The Delinquent

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This is my attempt at a totally unoriginal concept, but I love it!

Right-o on with it…

Rinoa stared out the window and watched the blurring objects wiz by. She felt tears welling at the back of her eyes but didn't want to cry, she'd cried enough about this. Her father General Caraway was moving her away from her friends, her school… her love.

Stealing her from all of that and forcing her to some hick-ass backwards town by the sea that she suspected had a dangerously high level of interbreeding.

But she wasn't going to cry about it… no sir.

Her father turned to her and patted her on the back, his way of comforting her. She pulled away from his touch and leaned against the door, wishing that for once he'd just leave her alone. It was quite strange, for the last year or so he'd done nothing but look over her shoulder.

For most of her life he'd never shown any interest in her but all of a sudden she was given rules and restrictions. She was given punishments and rewards, encouragement was the weirdest one of all though!

"Rinoa, I know you think I'm an ogre now but I don't have a choice." Caraway said as he retracted his hand.

"No, I don't think you're an ogre, I know you are." Rinoa said aloofly.

Caraway sighed; usually he would've blown up about her saying such a thing to him. He was a leading advocate in the belief that children should have respect for their elders, but he knew that she was just upset and as soon as she made some new friends everything would go back to normal. Whatever that was…

Soon they were in the town of Dollet, nearly the end of their journey. From here they had to take a train to Balamb, where they would reside.

Rinoa loved the idea of living in Dollet. It was such a radical town; she was told that the night life was more exciting than Deling… before Galbadian soldiers had decided to make it their post. Since then Dollet hadn't been the same.

Her father led her to a small sea-side café and they sat to have a late lunch. All that travelling had made both of them famished and even Rinoa could refuse a meal.

Finally resigning herself to the fact that if she didn't have a conversation with someone soon she was going to burst Rinoa turned to her father and gave him a piercing look. Her way of saying that she was ready to talk.

"Why can't we move here? I'd rather move to Winhill!" Rinoa exclaimed.

Caraway sighed; he took another sip of his coffee and thought carefully about his answer. He didn't want to give Rinoa an opening.

"Because… I was offered a job there… and I couldn't go on living in that house." Caraway said slowly.

Rinoa understood and she didn't want to comment on it really. That was how she was dealing with this, she was trying to forget. About a three years ago her mother had been diagnosed with cancer… it took it two years to finally take her but she'd refused to pass away in a hospital.

She wanted to be somewhere familiar to her and with her family close by. Since then everyday had been a nightmare. It was hard to live without her mother. They'd been so close and that was the reason that Caraway was being so fatherly to her lately.

"So because you don't want to live there anymore you're taking me away from my memories of her!" Rinoa yelled, earning her the attention of not only Caraway but the rest of the store as well.

It was blatantly obvious that this was still a tender subject for Rinoa.

"Rinoa she'll always be with you and so long as you remember her you'll have your memories." Caraway retorted quietly.

Rinoa threw her napkin down on the table and stood abruptly.

"Sorry I'm suddenly not terribly hungry."

Rinoa stormed out of the café and Caraway sat with his head in his hands, wondering how that went so badly.

Rinoa walked out towards the docks and sat down at the pier, her legs dangling over the side. She looked out towards the ocean and sighed, wishing that she'd controlled her temper a bit better in there. She was still brimming with anger and didn't really want to speak to anyone again but was trying to calm herself down.

This was a hard feet to accomplish considering that she was what one might call raw. This was because she wore her emotions on her sleeve, she didn't hold back on anything and if she had something to say or something she wanted to do, she generally did.

'How can he do this to me? How can he take me away from everything…?'


Rinoa stood in front of her house, men were loading boxes full of her belongings into a large truck that contained most of the gear she and her father possessed.

She heard a car come skidding around the corner and closed her eyes, knowing that she was about to have her tearful goodbye. It was none other than her boyfriend Lucas and her best friends Marcia.

They exited the car, Lucas, the epitome of everything desirable. He was tall, toned and tanned. His blonde wavy hair was spiked up today and made straight by various products.

He had cool blue eyes that made most females melt and he was considered one of the more attractive men at her local school. Not only was he hot but he was also captain of the school football team which gave Rinoa instant popularity.

They'd been dating for about two years now and Rinoa was crushed that she had to leave him. But she was even more crushed about having to leave Marcia.

Marcia was the most beautiful girls she'd ever seen. She had sparkling green eyes and blonde hair with purple streaks in it. Her face was a nice tan and she had full pouting lips that Rinoa had always admired.

Marcia was tall enough to be a model and showed off her never ending legs with short skirts and hot pants. Most of the males at her school would like to have gone there and it was Rinoa's displeasure to announce that a large quantity of they had.

Marcia was gorgeous and she knew it, she also never stopped to think about how badly she was degrading herself every weekend when she slept with a new guy. Rinoa had known Marcia since kindergarten and they'd been damn near inseparable since.

They dived out of the car and headed straight for Rinoa. She smiled at them both but they could see through her.

Marcia immediately enclosed Rinoa in an air tight hug and Rinoa felt her body start to shake and her tears seeping into Rinoa's clothes. She stared at Lucas who looked dejected and slightly angry. Rinoa tried to smile at him but his look was making her look more and more depressed.

