away.

"And I told you not to talk to that girl." He continued quietly so even her slightly enhanced hearing couldn't catch their conversation. "Why is she here? You have been prattling with her again."

He followed his father's hushed tone. "No. I was practicing and she just watched. I didn't talk to her Father, I swear."

The King walked over to stand in front of him and calmly placed a hand on his shoulder. In the next few seconds the young prince felt a whack on the back of his head.

"I told you...You are not permitted to be friends with her. If I had my way the filthy spawn would not have lived long enough to take her first breath. I shall not have you corrupted by the evil that runs through her veins. Get rid of her and finish your training. I shall be back to examine your work. The other targets are to be sliced in half," the tone oozed with warning, "only half."

With that he strode off.

As soon has the Prince was sure his father couldn't hear him he shot the blue hued whip toward the bushes without looking back. A mild scream kissed the air.

"You bastard look what you did to my dress!" The hanyou jumped out to show off the damage he had done. "Sansei, you could have hurt me with that!"

Her red eyes were blazing. This pleased him for when ever she was angry she seemed to take on a special glow. It was nice that this inner light could only be stoked by him. Her dark wavy locks were swooped into a prim ball on top of her head. This did not please him. He knew that she styled it this way so that she could slink about better, for even he knew the secret pains of long hair. He still wondered how his dad managed to grow his all the way to his ankles and never had it hinder him. Still the fact remained that he was displeased at her choice in hair style. She KNEW he hated it like that. Then he took in his true prize. Her dress. Funny, he hadn't really looked at it when she had first come out so he was unable to compare the before and after look of the white dress.

He cocked his head as he surveyed the two new rips. One gave her a nice split up her leg. The other in the middle of her chest, right where a fast blossoming bust would soon appear.

'Damn, I wanted her to have two splits up her leg. Oh well, still not a bad job. Uncle Miroku is right. The only good parts are from the waist down until the girl finishes developing.'

"You got me in trouble Kagura. Again!"

"I just wanted to watch."

"I told you to leave before he came back."

"But I-"


"You can't talk to me like that!"

"I can and I just did. Go before he comes back." He pointed to the palace and gave her an icy stare.

She huffed and stomped away.


Kagome sighed.

It was only a matter of time before he found her. The only reason he had lost her in the first place was because she had run through the laundry room. Cutting through the currently crowded servant dining area probably helped further delay him.

She knew the situation was most likely not as bad as it sounded. No one made him marry her. Even with InuYasha's honor bound pride he didn't have to follow through on his decision had he really been tricked. She had been a lowly servant, true she had a highly coveted position as a lady in waiting but no matter how you sliced it she would not have been in able to force his hand if he recanted his wish to marry her. Not a soul would give the situation a second thought a side from gossiping purposes.

So in his heart he did actually want to marry her. His feelings were genuine. That's what counted. That wasn't to say her initial reaction was out of line. Finding out someone was tricked into proposing to you would be a hard blow to anyone. She was no different. After she calmed down she would want to hear the whole story. She was certain it would be an interesting one.

Not that life with InuYasha was ever boring. Something was always happening.

There had been plenty good and bad events after they had set out to secure the remedy for Miroku. The trip had been rough since they weren't allowed to travel in style. The herb they needed was only known to be in a kingdom they were not allies with. They hated all things demonic.

True there was prejudice in the world but most people tolerated the coexistence even if they were opposed to it. Cruel acts from humans or demons weren't unheard of but they most certainly were not advertised as such a thing was not tolerated.

However Eterna Kingdom was located on Waves Island so they did as they pleased. When you had an undefeated naval army at your disposal you could afford to be a little cocky.

With the Eterna's widely known hate looming over their heads they had to travel cautiously. Even with Sango and Miroku's reputation of weaseling out of marriage talk of their engagement had left people betting who would call it off first. After months had passed and no one had hear of a break up the news spread like wildfire. The kingdoms were impressive on their own but new talk of an alliance between the three would result to make them an indisputable power. Needless to say that anyone that didn't already have an agreement or friendly relation to either: Mayan, Youkai, or Fantasia was now begging for one.

There was no way that Waves hadn't heard of the soon to be union. If they were to find out they had two heirs and a hanyou prince in their mist there was no doubt that they would be life long prisoners. InuYasha's usefulness as a bargaining chip might be the only thing that saved his life if they got caught.

It was ironic that his being a hanyou, while heightened the risk of being caught, was the same reason he had to go. His father was recognized as the strongest inu demon and a top ranking demon. This made InuYasha the strongest hanyou in existence. Even if his opponent was a demon they would have to be extremely powerful to bring him down.

He would be able to protect them from any deadly dangers that the "wimpy humans" couldn't take on. With his natural stamina he would be able to fight off many of the possible human attackers if Eterna detected them. While Tetsusaiga wouldn't hurt humans it would help protect against threats. More importantly if they tried to purify InuYasha it wouldn't kill him.

