Your wish is my command. Here it is. The Third Installment. Hope you enjoy!

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Second Outsiders, Third Story

Chapter 1: Just Another Day, Just Another Call

"Mr. Curtis!"

Danny shot his head up. He looked into the eyes of Mr. Hankins. His biology teacher.

"Pay attention to the lesson!" he spat.

"Alright. Don't catch a case," said Danny wiping his eyes.

Mr. Hankins turned around and continued his lesson while walking to the board. It had been four months since Matt had been sent to juvey. Danny's birthday was coming up in two weeks. He couldn't wait. Danny would then be seventeen years old. He looked towards the front of the room and saw Maria. They were still going out and Danny knew how good he had it. His had both his mom and dad living with him; his uncles were around him; except for Darry. He had to finish college but would be back home by the end of the year. The school bell broke into his thoughts. School was out, finally. He picked up his books and met up with Maria outside of the classroom.

"Mr. Hankins is gonna report you to the office if you take another nap," she said.

"I know. I just couldn't sleep. I'm pretty excited about my birthday coming up."

"But it's only two weeks away."

They were walking down the hallway now.


Maria rolled her eyes and they went to each other's lockers to get their book bags. They walked outside and Danny saw Two-Bit's car.

"I'll see you tomorrow," said Maria.

"See you later, 'Ria"

That was his own little nickname to his girlfriend. Danny got into the car and waited for Keith and Jack. Houston and Rachel were already in the car. Houston was a lot braver now. He didn't get jumped anymore, and that seemed to calm down Rachel. Knowing that her younger brother wasn't in any danger.

"So how were your days?" greeted Danny.

"Okay," answered Houston.

"Could have been better," started Rachel. "Addy Wilson tried me today in P.E. If Jack wasn't there, I swear I would have swung on that golddigger."

Danny looked at her.

"Geez, that's a cruel word."

Rachel just shrugged.

"It's the truth."

"You know," started Two-Bit, "Your parents are no where near this hyper. I don't know where you get it from."

Rachel just mumbled something while Keith got into the middle of the front and Jack sat down beside him. Danny looked at Two-Bit. He was smiling, 'Oh crap,' he thought.

'Something is gonna happen.'

There was a line of cars going out of the exit. Two-Bit drove up towards the middle of the line.

"Two-Bit!" yelled Rachel.

Two-Bit zoomed up towards the line and one of the cars stopped to avoid a collision. Two-Bit cut in line and drove out of the campus.

"What are you doing!"

Everyone turned around to see a soc sticking his head out of the car and waving his hands around. Danny turned to Two-Bit.

"Don't try that again. Please!" he yelled.

Two-Bit just laughed and drove off to the houses. As Two-Bit dropped Danny off at his house, Jack stuck his head out of the window.

"We still on?"


They were gonna go walking around and hang out tonight. Two-Bit needed his car. Well…he didn't necessarily need his car. Danny went up to his door and saw a note taped on it. He ripped it off and read it.


Will be home late. Going to the grocery store.


Danny pulled out his key and went inside his house. He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. He decided to watch some music videos, so he flipped in between MTV and B.E.T. He kicked back and watched a couple before he turned the television down and began on his homework. He started working on his math. The phone rang and Danny picked it up.





There was static in the between so he couldn't recognize the voice. The dial tone then rang into his ears. He put the phone down. He knew he wasn't in some horror film. He just sat back down and finished up his homework.