"Rinoa… please don't go, you can stay with me!" Marcia protested.

Rinoa shook her head, tears finally streaming down her pale face. She wiped them away with her hand and Marcia finally let go of her.

"No I can't, I'm sorry."

She heard a horn tooting behind her and turned to see her father sitting behind the wheel of his car staring her at impatiently.

She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her bottom lip. Her hands were at her sides, balled into fists as she tried to suppress the rest of the tears that were ready to cascade down her face.

She felt Lucas pull her into a hug and kiss her on the forehead. They'd already talked about it and they'd decided that they had to have a long distance relationship, it was the only way. They couldn't just flush two years down the toilet as if it was nothing. Rinoa wanted to marry Lucas and wasn't going to let a thing like moving to a different country change that.

He pulled away and Marcia grabbed her hands in her own. Rinoa smiled at her and sighed. Rinoa pulled her into a hug of her own and kissed her on the cheek.

"I'll write to you every day." Marcia sobbed.

"I'll write to you twice a day!" Rinoa replied.

She let her go and waved them both goodbyes as she entered her father's car. As she drove off she didn't stop looking at them until they were out of sight. Once they were she turned back in her seat and grabbed her book.

Rinoa had a passion, something that she was naturally good at. When she did it, nothing mattered. What was going on in her life didn't matter, no matter how bad things were while she did this nothing was wrong. She drew.


Rinoa stood, she'd already decided that thinking wasn't helping her at all; all it was doing was depressing her.

Rinoa took a deep breath and listened to the approaching footsteps; she turned her head to the side and stared out towards the never ending ocean. To her right she could just see the Balamb boarders and sighed.

"Rinoa, it's time to go."

Rinoa sat in her seat, watching out her window for any sea life that might decide to show itself. This was a rare thing to see considering the fact that the train usually scared away any and all fish. Occasionally you'd see the odd shark, but that wasn't too regular.

But staring at nothing pass by was a hell of a lot better than making conversation with her father. Or as she had begun calling him to herself "the ape".

Time passed quickly and it wasn't too long until they were in Balamb town. Rinoa stepped out of the train and squinted as the light shined in her eyes. It hadn't been terribly bright inside the train and being outside hurt her eyes instantly.

Her father informed her that there was no point renting a car as there house wasn't too far from the train station. What a joke that was! After walking for about twenty minutes they finally approached a house that Caraway informed was their's.

Rinoa stood outside the house just staring at it for seemed like the longest time. It was pretty plain, there was a white picket fence going around it and a concrete path that led to the front door. The door was large and had stained glass in the middle of it that took up at least half the door.

Rinoa noticed that a lot of the house had the same sort of stained glass on a lot of the windows and was taken back by how beautiful it made the house look. It was two storeys and made of wood. Around the back was an average sized pool and a barbeque area, even though Rinoa knew that lighting fires of any kind was prohibited in Balamb.

A couple of years ago there had been a huge fire that had threatened to destroy the entire town and since then there had been a fire ban.

Rinoa sighed and took one of her bags in her hand; she solemnly headed towards the house with her head to the floor.

She opened the door and looked around the inside. It was so barren; she had never felt so alone in her entire life. She began making her way around the house.

Soon she heard the moving truck pull up outside and almost immediately the house was filled with burly looking men carrying their belongings.

"Why don't you go pick a room?" Caraway suggested.

Rinoa shrugged her shoulders and made her way up the stairs, intending on doing just that. She'd noticed while outside that there was an attic and had already decided that she'd be best suited there. She'd always wanted an attic bedroom.

She pulled down the stairs with the bit of cord that hung from the ceiling and climbed up them, her mind was filling up with childlike curiosity as to what this room would actually look like.

Once inside she was nearly speechless at what she had before her. Above her was a stained glass skylight with a picture of a dove souring through the air imprinted in it in various colours. The room itself was huge and she was quite certain that this would do her fine.

There was only one other window that was just normal glass and it had a view that stretched out towards the ocean. The room was a bit dusty but Rinoa didn't mind. In fact it would give her something to do to get her mind off missing all her friends.

Two and a half hours later

Rinoa was nearly done setting her room up. She had her bed facing towards the view; she quite liked the idea of waking up to that every morning. Inside her large closet was all her various clothes and inside her dresser were the rest of them.

Once she'd dusted and whatnot she'd discovered that the floor was varnished wood and she was quite stoked about that. Her computer had been set up in the corner and she eagerly waited for the day that her father would get the internet so she could email her friends.

Other than that she didn't really have too many belongings, her last house didn't have as spacious a room as this and was thinking about getting some couches or bean bags or something to take up space.

While these thoughts circled around her head she turned and saw a man standing before her. She screamed loudly and clutched her heart as it started doing back flips inside her.

Once the initial shock wore off she took note on what an attractive man she had before her. He had sort of shaggy brown hair and light blue eyes that she found herself captivated in. His dress sense seemed casual but it suited him well.

"Sorry, your dad said to just come up." he said, interrupting her assessment of him.

"No it's alright; you just gave me a fright." Rinoa sighed.

He nodded and Rinoa finally started wondering just who he was and why he was in her room in the first place.

"Who are you?" Rinoa asked once her curiosity got the better of her.

"Oh, I'm Squall, I'm your new neighbour."

So… what did you think?