Their secret weapon did come with a few drawbacks. He had to keep himself covered and he was jumpy from having to be in an unsecured place during the new moon. Yes, it helped him blend in once they reached the island but he still had to travel through the wilds where just being a half demon made you a target.

Sleeping under the stars hadn't been so bad since her husband showed them all the survival skills he had learned the year he had been tossed into the real world. When you weren't allowed to claim yourself a prince and people still had aversions to hanyou in general he had found himself on the receiving end of polite unwelcome-ness or out right hostility.

Towards the end of their adventure Miroku's condition had gotten sever. She had found herself wishing they could afford a cheap room at a traveling lodge. Though her friends were rich in their own right the currency on Waves was different making them as penniless as commoners. Any thing they bought had to be traded for. They couldn't carry very much with them since they were trying to move swiftly as well as not attract attention extra.

Looking back she was glad that she had played her own role in this trek. She had felt completely useless when the others were fighting but it was she that had to mix and administer the medicine. On the way home everyone was able to breathe easier. They had all become closer. She and Miroku were able to find they had a lot of common interest. They had forged their own friendship, which had nothing to do with the fact that they were aquatinted through others. InuYasha and Sango had learned that they too could get along. They just preferred to bicker. Why? She really didn't know. Now they could banter back and forth without drawing blood, wasn't that the important thing?

Once they returned Kagome had fully intended to start helping Sango plan her wedding. It was never to be. Before she realized it Miroku and Sango were gone and she was left with InuYasha.

She was hit by the high handed truth that her husband to be had sat down with his brother and discussed her future position.

THEY had decided the wedding need to take place before Miroku and Sango's. THEY had decided she needed to stay here rather than going back with Sango. THEY had decided that she was to begin lessons on proper edict. And THEY had just decided to mention it to her now even though this was all planned prior to their journey.

It was then that she realized she had entered a completely new realm of overbearing. She knew that men in general did such autocratic things. Even Sango had occasionally been crushed by this force. However she usually knew when such an event would occur. That she would soon be called out to hear the decision that was made for her. Kagome wasn't even told that this discussion was being held. No one had informed her that her future beyond their trip had been mapped out. Were all demon males like that? She would have expected this from Sesshomaru but she would have thought that InuYasha would at least give her a brief notification as to what was going on.

Things were rough for a while. She began to see exactly what Sango was complaining about. All this time she thought Sango had it rather easy, boy had she been wrong. Every position had its price. Shoes similar to horrible ones that had made her trip when she first pretended to be a princess were presented to her again. Not only did she have to learn how to walk in them but she had to learn how to curtsy, dance, and fight.

Yes, that was right. She had to learn how to fight too. Apparently Sesshomaru required that she know the basic fighting moves. Anything beyond that would be up to her mate. She had been surprised to learn that Rin had been trained to fight. She just never got a chance to use it outside of practice. And if her husband had any say so she would continue to never have a chance to use it out of practice, never.

She had wanted InuYasha to teach her to fight. She had seen him in action. She knew he was good. And she would have felt underlined comfort knowing he was teaching her everything he knew. Then she found out he couldn't. It wasn't that he didn't have the time to he just didn't have the heart to hit her.

He could tussle with her jokingly and even had a fixation to bite her. She ran her fingers over her right shoulder where the most recent bite had been made. Why did he like to bite her? She didn't know and he didn't seem to have an explanation either so she wrote it off as a weird fetish.

Anyway he wouldn't be able to train her if he couldn't seriously spar with her. He was determined to be there for her so he had attended her lessons. At first he simmered quietly when her, male, instructor fussed at her for any mistakes. He growled lowly when the said instructor touched her to repositioned her to the correct stances. He attacked him after she failed to block the blow that knocked her off her feet.

After attacking several more poor souls that had tried to train her Sesshomaru had threatened him. Either InuYasha would fix the problem or he, Sesshomaru, would train Kagome himself. Things looked bleak after attempting to use guards they both knew failed. Actually she was happy when he punched out Hiten. Ever since he had mistaken her for Kikyo and grabbed her she didn't trust him no matter how great Sango said he was. Part of her was sad when InuYasha had jumped Bankotsu; they had borrowed him from Sesshomaru. She had liked him the most out of all the instructors. Finally they settled on Kikyo. She had exceptional skills, InuYasha couldn't bring himself to attack her, and she had the patience required to teach. Of course it was all shot to hell once they found out she was pregnant. She was more than happy to postpone the lessons until Kikyo was physically able instruct her. In the meantime, she had practiced simple disabling techniques with Bankotsu but they reframed from doing anything else for the sake of InuYasha's nerves.

