The Delinquent

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All Squall could do was role his eyes as he watched the event play out in front of him. The words streamed out of Quistis's mouth like she'd rehearsed them. The whole time she had what Squall could only refer to as a malicious smirk on her face.

Rinoa bid her farewell to Quistis and Irvine, seemingly blind to what they were doing. Squall knew that she was fully aware of what they were doing; she was being what she might call "mature" about it.

Squall waited until she was in the car to glare at both of them before climbing inside his vehicle.

Rinoa smiled at Squall once they were on the open road, Squall saw it out of the corner of his eye but didn't turn his head to meet it. He was going remain indifferent from it, so as to not draw himself into a conversation about "us".

"You seemed pretty determined to find all this out." Rinoa finally said.

"Yeah well… it was fucked up, I spose I had to."

Squall reached down and turned his radio on; he winced as he heard some pop track come streaming through the speakers. When he swiftly turned the tuner some recent pop/rock song blared out.

"I like this song." Rinoa hinted as Squall was about to continue his mission to find a half decent song.

He grimaced but left it on the current station; he couldn't believe that she liked this song. It was just a bunch of pussy teenagers trying to seem hard. That particular thought made him chuckle slightly, it was kind of like himself.

"So I guess your going to have to find a new hobby." Rinoa stated.


"Well you can't faint and dream about things now." Rinoa giggled.

Squall smiled, regardless of whether this was going to be a joke for the time being, what he'd been through had changed him. He'd seen some amazing things through the eyes of someone who'd lived over half a century ago. For once he hadn't been fighting authority; he'd been on the other side of it. It was quite invigorating, like holding your head under water and screaming as loud as you can.

"Squall," Rinoa said seriously.

She had 'that' tone, the one that Squall had been dreading. Had he known that he'd have to have this conversation today he might've thought of something to say but it was a bit late now.

"Now that," she paused, choosing her words carefully, she didn't want to offend him. "Now that you've cleared up all the things that you had to,"

'That's it Rinoa, keep it broad.' Squall thought as he leaned his head on his hand.

"Whats ganna happen with us?" Rinoa enquired.

How Squall despised that word right now, us, it was only made the sentence that much more uncomfortable for both parties involved.

"Whadda ya mean?" Squall asked.

"Well… I'm willing to forget about happened if it'll make you more comfortable."

"How do you think pretending nothing happened is going to make anything more comfortable, Rin?"

Rinoa shrugged, a little annoyed that he wasn't going to actually answer one of her questions. She could see the entire conversation going like this.

"I dunno, it's just that you've got your reputation to think of and…"

"Do you have some sort of major deformity that's going to seriously mark me down?" Squall laughed.

Rinoa bit her lip; she understood completely what he was doing as she noticed they were getting closer and closer to their houses. He was stalling so that when they pulled up the driveway he could walk away not actually accomplishing anything.

"Your sarcasm isn't really appreciated." Rinoa sighed.

"I'm sorry Rin; I just fucking hate these talks. Cant we just go with the flow?" Squall enquired.

Rinoa nodded, not really happy with 'going with the flow' but feeling that that was going to be it out of Squall. Maybe he wouldn't be the picture perfect boyfriend that she saw him as. It was just that no matter what she was feeling when she was with him, it was always felt strongly.

If Squall was annoying her, she wanted to plough her fist into his face, if he was making her happy she was in hysterics.

Rinoa was about to voice her opinion but Squall got cut off by some lady in a four wheel drive.


Rinoa clenched her eyes together and covered her face with her hands in embarrassment. She couldn't deny how she felt about Squall but he was one of the most upsetting people to drive around with.

Rinoa opened her mouth to say something again but Squall turned into his driveway and the bump caused her to shut her mouth.

It wasn't until she heard Squall's door slam that she got out of the car.

"Well I'll seeya round Rin." Squall muttered.

She waved and stared at his retreating form.

'I can't just let him go,' "Squall!" Rinoa called out after him.

