Buffy opened the door to her apartment house, quietly. She, Dawn, and Andrew had moved there after Sunnydale was sucked down. Spike had wore and amulet and it had destroyed the Hellmouth. Giles, Xander, Kennedy, Willow, and the potentials moved to Cleveland, Ohio just in case the other Hellmouth started acting up.
She hung her leather jacket up on the coat rack by the door. She felt a pain on her arm and looked at it to see a long, bloody gash.

"Dawn...Andrew?" Buffy called out, getting no response back.

"Must be out"

Buffy walked to her left and down a hallway to a large bathroom. She opened the door and walked inside. The bathroom walls were a tan color with a few picture frames here and there. There was a large bath tub in the far back. She walked to the sink which had a small mirror over it. She stopped in front of the mirror, looking into it. She saw he lip was bloody and there was a cut on her forehead.

"Great." She sighed.

She reached for the mirror and pulled it open, revealing a medicine cabinet inside. She moved her gaze around the medical items until she spotted the peroxide. The proxide was a tall, brown bottle with a white label on the front. She grabbed it and pulled it out, placing it on the sink ledge. Her hand lifted and she reached for a basket on the counter buy the sink pulling out a washcloth. Sighing, she opened the bottle of peroxide and poured some on the washcloth.

She began to dab the cut on her forehead with the washcloth, eyes wincing a little bit. She kept looking into the mirror, her eyes sparkling from held back tears. Suddenly, she dropped the washcloth, putting her face in her hands and began to cry. Her tears fell into her hands, making them moist.

Dawn walked into the apartment, pulling off her jacket and hanging it up. She saw Buffy's jacket hanging there and looked around.

"Buffy?" Dawn bellowed.

Dawn had went out earlier that night with a few friends she had met here in Rome. Buffy heard Dawn and lifted her head, quickly wiping away the tears.

"Yes, Dawnie, I'm here." Buffy responded.

Dawn followed the voice of Buffy and found her in the bathroom. She opened the door and looked at her big sister. Buffy's eyes were red and her lip and forehead had cuts.

"What happened...?" Dawn asked, looking at Buffy.

"Nothing, How was your night?" Buffy replied quickly.

"Don't change the subject...what happened?" Dawn asked again, her voice a bit seriouser.

Buffy sighed and bowed her head. Dawn looked at the floor to see a washcloth. She picked it up and took Buffy's hand.

"I'll fix up these cuts while you tell me what happened"

Buffy looked up at her beautiful, tall, brown haired sister. Dawn had been the key 2 years ago and could open a portal for Glory. Glory opened the portal but Buffy sacrificed her life for her sister. She was resurrected 148 days later by Willow, Anya, Tara, and Xander.

Dawn walked Buffy to the living room where she sat herself and Buffy down on the couch.

"Talk." Dawn said, beginning to press the washcloth to the cut on Buffy's forehead.

"The Immortal...he tried to kill me tonight...I tried fighting back but"

Buffy was interrupted with the sound of the apartment door opening. Andrew had walked in, he was dressed in a nice black tuxedo. He went on a date earlier that night with two beautiful girls, one a brown head and the other a blonde. He shut the door behind him self then turned to see Buffy and Dawn sitting on the couch.

"Hi!" He greeted them with a smile.

"How was your night?" Buffy smiled to Andrew.

"It was great...I had a date...two girls..." Andrew replied, "and you"

Buffy bowed her head. Dawn looked over at Andrew, her eyes serious.

"The Immortal tried to kill her..." Dawn exclaimed.

"Aww, I'm sorrry." Andrew replied sympathetically.

Buffy nodded, her hands resting in her lap.

"Ooo! I have news that will perk you up"

"That is..?" Buffy asked.

Andrew began to take of the jacket to his tuxedo, hanging it up on the coat rack beside the door. He smiled to Buffy.

"Earlier tonight...while you were out..Spike and Angel came here to see you"

Buffy stood up quickly, moving the hand from Dawn off of her.