She had also been tutored in the many ways that one could offend demons. Then she learned that she had so much more important things to do other than planning her own wedding since she had to learn all the names and titles of all the guest as well as their likes and dislikes.

But the hardest blow had come later.


The demon queen gave up on knocking and walked into the room.

"Uh oh. I know that look."

"I'm his wife damn it!" The scowl turned into a pout. "Or at least I'm going to be. I want him here in front of me now."

Rin pulled Kagome to sit on the couch with her. The girl looked like she was holding in frustrated tears.

"I know exactly how you feel but you can't burst in on a conference."

"I know but I really want to. I hardly see him anymore. I'm always doing something or he's always doing something. Then when we go to bed we are both to exhausted to even talk." A few tears leaked out. "Then by the time I wake up he's already gone."

Rin sighed. "You don't have to tell me, I've been living that life for years. You get used to it, mostly."

"I saw him more when I was just a servant."

"Well that is because you were free to his schedule now you both have things to do. Plus he skipped a lot of meetings just to spend extra time with you. Why do you think Jaken was always running him down?"

She sniffed. "Really? He did that for me?" When the demoness nodded Kagome gave a watery smile. "That's so sweet."

"He's doing all this for you. You know that right?"

"How is him being stuck in a room with a bunch of stiff old farts going to help me?"

Rin smiled while rubbing her forehead. "Are you sure you aren't spending too much time with InuYasha? I remember a time when you used to speak properly. The reason he is taking his position so seriously now is because he wants people to respect you but in order for that to happen they have to respect him first."

"But why-"

"Look before he used to do only enough to make Sesshy happy and so that he could help make decisions that would be in favor of hanyous. That was his biggest concern. That hanyous be treated fairly. I know it doesn't look like it but he has done a lot for them. Now he is trying his best to make all the lords, kings, and whoever respect him not because he is Sesshomaru's brother but because he is a royal figure. This will help you because the more respect he gains the more respect you will get."

"I understand what you are saying but can't he do this some other way? I'm fine with the way things were."

"Come on you know InuYasha. He always goes overboard and nothing is too good for you. Besides it's better this way."

"This way?"

"Yes, didn't they ever teach Sango this stuff?"

"Well yeah but she never told me about it. She taught me the important stuff. Like manners, writing, things like that. But apparently none of it was good enough because I had to be re-taught."

"I'm sure you were taught properly you fooled everyone right? That's just my Sesshy being a perfectionist. Now I hope you don't think all you are going to do is sit in the castle all day. You have to go out into the kingdom. Be among the people. The only reason I've been here was because little inu was still breast feeding. Now that he's not I have to go back. We will have to visit other places, be the lovely figures that smile and make polite conversation."

"That doesn't sound very fun."

"It's not but you have to do it. Because you now represent your husband. That means all little girls will want to be you. All the males will want you. All the hanyous will see you as inspiration. In the mean time don't worry about not seeing him. Once things die down you will be able to find time to spend with each other. And trust me I've tried all the tricks in the book. They don't work. Well mostly…"

Kagome perked up at that. "Mostly?"

"Well it will take a bit of trial and error but you know how they have a really keen sense of smell…"

(End Flashback)

Of course Rin had been right. Things did eventually work out. She got to see her husband three to five times a day. Thankfully she never had to travel without him.

She heard a loud echoing crash of doors.

'I knew it wouldn't be to long before he checked here.'

Just like her mate she to had a special spot. The window seat in the North wing had a lovely view. She had found it when she accidentally got lost. How was she supposed to know that no one hardly used this portion of the castle? Plus it was the first place they had made love, outside of the bedroom anyway.

She scrunched up her face to keep a wicked grin from surfacing.

'Don't think about it. Don't think about it.'

She was still supposed to be mad at him wasn't she? Let him stew for a bit. Maybe then he'd feel guilty enough to tell her any other secrets he had kept from her.


InuYasha sighed as he walked up to his wife. How was he going to explain the situation to her? It wasn't what she thought.

When he reached her side she was still not looking at him. Was she ignoring him already? The Prince opened his mouth but was stopped by her upraised hand that pointed out of the window she was currently perched on.

The hanyou looked out to see his nephew clutching a familiar looking sword by the hilt while banging his head against it. He instantly felt sorry for the boy. He knew why he was distressed. Sesshomaru had been training the poor boy non-stop. At first it had been just part of a regular routine but when the King had learned his son had left over time to spend with Kagura he had extended the training in hopes the Sansei would be so tired that he would not have time to spend with the girl. He really couldn't blame his brother for being over protective. When someone plans to have your mate kill you and your child then take your kingdom what reason was there not to hold a grudge?

But Kagura was half Kikyo's so that meant she was half good didn't it? Besides that InuYasha had a personal dose of what it meant for the world to take the outcome of the parents' choices out on the child. In addition to the girl being a hanyou herself her father was a traitor. The road ahead would always be rough for her.