He stopped walked and turned; somewhat disappointed that he hadn't gotten away without having the dreaded 'talk'.

"We seriously need to talk." Rinoa whined.

"Oh for fucks sake…" Squall whispered quietly. "Fine,"

Rinoa grinned, and signalled for him to follow her. By the looks of things her father wasn't home and this made it the ample opportunity for them to have a private chat.

Rinoa led him into the lounge where she took a seat on the leather couch, coaxing Squall to sit beside her.

"So…" Squall breathed, clapping his hands together and trying to think of a sentence to follow up his outburst.

"I don't want to just pretend nothing happened Squall." Rinoa interjected.

Squall nodded but said nothing, infuriating Rinoa further. The set-up that Quistis had planned wasn't going out how she had felt it may have.

"It's just that, I don't know how to approach you. I've never been in this situation before with a person like you." Rinoa continued.

She stared at him; waiting for him to answer but all his did was nod again. It really was the most asshole thing he'd done yet.

"And now that I am its unfamiliar territory. It's like losing your virginity again, not that you want to hear about that…"

Her ramblings were cut short when she felt Squall's moist lips press against her own; it made the whole situation a little more relaxing in her opinion.

She slid down on the leather, Squall's body pressing down on her own. He had his hand holding up one of her thighs while the other was resting on her waist.

"We still haven't talked…" Rinoa moaned out as Squall began trailing kisses around her neck.

Squall heard something crash down on the ground and his head jerked up quickly to look around.

"What was that?" he whispered.

"The dog, ignore it." Rinoa said, grabbing his head and pulling it down towards her own.

Squall took no time forgetting whatever it was he heard and went straight back to business, the hand that had previously been on Rinoa's waist edging underneath her, heading for her bra strap. His expertly nimble fingers had it undone in seconds due to years of practise but he never got the opportunity to enjoy the spoils that were hidden underneath the garment.

"What the fuck is going on here!" Caraway shouted from behind them.

Squall fell off Rinoa while Rinoa tried in vain to straighten herself out.

"Get out of my house!" Caraway screamed at Squall.

Squall hoisted himself up and ran out the door as fast as he could, offering Rinoa only an apologetic smile as he vacated.

Four days later

Rinoa stared wistfully out the window, a dull smile playing on her lips while she chewed softly on the end of her pen. She slouched on the hard wooden chair that individuals actually deemed suitable for people to sit on for long periods of time, her mind a flurry with thoughts other than what the adult before her was lecturing on about.

The last couple of days had been magical, that's all she could relate them to. She and Squall had been practically couple, not officially that yet but damn near to it.

Rinoa was seeing a side to him that she didn't know existed, a playful almost innocent side that Rinoa felt special knowing that it was only she who saw.

Her eyes were fixated on the sky above, dazedly watching the clouds pass by, daydreaming her last class of that day away.

She listened half heartedly to her fellow classmates whisper about what they had in store for their Friday night, beginning to wonder herself what dastardly deed her and her comrades were going to get up to. Whatever it was it was bound to be more adrenaline filled than the bullshit they had planned.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the bell ring and a childlike excitement built up in her stomach as she the thought that she would soon be seeing Squall. She couldn't contain the grin that spread across her lips like a kid on Christmas day.

Rinoa heard the usual jingle of her various key chains as she picked her vandalised bag up. One of her favourite ways to make the time pass faster in class was to draw all over her bag; it bet the hell out of doing nothing.

She was out the door faster than anyone else and was pleased that she wouldn't have to follow the heard down the flight of stairs. Rinoa hated being surrounded by so many people in such a confined space; it was starting to make her a little claustrophobic.

When she saw the approaching double doors out of the building she grinned and let herself be forced into the herd-like rhythm that was the only way out of School.

Rinoa all but skipped the entire way to the car park; she had to hold onto some dignity. She composed herself and as coolly as she could walked around the corner to the car park.

