Chapter 1

Our story begins in Pewter City. Here, in the city of stone, a black spike haired man, who is the world famous Pokemon Breeder, known as Brock, is getting married. He is getting married to Suise, a white woman with long dark green hair.

Brock had met Suise a long time ago in a place called Scissor Street. There, she ran her own Pokemon Salon that was dedicated to making pokemon look beautiful on the inside. Susie was amazed by Brock's knowledge of Pokemon care, and she gave him her beloved Vulpix, a fox kit Pokemon with six tails. A few years later, they met again. At that point, Susie had decided to enter Vulpix into a beauty contest. It wasn't until five years after that, that they met up again. At that time, Ash, a tanned, black hair man, who was also at the wedding, had just become the Pokemon Master of the world. Susie didn't recognize Brock right away, but Vupix did. It didn't take long after Vulpix had jumped into Brock's arms for Susie to realize just who she was looking at. In fact, Brock had grown a good amount of a beard, which is why Susie didn't recognize him. They were dating since.

It is now 3 years after they met, and it's hard to believe that Susie was marrying Brock. In fact, it was hard to believe that any woman would marry Brock, because of the way he acted in front of pretty girls. It was just down right embarrassing with the way he flirted with them. But there was just something that Susie couldn't help but love him about. In fact, Brock had asked Susie to marry him 8 months ago. Brock had decided to shave off his beard for this special day.

Among the audience, were some of his best friends. Ash, in a black and white tux, Misty, a red haired girl, who was Ash's wife, who is also a Water Pokemon master, dressed in a cascade blue, sleeveless, one piece dress, and two Pikachu, medium sized yellow rat Pokemon. Ash's Pikachu, who was male, only having a black bow tie on, he has had since he started his journey. But Misty, who's Pikachu was female, nicknamed Pik, wearing only a pink bow in her hair, she has had hers since a time when Ash and Misty were separated, because of duties she had to do at the gym, while her sisters were away on a trip around the world. Misty had found Pik in the basement of the gym, all hurt and covered in dirt. In fact, with how dirty she was, Misty didn't recognize what pokemon she was, until she got her all cleaned up. She was only going to take care of it for a few weeks, just until she got her strength back, then release her back into the wild. But by that time, they had grown so attached to each other, that Misty decided to keep Pik, but never really use her for battle, as Pik didn't like that.

A few months after that, Pikachu met Pik at a fair, and was instantly love struck. It was as if, he had never seen such a more beautiful creature in the entire world. Ash had run into Misty at the time, and ended up knocking her over. After she introduced Pik, she noticed the way Pikachu was looking at Pik, and decided that her and Ash should leave Pikachu and Pik alone for a while. They became friends really fast, so fast, it was as if they had met somewhere before, but they didn't know where.

Ash and Misty have been married for 18 months. He confessed his love to her during the fair that he met Pik at. She was about to die for a third time. It was either life or death. Misty said she couldn't hold on when she fell off a cliff. Ash begged her not to let go, and told her right then and there that he loved her. That there was no one else in the world that he would want to be with in the end. Hearing this somehow gave Misty the strength to pull herself up. After Misty had gotten up, she took time to sink in everything that had already happened. She then told Ash that she has always loved him, but never had the courage to tell him, because she was afraid that it would destroy their friendship that meant so much to her. Ash also confessed that he had had feelings for her since he didn't know when. However, he was too focused on Pokemon to even notice. They shared their first kiss right then and there.

Later, after he had beaten all of the leagues in the world, and had become Pokemon Master, he asked Misty to marry him. She happily accepted. Also, when they got married, Pikachu and Pik did too. A little double wedding sort of thing.

Among the audience also, was May, a light skinned, long brown haired girl, now a master at Pokemon coordinating, and Max, a black-haired teen with glasses, who was now the champ of the Kanto league.

Also with the audience was a green haired man named Drew, who May was getting married to. May had met Drew a long time ago. They were both into Pokemon coordinating, and Drew wanted to be the best. He always showed that he had feelings for her in one way or another. It took some time for May to put all of the clues together, and she eventually figured it out. She figured it out when it was the championship for the #1 Pokemon Coordinator. It was a battle between May and Drew. The battle was the fiercest they ever had. In the end, amazingly, both their pokemon fell at the exact same time, resulting in a tie. After that, they had celebrated their victory at becoming #1, and that's when May told Drew that she had figured out that he had been telling her all along in his own way, that he really likes her, and she confessed that she really liked him too. They were going out after that, and now, a marriage was on the way.

The priest had just finished, making it official that Brock and Susie were husband and wife. They sealed it with a passionate kiss.

We now meet at the scene of Ash and Misty driving back home to Cerulean City. Ash had decided to live with Misty at her home town, since she was still called to the gym from time to time, and she didn't want to be far from there. Misty was in deep thought, as they were driving home in Ash's Cadillac. Pikachu and Pik were sound asleep in the back, lying on each other with their heads touching, as it was late. Misty decided to have a serious conversation with Ash.

"Ash," Misty began, getting Ash's attention, "how long have we been married?"

"Eighteen months." Ash answered her, "Why?"

"Well, I was thinking, don't you think it's about time we started having kids?"

"Misty, we've been through this before. You know how little of a father figure I had, being raised only by my mom. I have no idea of how to be a father. Which is why I'm taking those parenting classes. After I graduate from that, then we can have kids."

"But that just doesn't feel soon enough." Misty protested, "Besides, you've had tons of practice with plenty of baby pokemon, right?"

"Yeah, but a child is completely different from a Pokemon."

"I know, but I don't want to wait until you graduate." Misty's eyes started filling with tears.

Ash then pulled the car off the road, and looked over at Misty.

"Misty," He said, using his two fingers to make Misty look at him. "If you really feel that strongly about it, then... I think we should too."

Misty gave Ash a kiss as if to say thank you. "How soon can we start?" She asked.

"Soon." He answered. "We won't have the strength to do so tonight, and I want us to be ready for it."

Ash and Misty kiss once more.

"Do you promise?" Misty asked.

"I promise."

They give one final kiss as if to seal the promise, before driving back home to Cerulean City.

End Chapter 1