Now his nephew was being punished for liking a girl that, under any other circumstances would be a desirable match.

"We can fight later Yash. Go help him."

"Okay but it's not what you think Kagome. Just remember that while I'm gone, please?"

She nodded and he went to go find out what was wrong with his nephew.

He'd be the first to admit that he was prone to do things the hard way, took risk that he had no reason to, made a stupid and/or stubborn decision over the "right" one.

But if anyone had ever told him that married life was hard he would have strung out their engagement longer. When he had sat down with his brother to talk about Kagome he had been forced to think about a few things he hadn't even considered.

Sesshomaru had a somewhat harsh reputation. A reputation he had fashioned himself. He was known to be harsh but fair, even with his penchant for torturing people no matter the size of their crime. This reputation gave Rin certain freedoms and protection. She could go to any village and demand that the residents burn their houses to the ground. They would jump to obey without hesitation. Not because she was queen but because they feared what would happen if she was displeased and told her husband about it. The King was known to indulge the Queen. There was no reason to hide it. Whether someone respected the Queen or not they were sane enough to keep her happy. They would continue to grant even the zaniest demands for fear of their lives.

InuYasha had wanted the same thing for his wife.

He wasn't foolish enough to believe that he would be as highly respected as Sess but he wanted a certain level of protection for Kagome. He wanted her to be able to walk in a room and not be shunned or openly sneered at. If he had to be more serious in his duties to achieve this he would do it. If he had to bust a few heads along the way, he would do that too.

Just the thought that someone might do or say something to her because he wasn't physically there to protect her angered him. Knowing that Kagome would take it all in stride and not tell him about because she didn't want to upset him pissed him off even more. He had to remind himself of that everyday that he had left her in bed each morning.

It was hard to. Knowing there was going to be more work than usual because they would soon be united with Mayan didn't help matters any. Strategically it made sense that he attended all the upcoming negotiations and marry Kagome before Miroku and Sango's wedding. This way he could have a lasting first impression on the new allies and began forming a new image among the existing ones.

Sadly it only left a month and a half for their wedding celebration. His brother had been an arrogant bastard saying that he should be grateful for having that much time. When Sesshomaru had married Rin the whole affair had lasted over three months. It came down to plain bad timing, he knew that if there had been a way Sesshomaru would had made sure that he was allotted the same amount of time.

The ceremonies were going to be close. He didn't want them to over lap in anyway.

Plus he wanted Kagome to be able to enjoy herself and be truly happy before she saw Sango again. She had been under enough pressure from their own wedding. Some mindless coordinator had made her stress so much worse. Telling Kagome how she didn't have time to plan her own wedding. That she would probably pick something that would insult their honored guest. Why should she pick things for the wedding since wasn't like she had any family to attend, save a grandfather that had accidentally adopted her who was now dead? And she should focus her efforts on refining her barbaric servant manners so she didn't embarrass their King and his family.

He just happened to have had break in his schedule and was going to surprise her by telling her they could have lunch together only to hear that she had been self quarantined in their room and had yet to come out. One could not begin to imagine the range of emotions he felt when he saw her crying on the balcony. She had been crying out there where the scent would be blown away rather than in the room where it would linger.

Smart girl, he was glad she was grasping the concept of scents but she was using the knowledge to hide things from him.

With some coaxing the event that caused the water works was revealed to him. He had been livid. It was no wonder the servants had been jumpy when he asked why she requested to be left alone. They knew his temper could be volcanic and didn't want to be on the receiving end. He had a brief moment of pride at the fact that his bride to be had verbally scorched the harpy before retreating. He devoted the rest of the day to her. He'd even gotten her to go to sleep early. The moment she was in a deep sleep he found and corned the coordinator. After scaring the living shit out of the woman and the few brave onlookers he punished her. Thinking back, it was probably that moment that people realized that having the favor of just one brother, even if it was Sesshomaru, was not enough. Perhaps stripping her of all court standing as well as any future hope of regaining any titles of honor then demoting her to scraping sewage for the rest of her natural born demon life had been a bit…extreme. But he had let her live didn't he? Although that had more to do with that fact that he figured Kagome wouldn't be very happy with him if she found out he had sentence the idiotic woman to death for disobedience.

Perhaps he should just thank whatever Kami responsible for the uneventful ceremony. Besides having to spend hours sitting around a bunch of geezers and hags nothing much had happened. He got to spend hours with his mate, even if it wasn't private. And they did get to see their friends. He smirked. Okay maybe something had happened. Kagome had taken it upon herself to invite all the people that had been kind to them during their journey to the wedding. She just "forgot" to mention to the guest that it would be held at the palace. Then she "forgot" to tell to the new coordinator that her guests were mere common folk.

It was a shame how good Kagome had gotten at lying. Part of him would miss the way she used to get flustered so easily.

