The None Too Bright

By Ahhelga

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Summary: Who was that woman who seemed like the perfect adult—the perfect mother? I only talked to her for a second, but she was the most amazing woman I ever met. If she was right all along, then...why didn't they marry? (Spin-off of W.I.T.N.E.S.S.)

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Chapter 3
His Mission

Wally opened his eyes awkwardly. Slowly, he got a little bit upwards so that he could fully sit up straight. So his daughter had brought Kairi with her? Interesting. He smiled to himself. They didn't know he was awake that whole time. They didn't know that he knew that Calli had made friends with her. And that Kairi just violated a rule he has kept for over fifteen years—and that was the Kids Next Door.

He sighed inwardly. Now that Calli knew, there was no point in keeping it anymore. But because of force of habit, his lips had been shut this whole time…well, excluding that talk with Kairi the day before. He didn't know what to do.

Even if his mind was trying to focus on that one subject, his thoughts kept swerving to Kairi. Kairi was there. She was just in the next room. He wanted to jump up and jump her. He chuckled silently. But that wouldn't be polite, now would it? He couldn't take any irrational chances or else he'd lose her…again. And he wouldn't want that.

No, Wally needed her again. And despite what the predicament may be, he must. It was a must. All he needed to do now was think up of ways to get her.

For good this time.

"Listen, if you don't want to answer any questions of mine," started Calli, "…its okay with me. I won't push you or anything. I'm not that kind of girl."

Kairi looked down at the young girl. "Thanks," she briefly said. She continued to wash her cup.

"There, all clean," Kairi said presenting the cup.

"Oh let me get that for—!" Calli jumped ahead to put it away, but since Kairi already was going to, they both collided into each other, letting the cup smash against the floor.

"Aw, damn it," Calli whispered.

Kairi looked up, a little surprised at her cursing. But then again, she was Wally's daughter. They both looked at the mess on the floor. Their eyes said to each other that'd they'd gladly volunteer to clean it up, but none made a move.

Suddenly a voice came from the other room. "Calli? Is that you? What happened?"

Calli shouted back, "It's nothing, Dad! You don't need to worry about it!" Then, hastily, she turned to Kairi and dropped her voice. "Listen to me. I'm not entirely sure what's going on between you and Dad, but you gotta listen good: I sprained my ankle on the street. You happened to be there. You took me here. And you took care of me for a while. That's our plan. Got it?"

She seems to love taking control, Kairi thought.

Kairi nodded quickly as she got a broom from the side. As quick as she nodded, she started sweeping away at the mess. Both females started to clean up.

"Listen honey, I—hello…" Wally came in through the kitchen door. His face had a questioning look to it, but he didn't really say anything. "Hi, Mrs. Lune, nice to see you again. Calli, why is there glass all over the floor?"

"I dropped the glass," Kairi said. "And it's not Mrs., it's now Ms. You're looking at the newly divorced Kairi."

Wally's heart started beating twice as fast. "Oh…then I trust that your decision in that was a…good one?"

"Very," Kairi said simply as she kept sweeping.

Calli looked back and forth at them; a knowing smile came across her face.

"Daddy, Kairi helped after I injured my ankle on the street," Calli said smoothly. Kairi looked up curiously at Calli who simply smirked back at her.

"You….you injured your ankle?" Wally's eyes seemed to pop out of his head.

Hurriedly, he rushed over to Calli to check if she was alright. Calli started yelling at him in protest and instantly he stopped. He had to hear her out.

"I'm fine, Dad, you could even ask her!" Calli said all huffy like. "She seems to have a…curing touch."

"D-does she now?" Wally looked over at Kairi whose head was down, and even from here, he could feel all the heat radiating from her face. What was Calli up to?

"Yeah! And she's real sweet!" Calli replied more excitedly. "She's much better than all of the other girls."

If it was possible, Kairi's face heated up more. And it was noticeable too, when she shot her head up at him at her remark. Other girls? Now his face was red. And Calli's smirk was larger.

This was going to be interesting.

"And you know what she does?" Wally asked her. "She dumps me!"

Kairi's laughter filled the air. "What a total airhead."

"Let me tell you, that is one girl you don't ever wanna ever date!"Wally pointed out.

"Oh? So you're assuming I date girls?" Kairi smiled and raised a brow.

Wally leaned in mock-ferociously. "And so what if I am?

"Well, if you make one wrong move, buster, it'll be your balls!" Kairi laughed.

