The None Too Bright

A Spin off of ahhelga's Operation: WITNESS

By Ahhelga

Author's Note: Well, I'm back. Due to much demanding, I decided to make a "sequel" (if you call it that) to one of my most loved stories. But I'm also in the mood to get into my "Operation: WITNESS" again, so that's why I am writing this, the spin-off of the epilogue of "WITNESS". Well, my most popular story has to have a continuance, should it not?

Anyway, I suggest you read my "WITNESS" first so you get everything, and, same rules apply to this story, as in WITNESS. There will be much explicit content for children (although, it'll be less tense in this one).

Summary: Who was that woman who seemed like the perfect adult—the perfect mother? I only talked to her for a second, but she was the most amazing woman I ever met. If she was right all along, then...why didn't they marry? (Spin-off of W.I.T.N.E.S.S.)

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"Watch it, grown up!" she said loudly, straightening up.

Kairi stared at the girl before her. She had on an orange Hoodie, just like Wally used to wear, her hair tucked under the orange cap, and black jeans with patches on them, a couple of them saying "73". She held, what looked like, a mustard gun, and an annoyed expression.

The young girl started to storm off to her father's office when…

"Hey kid!" Kairi called out.

She turned around and crossed her arms.


"Catch!" She threw a piece of gum to the girl, who caught it with her right hand.

She looked up in surprise. There was some code where kids under thirteen should not be allowed to chew gum, and here she was, in front of a grown woman giving her gum. She grew suspicious.

"Numbuh 67, is that really you?" she inquired (though confused), because Numbuh 67 was head of disguises.

"Nope, all Numbuh 3 here," she said simply. "Tell your father that certain operatives are still out to get him… You know, he needs to show himself to the KND that he really is Numbuh 4, it's kind of getting out of hand."

The girl stood, stunned. She was putting two and two together. There were some operatives who snaked their way out of decommissioning, and there were only three who escaped without anyone knowing their whereabouts.

And here was this woman, who was telling her that herself was Numbuh 3 and her father was Numbuh 4. There were rumors about them being escaped together, for they were on the same team, and yet, young Calli never seen this woman in her life. So she expects her to believe that…she…was…Numbuh 3!

"See ya around, kid…and…don't tell any other boring adult that you have gum…"

And with that, Kairi left, leaving Calli stunned.

Her dad was Numbuh 4 of KND, cool!

Calli staggered back to her father's office. She slowly closed the door to his room and slumped back down on the chair. She blankly stared at her hands and wiggled her fingers just to make sure she was okay.

"Is something the matter, Calli?" said her father.

She looked up. His eyes were intent on the papers on his desk, though when he glanced up, she noticed that they were pink…like he had been crying. Was it because of that woman?

No that was silly. That woman was making it up; she really was 67 or another disguise expert. That was silly.

"Daddy?" she asked.

"Hm?" he didn't keep his eyes off the papers. It was eerily suspicious because by now, they'd be talking eye-to-eye. He never chose work over her. Did he not want to look at her?

"Dad…was…there a woman who just came from your office right now?" she inquired.

His head shot up as if she just said she was pregnant. He seemed ecstatic at the mention of the woman. She was slightly shocked. It wasn't like him to get excited over a woman so easily, he hardly dated anymore ever since he found out that she didn't like all the women meeting her.

Calli was never fond of the women he dated. Sure they were nice…but…they all seemed the same. They all wanted her dad for, well, his looks. If she was somebody else, she'd say that he was rather cute, but it didn't seem right for a daughter to say that about their dads, so she got rid of that thought and avoided the subject as much as possible.

Her father deep intake of air had let her snap back to reality and realize that she was in the office of her dad's work. Her dad took a deep breath once more.

"Yeah…what about her?" he said, trying his best to be calm, but it didn't work because of the odd vibe she got from him.

"Um…she mentioned something about…" Calli started, but she was interrupted.

The intercom on his desk from the main office beeped. He held up a finger at her and pressed the red square button.

"Maureen? Is it important?" he asked the assistant through the phone intercom.

"Actually, yes, Mr. Beatles," a woman's voice came through. "It's the CEO of Chon Inc. He wants to deal with business of some… I don't know, I—"

"You can stop there, Maureen, I need not know the rest," he said, sighing. "Oh, could you please take care of Calli while he's up here?"

"But Dad!" exclaimed Calli, who was simply ignored. Calli 'hmph'ed at the lack of response.

"Why, um, certainly, Sir," she said, scared, almost.