The surprising part of the whole matter was when things had gone from good to better. The high class guests were impressed. Most of them hadn't had a chance to survey Youkai itself, other than passing through on the villages and towns on the way to the castle. With such a variety of the natives present they were able to get first hand information about the inner workings of the kingdom. It had been a shock to most that all of the subjects were deeply loyal. Not once had any of the commoners' uttered complaints on their behalf or any other. The success of the affair seemed like a fairy tale.

Of course Sesshomaru had taken part in the credit as if he had known all along, that this had been planned and he had been a part of it, asshole.

After that Kagome had been overwhelmingly accepted into society. Every now and then a few of the sovereigns would ask Kagome for suggestions on how to dissolve the mistrust that had settled between them and their people. So far all her ideas had worked. If she kept it up she was going to rival Rin's standing as the sweetheart among the royals.

InuYasha turned his thoughts to his nephew. He liked the kid at lot, even if the poor thing did have a misguided worship to the bastard of blue bloods. Sometimes seeing Sesshomaru with Sensai made him jealous. He wouldn't mind his wife giving him a few children of his own however he just wasn't ready to share Kagome yet. Anyway he needed to figure out a guaranteed method of getting a son. He wasn't sure he could handle having his daughter being sought after by pushy jerks like Koga. With his luck one of wolf shit's sons would pant after any girl Kagome had.

No he would wait. Maybe he should ask Miroku how he faired. The hanyou might have been mistaken but he could have sworn one of the unborn twins was a girl….


'What am I doing wrong?'

The young prince looked down at Tensiaga.

"What's eating you, short shit?"

The inquiry almost made Sansei smirk, almost.

"I can't do it. Why does this sword hate me?"

"I told you before," InuYasha sat beside the depressed demon, "Tensaiga doesn't hate you and it has nothing to do with you being friends with Kagura either. Look Sess told you about what happened when Naraku tried to take over didn't he?" The boy nodded. "Did he tell you why he didn't attack him after we all got corralled in the throne room?"

"No, but I always wondered why. He kept saying how when you are responsible for other people you can't act on impulse but if any of you died he could have just revived you so why did he hold back?"

"It's not as simple as that. You hold a very complicated sword in your hands. Just because Tensaiga can raise the dead doesn't mean that you can bring them back."

"I don't understand."

"There were a few times when Sess didn't want to save someone but Tensaiga made him. There were other times when he wished desperately to save someone and it wouldn't work."

"He never told me that."

"When he first met Rin he wasn't particular fond of her bubbly disposition. While she was here she got sick, really sick. She died."

This was news to him and it wasn't funny. "Uncle Inu if this is a joke then I'm not laughing."

"It's not. She really did die. He was watching over her since she was his betrothed. Late one night she just sort of slipped away. He ran to get Tensaiga on impulse but once he came back he just stared at her. I think part of him was happy she was gone he almost didn't save her but when he felt Tensaiga pulse…He knew he had to save her. No one else knew it happened. He doesn't know I know. I'd appreciate if it stays that way."

"Well what about when he wanted it to work."

"When our father died it was the only time I saw Sess lose his composure. He tried for hours to bring him back. It didn't work because he wasn't meant to save him. That's why you have to be careful whenever you make a life or death decisions. Just because you have the power to bring people back in your hands doesn't guarantee that it will happen."

He took a moment to reflect on his uncle's words before speaking again.

"Okay I see where you are going with this but why do I have so much trouble with this sword? I can you yours just fine. I can even see the Wind-"

A hand was smacked over his mouth. He watched the older inu scan the area while his ears twisted and turned to search for anyone that could have over heard.

"Are you trying to get me killed? I'm already in the middle of having a fight with my Bitch the last thing I need is to get into a fight with your dad too. You know he can't use Tetsusaiga. So as far as he is concerned you can't use it without the barrier frying you too. He'd go ballistic if he found out our old man fixed it so he is the only one that gets zapped."


The demoness silently skirted into the room even though she aware that he knew she was there. She had long since given up on trying to sneak up on him. He was to keen of his surroundings for it to work. That still didn't mean that she had given up hope that one day he would be so sidetracked by those all important papers he always had his nose stuck in that she might caught him in an off guarded moment. Sure it would have been a fluke but at the end of the day a win, no matter how it occurred, was still a win.

"Any luck?"

He sighed. That was a bad sign. He must have hit a dead end or he found something troubling.

"I have yet to find any justifiable evidence to prove or disprove whether they are related or not."

Rin ran a soothing hand across his shoulders as she scanned a few documents he was apparently re-reading.

"I don't understand why you insisted investigating this yourself. Someone else could have done it. You still have to worry about the group that's been terrorizing travelers on the southern boarder. What did they call themselves again?"

"The Four War Gods."

"Was that it? I thought it was something else."

