Yes, the only tournament ever, where you will witness the Yugioh team battling it out against each other, in a brawl of sweat, blood and tears. Raw action, and lot's of flesh!

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"Hush, please!" The host, Sakina Tempest held up a hand for silence. The roars of the crowd died down, and she was able to make out the dingy cellar more clearly. In the centre there was a crudely constructed ring, and a few beer bottles collided with each other in the air, smashing apart and drenching the restless audience.

Gosh, they are baying for blood! Tempest, her Hikari said. Why couldn't we organize something more legal?

Get back to tracking down the rest of the Yugioh crew, you useless mortal! We need to find Mai! Oh, and contact Pegasus. He should be interesting. Use blackmail if necessary.

Sakina shut off her mental link with Tempest, and entered the ring.

"As you all know, Smackdown Tournaments are frowned upon by the authorities, so we have decided to host the heats, ah…underground, let us say."

A hand reached out to grab Sakina's tanned thigh; she spun around and with a speed beyond comprehension, sent the delinquent sprawling across the crowd.

"And next time, your soul will be sent to the Shadows," she said sweetly.

Ooooh! The audience quietened down. They knew who they were messing with!

Beautiful but deadly, Sakina's slender frame silhouetted against the dim light. Her sleek black hair came down to the base of her spine and her purple streak shimmered, as she flicked her hair back, and forth. Her dark eyes played mischievously over the audience, and she dusted her denim skirt, before picking up her microphone.

"Yes, my name is Sakina Tempest- 'knife sharp' in Aramaic, and I will be your host throughout the tournament. All heats will take place in this Ring, the Bull Pit, and any fighting style may be used. Once the finalists have been decided, we shall move to Kaiba's newly renovated Stadium- home of the National Song Contest that took place a few weeks ago, and it is there where the Finals will commence. All battles will be best out of three, in the case of a draw; there will be a rematch. During the heats each contestant will belong to part of a Group, in which their heats will take place. Any questions?"

A punk girl in the middle raised her hand. "Yeah, I got one, how dirty are the contestants gonna get?"

Sakina winked. "They're gonna get a hell of a lot dirty, miss! Look forward to seeing some hot action!"

Whoops and catcalls came from the guys as they fantasised over Mai, whereas the females slipped into daydreams of Seto and Bakura battling it out, raw iron on iron.

"So, what are we waiting for? Bring out the hat!"

A scruffy hat that had seen better days was ceremoniously brought out- Sakina reached in and selected two pieces of card. "OK, this is for Group A. For the opening round, I am happy to present Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler!"

Kaiba v Joey in the opening round? Who will prevail? Find out in the next instalment of Domino City Smackdown Tournament- all reviews appreciated!