Selphie, Irvine and Seifer were already huddled around their area of the car park, enthralled in some serious debate about who knows what.

Rinoa rolled her eyes when she noticed that the split in Selphie's skirt was growing more and more by the day, Selphie was always catching it on things and tearing it.

"Howz it?" Rinoa greeted as she advanced towards them.

"Hey girl," Selphie said excitedly, obviously thrilled that a female had come over. It really was painful to listen to the boys talk shit.

Before Selphie had time to tell Rinoa all about her afternoon and why it sucked major ass, Rinoa heard the most heavenly sound in the world.

"WELL FUCK OFF THEN!" Squall yelled as he walked towards his car.

He'd just been in a heated argument with a particular someone that he'd despised for quite some time. Just the usual really, it was basically his way of saying "I'll see you on Monday bitch."

Squall's last class had gone quite methodically, he'd ended out falling asleep at one particular part but the teacher was generally just glad that he wasn't being disruptive.

He tugged down on the tie around his neck, pulling it further down his chest than it already was, really just out of habit more than anything else.

Squall saw most of his friends standing around his car, talking amongst themselves. He chuckled to himself as he notice Rinoa try to not to stare at him. She was doing so well too, acting as though she hadn't even noticed him yet.

It was cocky as fuck but he knew that she'd seen him; she did this every time, waited until he noticed her. He wasn't going to be stubborn about it though, he thought her game was actually a bit humorous.

Selphie was leaning against Irvine's truck with Rinoa standing in front of her, in some stupid conversation about the same old bullshit. Squall gently glided his hand along the small of Rinoa's back as he walked past her. She smiled slightly and continued to ignore his presence, as he had begun to do, already talking amongst the boys as they waited for Quistis and Zell.

"What the fuck is taking that bitch so long?" Seifer finally seethed.

"She got kicked out of PE before." Selphie piped up.

Seifer groaned, throwing his hand up in the air for effect.

"For fucks sake! She knows not to fuck round on Friday. I wanna get out of here." Seifer ranted.

"Calm down dickhead." Quistis said from behind them as she walked across the grassy path separating the car park from the rest of the world.

"Where have you been?" Seifer enquired angrily.

"Settle down, I was at the coffee shop. I couldn't be bothered with the vice principal at the moment. Is that okay with you master?" Quistis said sarcastically.

Seifer grinded his teeth together, not able to let the last insult just slide, the attitude she'd had made him start to think.

"Did ya fuck him?" he burst out.

"I'm not having this conversation right now." Quistis sighed.

"Somebodies on their period." Zell laughed as he too approached the group.

Before Seifer had time to react Squall decided it was time to change the subject, Seifer was obviously not in the mood.

"So what's going on tonight?" he enquired.

"Well…" Quistis said with a smile. "My parents flew to Esthar on business this morning. They called from there after lunch, sooooo…"

"Party at Quisty's house!" Selphie exclaimed.

"Well that was what I was thinking." Quistis chimed.


"You are coming tonight right?" Squall asked once they were on the open road.

"Nah, I was thinking about getting out a movie." Rinoa replied.

Squall stared at her incredulously, you can watch a movie any night of the week, but it was Friday and that meant that they had to do something interesting. There's nothing worse than looking around and realising its Friday night and your sitting at home watching The Apprentice or some bullshit like that.

"I'm kidding, geez." Rinoa laughed. "I'm broke though." She added.

"Like it matters." Squall said half seriously, Quistis's parents had one of the most exotic liquor cupboards in Balamb and it was no secret they wouldn't notice if you drank the entire stash.

Why they even collected alcohol was a mystery, they were both avid about not drinking which was why Quistis usually had to stay at someone's house if she was getting on the piss.

Drinks at Quistis's house were always the best though; there was always something to talk about afterwards.


Rinoa had the phone cradled between her ear and her shoulder, half paying attention to whatever Selphie was saying on the other line and half trying to find something to wear tonight. She obviously couldn't go in her uniform.