"I intend to personally eradicate them myself." Tokijin was getting a little dusty. He had let InuYasha take care of Ryukotsusei. The four of those meddling pests should be strong enough to remind people of how powerful he was. "I choose to inquire this myself because I do not wish for this matter to become public knowledge. If certain persons were to find out we could be given false information."

The Queen frowned in confusion. "Why would anyone care if Kikyo and Kagome could be related?"

"I have learned that all information is useful to someone."

"Why do we think they're related again?"

Sesshomaru allowed his thoughts to wonder for a moment. It was true that both girls did look similar but that was not grounds to assume that they were kin. What he wanted to know was how InuYasha knew that both of them had identical birthmarks on the insides of their thigh.

He knew his brother had been a virgin when he married Kagome. Perhaps he hadn't given the pain in the ass enough credit…

"It matters not. The fact is that it has become an issue now."

"No," She pulled him out of the chair and he allowed her to pull the papers from his hand. "The real issue here is why you are spending time doing something that should be your brother's responsibility? You are throwing away time you could spend with me to do this."

He smirked. It rarely happened but this was one of the few times he found her sulking amusing. He had assumed she was going to fuss at him for not rushing out to defend his subjects. She could be such a selfish brat.

"Alright we can go for a walk."

"Walk?" That wasn't what she had in mind but maybe it was a better idea. She needed to think about that list she had spied on his desk. Wait a minute… "Are you trying to pawn my little inu off again?", she asked when he finished locking the door.

"I am merely compiling a list of prospective brides."


She laid a small tone of warning in her voice. She had told him before; arranging Sensai with some other girl was not going to keep him from liking Kagura. She was sure that this wasn't a passing crush on either side but Sesshomaru was doing everything in his power to make sure that their dream love stayed a dream. Their son respected his father enough to not romantically pursue the girl without his father's permission. There were two problems with that.

The first was that even if Kagura did want some else they would not court her because Sensai had given every nonverbal cue of possession. So she was considered hands off to hands of to any sane male.

The second was that Sesshomaru refused for them to be together. She didn't understand why. Like everyone she had her own theories. The obvious one being that her dad had been a traitor to the crown. The only other reason she could think of was that any heirs from the two wouldn't be a pure demon. But her Sesshy wasn't that picky, was he? One day she would get the guts to ask him.

When she abruptly stopped walking her mate stared at her.

"That's the reason you want to find out if Kagome and Kikyo are related isn't it? If they were sisters that would make Kagome Kagura's aunt. You are going to try and use that to make my little inu feel bad."

It all made sense now. Kagura and Sensai would be cousins, in a way. They wouldn't be related but it would just feel creepy.

"Will you cease calling him that. He has out grown your pet name."

"He will be always be little inu to me, no matter how much he grows up. And you still didn't answer my-"

Both demons grimaced at the teary wail that erupted from the library. He was given a momentary reprieve as his wife's ability to be easily sidetracked came into play. The couple walked to the open door of the library to find the Mayan princess apologizing between sobs while the prince kneeled in front of her doing everything in his power to get her to calm down.

The King wondered if the girl would be emotionally unstable the entire time during her pregnancy. If she was going to have terrible mood swings it would be best to keep her away from all business conferences or she would cause a political disaster. She would most definitely lose all the hard earned respect it had taken years to achieve with the rest of their allies if she broke down crying in a meeting like she was now. Hopefully they would both find out about her condition soon. She was one of his best strategists and he couldn't afford for her to lose any creditability.

"It's funny isn't it?"

Sesshomaru was pulled from his thoughts by the question.


"It's just, sometimes when I see them or InuYasha and Kagome you can tell that they were meant for each other. Think about it. What were the odds that they would both switch places? And if they hadn't switched they would not have gotten to know each other then found an excuse not to be together. In turn InuYasha would have never met Kagome."

The smile she had been wearing left her face as Miroku lifted the cup of wine to Sango's lips.

Was he crazy? Not even demon women were allowed to drink while they were pregnant. She wasn't entirely positive what human pregnancies were like but if demon women couldn't do it human women most definitely shouldn't do it.

She shot into the room before Sesshomaru could stop her.


Sango hiccupped from her chair. She looked down at Miroku. He was patting her hand and shushing her. He was being so kind after she bit his head off for no reason. It made her feel even worse.

"I'm so sorry Miroku. I don't know why I said all those awful things."

"It's okay."

He used a cloth, which seemed to appear out of thin air, to dry her face.

"I don't really hate you."

"I know."

"Why are you being so nice to me after I was the bitch InuYasha always accuses me of being?" Then she shouted angrily, "Why aren't you getting mad?" Immediately her own jaw dropped at the outburst. "Kami Miroku I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to…" She dissolved into tears again.

'Darn it.' The Prince mentally huffed as he raked his brain to figure out how to calm her.

