Title: Nature of Humanity

Author: K.A. Maples

Rating: R

Character: Raven

Summery: A little introspective about Dark Raven and Animal Man from the Titans Tomorrow story line. Rated for language and implications.

I sit here and I cannot remember the last time I felt warm. It seems like a thousand lifetimes ago, though I know it was not truly so long. Time is such a strange thing. Sometimes it seems to crawl by at the speed of cold honey, and others it seems to burn up like a match. The others are talking. Silly things. It never seems to matter anymore.

Animal Man is growling at something moving along the floor. But it is a contented growling. He is generally content, these days. I hate him for it.

I miss Garfield, sometimes. I miss how he loved me. Animal Man does not love anything. It takes humanity to love, and he has none left. I took it all from him. Now all he does is want, and take.

I remember Garfield kneeling before me, tears running down his face, begging me to take away his pain. And I did. He cannot feel the pain of loss without humanity.

I took his pain, and he left me to the cold.

Sometimes I hate him for it.

I still remember the way Garfield would hold me after we made love. It made me feel safe. Loved. Warm.

Animal Man does not make love to me. He comes to me sometimes, but we do not make love. We fuck. He says sometimes that I am his mate. I suppose that will have to do.


Something is making my mate unhappy. I can smell it on her. I growl quietly. I do not like it when she is unhappy. She should be happy, though I do not know why I think this. I just know she should be. Is it the Others that make her unhappy? They will die for making my mate unhappy.

She leaves the meeting, and I follow. She glances over her shoulder at me, and her unhappiness seems to grow.

She cannot be unhappy with me. I'm perfect, after all. And she is my mate. She should be happy.

She goes into her room, but does not close her door, so I follow. She sits, and I sit at her feet. She scratches me behind the ear, and I am content. I stretch, enjoying the feeling. She finds just the spot, and I melt against her leg and purr. My hand creeps up her skirt, and I trace the tendons up to the back of her knee. I smell her arousal as she lets out a little sigh, so I slither upward and straddle her lap, my mouth finding the sensitive spots on her neck. She grunts as I mark her neck, and pull her down to the floor with me.

I take her there, on the floor. She is warm and soft, and mine.

That is all that matters.