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Warnings: Contains spoilers for volume 5




Motoharu was finishing up whatever it was band managers work on. Mink and the others had gone home. She'd been popular since the day she appeared, and it had gotten stronger since she, Canon, and Maco formed Minkle. But he was worried about that creepy stalker guy. As he was going home he thought aloud, "I think Mink called him Kyo?" "That's my name, don't wear it out." Motoharu jumped up about a foot and turned around, swearing he heard a voice from behind him. No one was there. "Hmm, just my imagination…." He laughed to himself. He turned back only to find himself face-to-face with the creepy stalker. "Y-you!" yelled Motoharu stepping back and entering a fighting stance. "Relax, I have no intention of fighting, just to ask you a question." Replied Kyo. "A question?" asked the green-haired teen. "Yes…. How do you feel about Mink?" Kyo replied. "Mink? I like her…." Motoharu was confused. "That's not what I meant you twit." Snapped Kyo. "What I mean is, do you love Mink?" "WHAT?" yelled that crazy manager. "You heard me." Motoharu couldn't reply. Kyo sighed. "Fine, don't answer. Let me know when you're ready to answer, I'll be there." Kyo then vanished. Motoharu didn't get any sleep last night, Kyo's words burned in his mind. Did he love Mink? In that way? He debated it all day. "Senpai, is something wrong?" Mink's concerned voice broke his thoughts. "Huh? Yeah I'm good…. Why do you ask?" Motoharu replied. "She means, you've been spacing out all day." Maco interrupted. "And it's kinda affecting how we all do in today's photo shoot." Piped up Canon. "Oh sorry, just….not feeling well…" apologized Motoharu. "NOT FEELING WELL?" screamed Mink. "THAT'S TERRIBLE! YOU SHOULD GET SOME REST! NOW!" "But… what about the photo shoot?" "We can handle it. You go home and get some rest." Smiled Canon. "Okay…" Motoharu then left. "Mink's a wonderful girl. Cute, kind, brave, a bit scatterbrained, but a great person…" Motoharu was talking to himself again. "So you do love her." Came a voice. Motoharu turned around and there was Kyo. "How the heck do you do that?" Motoharu shouted, but not loud enough for anyone to hear. "Answer the question." Kyo replied calmly, starting to smirk. "Who the heck is this guy? What does he want with Mink? If he hurts her, I swear I'll…" At that moment, Motoharu came to grips with his feelings for Mink. "Okay, fine! I admit it! I love Mink! In a romantic way! What's it to you?" he yelled. The smirk on Kyo's face turned into a frown. "I see…" he said. "Well then, Motoharu, since you love Mink, that makes us rivals." And that was all he said before disappearing. Motoharu just stood there in the middle of the street dumbfounded.

"Rivals….?" He echoed that last word.


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