He walked to the small side table and poured some wine into one of the cups. He was sure that if he kept his responses brief that she wouldn't be able to jumps to conclusions therefore she was unable to get offended. Now she had got angry and cried over things she was saying. Once she calmed down he was going to find out what was truly wrong with her. She had been acting strange for weeks.

She had always had a bad temper but little things had begun to set her off. He thought that she was being over worked. That the stress was getting to her so he suggested that they take a break.

He should have known something was wrong when she kept jumping him. Of course he hadn't complained. He liked it. But it seemed like the more they had sex the worse her composure had gotten. Was this all his fault? Had the strain of being with him become too much for her?

He walked back over to his distraught wife. As he kneeled next to her she looked at him pleadingly.

"Please don't leave me. I know I'm acting like a crazy person. I don't know what's wrong. I'm trying to stop crying. I really am but I can't." She sputtered.

"I'm not going to leave you my love. If you need to cry then cry all you want but I want you to try to drink this first. Okay?"

She nodded and he lifted the cup to her lips only to have it slapped away.

"What's wrong with you Miroku? She can't have that!"

"I think I know what kind of wine my wife likes."

"Are you trying to harm the babies? When I was pregnant I could only have juice and water."

Sango forgot to breathe. Miroku stared in shock.

The Princess squeaked. "Pr-Preg-Pregnant?" For the second time in her life Sango fainted.

It was a good thing she didn't fall out of the chair because Miroku was in no condition to catch her.

"Babies?" He continued to blink dumbly.

His mind was in a whirl. 'Babies' was plural. That meant more than one. His family never had more than one child. He hadn't anticipated having more than one child.

'Oops.' Rin fidgeted. 'Had she been the one to spill the beans?' She thought they knew.


How could he do that to her! She came all the way out there to see him. She even wore her white dress since he seemed to be obsessed with that color lately. It wasn't that she hated this dress it was just a pain to keep clean. No easy task when you are hiding in the grass hoping you are down wind so the obnoxious dad didn't sniff you out. One of these days she was going to learn to control her powers. Of course that would be hard since she wasn't allowed to train at all. The King did his best to keep tabs on her to make certain she didn't sneak off to do her self-tutoring, sure Prince InuYasha would drop a few hints about which parts of the castle someone might want to go for guaranteed privacy. But for the most part his hands were tied.

She thought about the icy look Sansei had given her earlier. Sometimes he could be so…like his dad. It made her angry. But other times, usually when no one was around, he was so sweet. It was amazing to her that the same face that never changed in the presence of others could crack into the biggest smile she'd ever seen. And it was all for her eyes only.

But he was such a daddy's boy. Just because his dad didn't want him to associate with her he pretended to be such a jerk when he was around. What was she going to do, kill him and take the throne?

Kagura sneered at the thought. She was NOT her father! She was nothing like him. Everyone else talked as if he was some kind of monster, only when they thought she couldn't hear them of course. Princess Kagome had seen to that. She punished anyone that taunted, mocked, or teased her. Only Kami knows what she would have done if Kagome hadn't made her a lady in waiting. Not that she really needed one. She did everything herself. So that left Kagura to do whatever she choose to fill her time with. And her working title gave her some leeway when she was corned by the hateful people that threatened her the moment she was truly alone.

Her mother had done what she could to shield her from their hate for as long as she could. The way her mother talked about him...It was as if it was a different man entirely. He had comforted her. He had wanted nothing but the best his one and only love.

Who was telling the truth anyway, the King and his subjects or her mom?

'Mom.' The lone word stopped her unspoken rant. Her mom was going to kill her when she saw her dress. How was she going to explain how it got that way? 'Oh Mom don't worry Sansei thought it would look better this way so he ruined the dress you bought me just last week.'

No, that would never work.

Kagura sulked the rest of the way to her room. Why did she have to like such a…what was it her mother was always calling InuYasha? An asshole? Yes that was it.

It was almost time for her nap anyway. If she didn't get her midday cat nap she was useless the rest of the day. She could change to a similar dress once she woke up. No one would know. Well maybe one particular someone.

'…The Prince better not say a word.' She threatened as she changed into her bedclothes.

She frowned when she thought about the reason he had fussed at her in the first place. It always led back to his dad. The King had not meant for her to hear him but she had caught the part about her being a spawn and that she was evil.

The girl sighed and snuggled under her sheets. She wasn't her father and someday she'd prove it to everyone.

'Uh oh!'

She jumped out of bed. In the mist of her inner ramblings she had almost forgot to do something important. As was part of her nap time ritual, she went to the trunk that was at the foot of her bed to pull out a hand size piece of parchment. It had to be small. If possible she would have made it smaller, but as fate would have it she could not. She marked out one of the small lines that were inked on the paper. Then she counted over the ones that were left. Seventy-eight. Only seventy-eight days before she turned human.

