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Chapter 10

Enter Misty's Point of View

It has been a little more than ten years since my little Evelyn was born, and alot has happened since then.

I was able to get in touch with my old friends, and found out what happened to them in the last ten years. Brock and Susie, well amazingly, seven years ago, Susie had ten babies born at once. I think poor Brock nearly died of a heart attack when he found out. Poor guy, but I think he deserves it for what he did with all of those poor girls. Come to think of it, I really should've given him some advice. Also, it must've been murder for Susie. I just hope they can handle it. At least the government is helping them raise their kids, so they should be fine. Besides, I don't think the breeding business pays enough to take care of twelve people anyways.

May has given birth to three beautiful girls. Who are now three, seven, and eight years old. I didn't get their names. I'll make sure to do that if I ever see her and Drew again.

Molly and Max have had only one boy, who is currently six years old right now. I'm sure they'll do just fine with him.

I have strangely lost touch with Jessie and James. I'm not too sure what happened to them the last time I saw them, which was at May's wedding. I hope to run into them again sometime. Last I heard, they were having kids, so who knows what has happened to them.

Professor Oak has become quite old of age. In fact, he has retired from working at his lab. At least Gary and Tracey look over it now.

Which reminds me, Daisy, Lily, and Violet's kids have all started on their journey. I'm not sure what they'll all become, but I just hope that it's something good in the end.

"Hey Mom! Could you hurry up there!" I hear from a little girl, which happens to be Evelyn.

I only had Evelyn. I never adopted. Basically because Evelyn didn't want any brothers or sisters. I just don't understand why. I didn't want to go through the devastating ordeal that I went through with Evelyn again, so I made the hard choice to have a surgery, and so that I could never have another child again.

Sure, I regret doing it, but I think it was for the best. I don't think I could handle another heartbreaking moment, that would be like I went through with Evelyn. I would probably die just thinking about it.

"Mom! Hurry up or I'm gonna leave without saying goodbye to you!" I hear Evelyn call. I guess she got Ash's enthusiasm.

I now go to where I see Evelyn. She has the exact same face that I had when I was young. It is down to every last detail. She looks so much like I did when I was young. The only difference is that she has long black hair, that goes all the way down to her midsection.

Pikachu and Pik aren't around to see her off. You see, after that twin birth, they were hitting on each other like crazy. They were having kids so fast we had to give them, and their kids, to Gary's lab. All of Pikachu and Pik's kids are being given to new trainers all over the world to start with.

Meganium and Sceptile are also having kids just about as fast as Pikachu and Pik are. It has pretty much become the same situation. So now, there are six choices for beginners at all the towns. They are Charmander, which have all come from Ash's Charizard in the Chariciffic Valley, Chickorita, Mudkip, which have all come from Brock, Eevee, Pichu, and some random pokemon that is young. Quite a choice my little Evelyn will have to make, but I'm sure she'll make the right choice in the end.

Ash is with me to see Evelyn leave this morning. Ash is still the Pokemon Master of the world, but he plans on retiring soon. I retired not too long after Evelyn was born. Someone had to take care of her after she was born. Of course, I made sure that Ash couldn't get out of some of the parenting. He's actually happy that he chose to spend the time that he did with Evelyn.

"Now, you sure you have everything you're going to need for your journey?" I ask Evelyn.

"Yea, I'm sure." She says to me.

"Have you decided on what pokemon you want to start with?" Ash asked her.

"No. It's quite a hard choice, but I'm sure that I'll like the one I pick in the end." She says.

"Remember, sometimes, the pokemon chooses the trainer."

"I'll remember that, dad. Thanks."

I bend down to her and hug her tightly as I cry. "Oh, I'm gonna miss you, Evelyn." I say to her.

"I'll be okay, mom. You don't have to worry." Evelyn says during the hug.

"Just promise me you'll be safe."

"I promise."

I then give her a goodbye kiss on the cheek, and Ash hugs her goodbye.

"Goodbye, Evelyn. I'll miss you too." Ash says during the hug.

We then see Evelyn run down the road from our house. We watch her leave. She soon stops after some distance from our house. She turns around and waves at us. We wave back.

"Goodbye Mom! Goodbye Dad! I'll miss you!" She said to us.

"Goodbye Evelyn! We'll miss you too!" We say to her.

Goodbye Evelyn, my little miracle. Yes, that's what you are, even if you don't know it. You will always be my miracle. You saved me from my deepest despair. You coming into my life meant so much to me.

I wish my miracle a wonderful journey. I also wish for her to return safely home someday.

Please Evelyn, my little miracle, please, be safe.

The End

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