"Thanks a bunch," he said plainly. He turned to Calli, who scowled. "Don't be that way, Calli. I know that you don't like being with some adult you hardly know, but I promise, I'll…take you to the toy store, 'kay?"

"How about a ride to my friend's house?" She raised her brows.

"Deal. Why may I ask?" he asked curious.

"We…have some unattended business," she shrugged. "Whatever, just…I'll skate there now, okay? Don't worry."

He sighed and paused. "Sure, Cal, just tell Maureen that I let you, okay? And be safe!"

"Okay!" she said happily as she went up to hug and kiss him on the cheek.

Wincing and with fake-exaggeration, he added, "Gross, don't get all mushy on me, missy!"

She just shook her head and rolled her eyes all the while chuckling. "Bye!" She was already long gone when he started shaking his head.

"Oh that kid…" he said to himself. "She brings me so many memories… I shouldn't let her go out and battle stupid adult villains, but I guess if she can do it, I'll let her. I shouldn't say anything anyway… I wonder what Kuki said to her…"

Calli started sprinting after she exited the building, and then, she pulled out her skateboard and hopped on it. The small hill made her go quicker. With every few yards or so, she did a small trick to show off at the littler kids. Of course, she wasn't all that great, she thought, but she was better than most.

People in her way jumped off of the sidewalk or to the side of the wall, for Calli didn't care if she ran into them or not. Her blonde hair flew in the wind, but her cap kept getting loose. She didn't mind it though.

She was already at another hill going downwards, when her cap had suddenly flew off. She stopped abruptly, and tried to see where the cap had gone…but it was no where within eyeshot. Letting out a groan she slumped on the spot.

Her cap. It was the only gift that meant so much to her.

She dug her hands in her pockets and found something. The gum that lady had given her. She pulled it out and popped it into her mouth. Her favorite, original flavored. Calli's mind drifted once more to the lady she saw in the hall. It'd be really nice if her dad actually dated her. There weren't many women that really made her happy, she was tough to impress.

However this…woman, she…affected the moment so much, it might've changed Calli's view on all the grown women.

Nah. Calli chuckled to herself. She decided she'll look for the shirt later. Her mind hurt from everything too much to care at the moment, which was strange because she loved her hat to death.

The sounds of wheels hitting the pavement filled her ears once more. She smiled to herself. Just keep it easy, just keep it that way, and everything will go back to normal.

Her head seemed to calm down with all the air hitting it. She felt so good, that she forgot where she was going… It wasn't 'til she almost got hit by a car that she remembered.

"Gosh, Calli, you're gonna get yourself killed if you don't stop," she muttered to herself.

She now knew that going eastward was best right now to reach her friend's place. The tree house was in view and she couldn't wait till she lay on her bed, free of worries…at least 'till her teammates interrupt her rest.

She ran up to the home where the tree house was, and rung the doorbell. A plump woman opened the door and smiled. She kept the door opened and moved out of the way.

"Why, hello, Calli," she giggled.

Calli despised that giggle, but knew better than to say anything. She forced a smile and looked around.

"Um, I'm here to be with N—Kirsten, Mrs. Boffman," she said politely, because her father would kill her if there she said something wrong.

"Oh, she's in the tree house," she sighed. "Honestly, you kids like tree houses too much. Ah well, have fun, Calli. Oh and tell Kirsten that she has to take out the trash."

Calli nodded and ran up to the room, where the entrance to the tree house was. The room was plain, but that was because Kirsten's real room was up in the tree house. She put her palm on the pad and a high-tech looking entrance appeared. Calli knew it was the elevator and stepped in.

As much as the elevator ride was short, Calli let her mind wander to the woman. She couldn't get her off her mind. How did she know about Kids Next Door? What was the deal? It was going to mess with her mind. If she found out that one of the other membuhs were playing a prank on her, she was bound to get deathly.

But what if it wasn't a prank? That…would be odd. But it seemed realistic because her father instantly liked her, and that was weird. Well, Calli had to shrug it off for the mean time. She needed rest.

The elevator doors opened and she walked out of it into a familiar room. A familiar electronic voice filled her ears—it was the same greeting she got whenever she walked in.

"Welcome Numbuh Seventy Three to Sector D's Kids Next Door tree house," it said.

Ah, home sweet home.

Author's Note: Well, that's the end of the prologue. Great. It's another story to add to my many stories to finish. So you know what that means, much more time to wait for "Operation: REAL" to finish, to fans of that story. Too bad… I'm too big of in a Writer's Block for that to finish. Anyway. I hoped you liked this so far. It…wasn't my best, but I can't do anything about it now. Reviews would be very helpful please.

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