The whole thing was a bother really. At least all InuYasha had to do was look at the moon. Not that anyone told her that. As a hanyou she knew that his punctual disappearance was something she, herself was also slave too.

She was unsure which of them had the shorter end of the stick, his only turning human for a night or her turning human for the entire day. True, she only turned human once every one hundred and twenty days but still what happened if she lost count? One slight screw up could mean that she might be shedding light on her secret. She had to plan the day before so that there was no reason she had to leave her room at all.

Kagura slipped back into the covers still trying to figure out how she was going to explain the ruined garment until her eyelids began their downward journey. She closed her eyes only to drift into a dream state but this dream was different from the ones she usually had. Everything was so dark. She turned around in the circle of light raining down on her careful not to let any part of her body leave the small spotlight she was in.

She couldn't see anything beyond the luminous halo but she had this eerie feeling crawling over her skin. Something about this dream was too real.

"Ah, Kagura you are so beautiful. Just like your mother."

She had never heard that voice before.

"Who's there? Who said that?"

"You mean you don't know who I am? I'm hurt. I know all about you. The way your mommy loves you and cares for you. The way the King wanted to kill you. You see all the things he teaches his son."

"Leave Sansei alone! What gives you the right to talk about him or me like that! How do you know all this?"

At that moment the speaker invaded her space and the light showered over him.

"Kagura, it's me…Daddy…"

Okay, don't kill me! I know that was NOT the way you wanted the story to end but I figure if some of these anime can get away with these kind of endings so can I. Actually I think this in my "normal" ending in comparison to my works (posted and non-posted). Will there be a sequel? I don't know. I'm not planning on one. I mean what the heck would it be about? Besides like the title says, just because it's the end of the story it doesn't mean it's the end of their lives. Anyway the characters wouldn't listen to me. Inuyasha and Kagome started reminiscing too much. Rin told Miroku and Sango about the twins when I wanted Inuyasha to do that. And Sansei and Kagura kept popping up into everyone's thoughts. The only people that did what I told them to were Sesshomaru and Sango.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first fan fiction. Since it's over 300 pages can I call it a novel? sniffs back tears I will miss you all dearly. Just like you get excited when you look in your inbox and see I've updated, I get happy to see review notices in my inbox. And now it's over. Yeah I plan to revise this story a bit. Clean up my errors. Add details where necessary. But the only other thing I can do to this story is put together the "director's cuts" of the story I chucked out.

Hope you drop in when I decide to post my other works. I'll still be reviewing though. I'm trying not to be one of those people that leave and never come back. As promised my fic picks are below. I had to cut this list a lot more than I wanted because some of the stories I intended to suggest are still incomplete and the authors had yet to email me saying that they will finish them. Plus I might tweak my recommended readings that I have posted in the past because some of those stories have been seemingly abandoned. So if you want the pre-edited versions look back at the earlier chapters now and save them. Who knows when I'll change it people!

I will go back and put my fic picks in the chapters they appeared in when I posted at Just in case I get lazy if you can't find the story on then check media miner or adult fanfiction (if you can enter it).

It's been a pleasure.

- Precious/Enjeru's Light

Shrine Prostitute by Flame Twirler

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The Phoenix Blade by Fenikkusuken

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Will Kagome figure out her suspicions in time to learn something fowl is going on at the Academy? Can she handle being the Celestial Bodyguard, Protector of the Jewel, The Phoenix of Legend, and a Lady of the Western Lands while trying to love two versions of the same hanyou at the same time? Not to mention fighting off demons, Kikyo, and Naraku and trying to master a smart mouth, wise cracking sword named Fenikkusuken. And he seems to have a natural burning hatred for wolves. Wonder why… (Relive some of your favorite InuYasha episode/manga moments, with some new twist and subplots that give the series itself a new and fresh feel.) – In progress, AU

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Meanwhile Kagome pops up in her own time seriously injured and unable to remember anything of her trips to the past. Her mother decides it is better not to tell her since Inuyasha must be dead. He would never leave Kagome in the state she was in. Kagome drifts through life unknowingly stalked by two inu hanyous. When she comes face to face with one this familiar feeling tugs at her. If she looks closely his eyes seem to turn gold and his hair flashes from black to silvery white. Did I mention how she has this voice named Kikyo running around in her mind?

How will Inuyasha make it back to Kagome? Will she even remember him if he does? What really happened to Rin? Why did her lord leave her when she would do anything for him? And who is the father of the two hanyous? (I promise, promise, promise InuSaga believes in traditional/canon pairings and happily ever after endings!!) Sequel in the works – Complete, beware of angst

Waiting on a Wish by Quillwing717

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Dark Heaven by Drake Clawfang

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The Farmer's Daughter by Drake Clawfang

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