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AN: For the Charmed Ones, I'm setting this between 'Brain Drain' and 'Black as Cole', so Prue's dead, Paige is alive and living with the others, and Cole's still Belthazor. For Spidey, this is set in between the two movies, so he's single, nobody knows his secret, and he's doing fairly well in the photography field; at least, he's doing pretty good as far as rent goes.

Webs and Witches

Jane groaned as she finally walked out of the bar where she'd just spent the last eight hours, her legs exhausted from constantly moving around behind the counter, trying to keep up with everyone's orders while at the same time trying to subtly make her boss see that his attentions weren't wanted.

Pushing a lock of her long brown hair out of her eyes, she shrugged on her long brown coat and started to walk towards the nearby Metro. Right now, she just wanted to get home, collapse on her bed, and get a good rest before she had to start her next shift. Who knew; maybe she'd get lucky and actually manage to land a date…

Fat chance with that prick groping me all the time, she thought angrily, kicking a can that was lying on the ground. She knew she needed the money, but with the way he treated her all the time…

"Bad day?" a voice said from off to the side.

Looking over in the direction of the voice, Jane was surprised to see a man she didn't recognise. She'd walked through this area for so long she knew most of the people who worked and lived here almost as well as she knew her own family, and this man was different.

For one thing, his clothes were smarter. While most men in this area commonly dressed in leather or something similar, this man was wearing a dark grey business suit that accentuated the slight white streaks above his ears in his hair. His face was ruggedly handsome, only marred by a faint scar on his face that stretched from the left side of his nose to just below his lip, making him look a little like he was perpetually smirking at something.

However, while Jane thought it would have made other men look arrogant, this man managed to carry it off fairly well, to an extent that it made look rather handsome…

Remembering that he'd asked her a question, she just shrugged.

"The boss was being a prick," she said simply, and continued to walk, leaving the man behind. It wasn't worth the bother of talking to him; she'd learned long ago that few people stayed around once they knew she was a barmaid, particularly for somewhere like that

However, the man started to walk beside her, looking silently at her for a few seconds. At first Jane felt slightly flattered about it all- it was so rarely that a guy just looked at her, appreciating her appearance without trying to get some of it-, but, eventually, it just got annoying.

She looked over at him. "Look, are you going to do anything or are you just going to look all day?" she asked.

The man blinked. "Oh… sorry," he said. "I was just… thinking about something."

"Well, could you stop just… looking at me like that?" Jane asked. "It's rather disturbing, you know!" She knew she was being snappy, but she just didn't care any more; she just wanted to have some time alone to get home and crash on her bed.

"Oh, don't worry," the man smiled. "I've made up my mind now."

He looked in her direction, and his face…


The nose went up, to an extent that it looked like a pig's snout; the lips with raw and chapped, with sharp teeth visible behind them; his eyes were wide and staring, with a vicious, animalistic appearance behind them; his forehead had small ridges on it…

Jane couldn't help herself.

She screamed.

As soon as Spider-Man heard the scream, he didn't even stop to think; he let go off his current webline, turned around to face the direction that the scream had come from, and charged towards it, desperate to get there as soon as possible.

He didn't know what had been going on lately, but he knew one thing for sure.

It was happening in his city.

And he wasn't going to let it continue.

Hitting a nearby building, he charged along it for a few seconds, running while standing rather then his traditional crawling, quickly leaping off and swinging down a smaller side street.

There had to be something there…

He reached the street where he'd heard the scream, barely a minute after the sound had torn through the night air.


Not even a dropped scarf of some kind.

Landing on the ground, Spider-Man glanced around himself, trying to see if he could find anything that he'd missed on the first glance. Maybe if he was closer to the ground…

His shoulders slumped.


There was nothing there.

Just him, the dust, and the traditional lights of a deserted street.

"Damn…" he muttered to himself. Then he raised one hand, fired a web-line into the air, and swung away.

Maybe he'd be luckier tomorrow…