Calli walked in. "Daddy, we gotta get more toilet paper. We're almost out."

He looked down at his food and then said, "Drat. I was planning to use some later on."

That got Kairi to laugh harder. Calli snorted. Who knew her father was like this with Kairi around? When she offered that Kairi stay for dinner, she didn't exactly picture this. She was to be set aside, as she hoped, and then they have a romantic dinner. Right now it just seemed as if they were both drunken men at a bar. Kairi was pretty obnoxious what she had her moments. But who was Calli to blame? Everyone got a lot more energetic with Dad around.

The idea of it being like this every night came to her head: eating dinner with Kairi, laughing at Dad's jokes, and the toilet paper running out. It was a nice thought. Kairi was like… a mom she never really had. Of course, her original mom wasn't really all that great, so, Calli was just probably looking for a way out.

She wanted a family. With a mother. She wanted a mother. At this point, Kairi seemed to be the perfect candidate. She was a good woman. She was helpful and kind. Dear old Dad adored her. And they have a history together. It'd be perfect.

But then again, perfect dreams come to reality as soon as she realized that Kairi just got divorced, and it wouldn't be really smart to go into a relationship right away. But she and Dad were hitting it off so well, that why not?

Why not?

"Ugh, I hate towers," Kairi complained.

"Sorry about that," Wally said.

"It's not your fault," she replied. "I'll just go get in the morning since it's too late already. Hey, do you know the way to the Huntington Train Station?"

"Don't bother," Wally smiled at her. "I'll give you a lift."

"Will you? Thanks, so much!" she smiled back.

Calli came from behind Wally. "I guess I'll see you around Kairi."

"I guess so, kiddo," Kairi said, smiling at her now.

"Shall we go?" Wally asked her.

"We shall," she replied.

Both of them walked side by side to his car down the driveway. It was almost eight, and it was dark. Of course, there were still cars out, so it wasn't that big a problem. But since it was already dark, Wally was worried for her well being. He had to offer her the ride. And besides, he needed to talk to her in private.

They went inside, him driving and her passenger's seat. And they were off, with her giving directions. In about fifteen minutes in a car ride that was eternally quiet, they reached her apartment building.

"This is it," she said.

Instead of getting out, she sat. Both sat there for a while, quiet and unsure of anything to say.

"I spoke to him."

Kairi looked to Wally questionably. He stared right in front of him; his hair was covering his face.

"He didn't remember who I was…" he said. She saw dark splotches on his jeans. She didn't know what to do.

She choked out, "I…I don't know—"

"Hoagie, damn it!" he yelled.

His head turned to her, and she saw that it eyes were red. She stared at him. Then, she leaned back and stared at the dashboard in front of her. Her eyes started getting teary. The expression was hopelessness.

"H-Hoagie…?" she asked herself.

"Why… Why didn't he just run away like I did?" Wally's tears came quicker now.

"How did you see him!" she turned to him, grabbing his shirt. "Where? Do you still know him!"

Wally was silent. "He will always be my best friend."

She loosened her grip, which eventually turned into a throw at him. So that meant…

"Can we see him? Where is he now?"

"Hoagie's in Florida right now…" Wally said softly. "He'll be back this Friday."

"Friday's in two days!" she said. She turned to him. "You know what this means to me? I have to see him? Did you contact the others?"

"I can't!" he yelled at her. "They're probably far away, clueless as to who we are! They didn't run away like I did. Understand that. They've forgotten us."

"No…" she whined quietly.

"They've moved on."

"No…" she whined louder.

"And all we have…is each other, Kuki." He stared at her. Both their eyes locked. It was connection like no other.

"No," she said forcefully. "I…I have to go. Thanks for the ride, Wally."

He sighed, "Anytime…"

She got her stuff ready, and as he did so, when she wasn't looking, he slipped his business card in there.

"Good night, Wally," she said, as she exited.

"'Night," he replied roughly.

"So?" Calli asked.

"So what?" he replied.

"So what happened!" she shouted excitedly. "Did you go inside? Did you guys kiss? Did you…boogie?" All was replied with no response. "Did…did you do anything?"

"We talked," he said simply as he slowly went into his room.

From the other room he yelled, "Go to bed, Calli!"

And reluctantly, she went.

"Why'd you have to do that, Wally? Why?"

He re-shampooed again. His mind was on Kairi again. He kept thinking about whether he screwed up. Did he?

"You did."

And at the moment, he hated himself.

Taking a shower really was a good decision. It was probably the only good decision he made all day.

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