Rinoa smiled for a second and glanced down at her uniform, she remembered how she had looked when she had first came to Balamb. Her school clothes had been so perfect, bar the heels down on her sandals and the untucked shirt. Now they didn't even look like the uniform. She had a split up the back of the skirt, showing a white lace of the petticoat that she wore underneath, it was coloured in various places with black pen or magic marker sometimes red as well. Her blouse was still untucked but one could see the bottom of the shirt she was wearing beneath and were the where the buttons were supposed to be done up. It had an I'm with stupid badge proudly pinned on her left breast pocket. She had traded in her sandals for a pair of black and white tennis shoes and around her neck, wrist and fingers were a range of bits of jewellery.

"Are still listening?" She heard Selphie ask through the receiver.

"Yeah, nah I was just having a moment." Rinoa replied, going back to her original task of finding something to wear.

"Are you and Squall going together?" Selphie giggled.

"Like always, please don't make this weird Selph, its weird enough." Rinoa sighed.

"Nah it's all jiggy, I think it's cute." Selphie apologized. "How's it weird?"

"I dunno, I've just never been with someone like Squall. I'm so used to the jocks and the pretty boys, he's just so intense."

She heard Selphie laughing on the other end of the phone and wished she hadn't said the words. This was going to give her so much shit throughout the night. When she thought that Selphie was about to begin the tirade of mortification she heard a male voice on the other end of the phone.

"Sorry Rin Hun, I gotta go. Irvy's here." Selphie said.

Rinoa was in a way glad that Selphie was going to go; it was taking her a lot longer to find something to wear talking to Selphie.

"Alright, I'll cya at Quistis's place."

She hung up her phone and threw it on her bed, she heard someone knock on her floor. (Hehehe, attic)

"Come in." She yelled.

"Are you still in her fucking uniform?" Squall laughed.

"Shut your face, I was busy." Rinoa lied.

True she had fed Angelo but other than that it had been a pretty monotonous time since she'd gotten home.

She stuck her head back in her closet, already feeling Squall's eyes on her. She smiled, not letting him see it; she hadn't been lying when she had said Squall was quite intense. She was glad to be finding this out though.

Rinoa felt a hand touch the small of her back lightly. It brushed its way around to her stomach and then she was encased from behind in Squall's arms, a feeling that she relished in.

"I love that feeling…" She breathed as he kissed the back of her neck.

"What feeling?" Squall muttered.

She spun around, her arms around his neck with his hands sat dully on her hips.

"When you first get involved with someone and you can't get enough of them." Rinoa replied.

Squall smiled and kissed the top of her nose; she closed her eyes in turn and grinned herself.

"Good for you." Squall chuckled not really knowing what to say.

"Just admit you love it too, I know you do." Rinoa joked.

Squall kissed Rinoa softly on the mouth, enjoying the fact that he could do that now. He didn't have to pretend like he didn't want to rip her clothes off and have her right there; he could actually try to now. Whether she'd be keen or not was a different story but a man has to try.

"You're ganna get shit-faced tonight and hound me aren't you?" Rinoa giggled.

"You're ganna fucking love every second of it girl."

Rinoa scoffed and leaned her head against Squall's chest, feeling it go up and down as he breathed. She could hear his heartbeat through his chest; it was still calm and confident while hers was pounding like a jackhammer. She couldn't explain what she was feeling, she felt so safe in Squall's arms, nothing could touch her.

"What am I ganna do with a shit-head delinquent like you?" Rinoa asked her question completely rhetorical.

She closed her eyes and smiled a real smile, the smile of a person who was truly happy. she finally didn't feel alone, she'd found someone who might not be able to ever take her mothers place, but could at least fill the empty hole that was left with her passing.

"Speaking of which, if anyone asks, like Ellone or Raine, I was with you last night from twelve to three."

I finished it... I actually fucking finished it... Bit of a stink ending but hey cant get everything.

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