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Chapter 1: No longer a part of his heart

Inuyasha was relaxing in a tree this fine day. He became accustomed to sitting around lazily on days when Kagome went to her own time and did her test and school work. Days like these where more then boring, no matter how absolutely beautiful the day was.

The breeze was light and fresh, the sun's light reflected across the streams and rivers, causing them to glitter with a lovely sensation that could bring almost anyone to peace. Inuyasha sighed thinking about all sorts of things, one being Kagome, the girl who he had become accustom to seeing on many accessions, and always found some sort of peace and welcome ness around her.

Another thought struck him, it was a thought a his past, Kikyo. She was nothing like Kagome, sure their faces resembles one another's, but Inuyasha himself had come to realize "Kagome's NOT Kikyo," He thought for a moment about how they once resembled one another, but now to him they didn't resemble one another, because their hearts were complete opposites. A/N: Yes Kagome does still look like she always does and looks like Kikyo, with her perfect brown eyes and raven black hair, all Inuyasha is saying is because he sees their hearts differently he would never not be able to tell one from the other.

In the end who would Inuyasha choose? A dead, cold, Kikyo, which he once cared for so much, but unlike Kagome he couldn't trust her, yet he owed his life to her, or Kagome the high spirited, trustworthy, caring, loving girl, no woman? Inuyasha had known for some time now that because he could both trust and love Kagome she was the one he would choose, yet he couldn't betray Kikyo, he owed her his life. This once again led him to a sea of confusion.

"Inuyasha!" called a young familiar voice. Inuyasha looked down from his place in the tree, at the young kisune boy who was below the tree looking up at him.

"What do you want, Shippo?" Inuyasha said as he leapt down from the tree. He was glad to have something take his mind off things.

"When is Kagome coming back?" Shippo whined. "You said she was coming back today!"

"She will be, runt! Stop whining will ya! I'm not in the mood!" Inuyasha yelled back, scaring the little fox demon at his sudden rage.

"But how come you haven't gone back for her yet? Whenever she's late you always go and get her." Shippo stated clearly. Inuyasha realized Shippo was right. Inuyasha had gotten so caught up in his thoughts he had forgotten about his usual routine of retrieving Kagome. Suddenly Inuyasha smelt something familiar. He looked up and noticed the disconnected souls. 'Kikyo's soul gatherers!' Inuyasha thought as he left Shippo in the dust and headed in the directions they led to. Kikyo was somewhere close, but it would take him a while to get to her.

Meanwhile5 minutes before

Kagome dragged her large yellow bag out of the well and headed towards Kaede's. She was there in no time and placed her bag down by the others. They all greeted her when she entered.

"Hey, have any of you seen Inuyasha?" Kagome asked noticing his absence.

"Oh, Shippo just left to talk to him a moment ago. I believe he's sitting in the sacred tree." Miroku stated.

"Why would he be there? Didn't he know I was coming back today?" Kagome questioned, but didn't wait for an answer, instead she walked out towards the sacred tree to greet Inuyasha and Shippo. Her walk was short and didn't use up any of her energy. She noticed Kikyo's soul gatherers on her way, but ignored them in hopes Inuyasha didn't go off to find Kikyo again.

When she arrived at the sacred tree, the only one there was Shippo. He was sitting on the ground and coughing a bit from Inuyasha's leaving him in the 'dust'. He stopped his coughing and acknowledged Kagome's presence. He hopped into her arms and she openly hugged him. She knew already why Inuyasha wasn't there and didn't need to ask Shippo.

"Shippo, which direction did Inuyasha head?" Kagome wondered out loud placing Shippo on the ground again.

"Oh he headed that way." Shippo replied pointing towards the Inuyasha forest. "Are you going to look for him?" Kagome nodded an agreement and headed off towards the Inuyasha forest. 'Inuyasha you've gone off to see Kikyo again haven't you? I don't know why I am even bothering to follow you... it's just I don't want Kikyo to pull you into hell with her.' Kagome thought as she ran towards where she had seen Kikyo's soul gathers go earlier.

"Kagome finally stopped when she heard voices. She immediately recognized them as Inuyasha's and Kikyo's. She stepped behind a tree and watched the two intently. Kikyo took one step closer to Inuyasha, who stood his ground and looked braver then ever.

"Inuyasha..." Kikyo spoke coldly. "I still wish to embrace death with you. Are you prepared yet?"

"I am not going to go to hell with you Kikyo. I refuse to die and burn like Naraku should." Both Kagome and Kikyo were surprised at this. "Kikyo I've come to realize.. you are no longer a part of my heart."

"But why would you suddenly rid me of your soul?"


"It's that girl is it not? Kagome.. she had stolen your heart from me, has she not!" Inuyasha didn't answer her question. He lost his brave look and looked down. "You wish to be with her then?... Face me Inuyasha, face me like the half-breed that you are! Tell me the truth! You have fallen for the whore!"

"Kikyo go now, before I take your 'life' now. Kagome is no whore.." Inuyasha's voice was crackly, he cared for Kikyo, but wouldn't tolerate her speaking of Kagome like she was some slut, when she wasn't. Inuyasha would stick up for Kikyo in the same way if someone was to make a comment like that about her. Kikyo took a step back.

"Half dog! I wish to never see your mutt face again!" Kikyo screamed coldly as she exited the sight, by being lifted by her soul gatherers.

Inuyasha watched her disappear and wondered if actually did all that he did. Did he really tell Kikyo all that? Were her words true? Had he really fallen for Kagome? He sighed and suddenly caught a familiar welcoming scent. He turned and faced a tree, out stepped Kagome from behind. She faced Inuyasha with sympathetic yet loving eyes.

"Kagome, what are you doing here?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome looked at him more lovingly and allowed him to figure it out for himself.

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