Memoirs of a Princess

Three Demons

The day the three artifacts were stolen was when I saw an angel. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. I was sitting in math, staring out a window, daydreaming, when I thought I saw something flying and blue. Botan stared at me through the window. "Aya!", she called, her voice muffled by glass, "it's an emergency!". Botan never interrupted me at school, so I knew it was something urgent. I excused myself to the bathroom and I ran up to the roof as fast as my Mary-Jane pumps could take me. "Botan", I wheezed, "what is it? What's wrong?" Botan looked at me franticly. "The three artifacts were stolen!" "WHAT!" I yelled. "IMPOSSIBLE! EVEN KOENMA HASN'T SEEN THEM!" Botan sighed. "We need you to help Yusuke track them down, ok?" "Yusuke, who's Yusuke?" "The new Spirit Detective!" I smiled. Koenma hadn't been kidding me! "Sure!" I smiled. I wanted to meet the boy I saved anyways. "I'll give you a life to his school". She patted the oar. I hopped on the oar and left (hoping I wouldn't take to long!). Outside the school I saw a boy with slick black hair…the boy I rescued, Yusuke! "I think all your efforts will have paid off" Botan said smiling. I hopped off the oar and she landed gracefully to the ground as always. "Hey, Botan." Yusuke gave a slight wave. "I brought some help for you." Botan shoved me forward. "Oh, uhm, hello, I'm Aya Suhara," I bowed, "it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm also a Spirit Detective, so I'll help you." "I'm Yusuke Urameshi, nice to meet'cha." He said casually. "You in on this treasure thing too?" Treasure thing? Oh, the artifacts. "Yes. I have to in order to protect my heritage." "Your heritage? You related to Toddler Bitch?" I laughed. "Yes, I'm his younger half sister. But none taken, that's what he is." I smiled and he laughed. Botan didn't look amused though. "While you two are goofing off the thieves are running farther and farther away! Let's get a move on!" She hustled us onto her oar and she flew us to Reikai. We landed in Koenma's office. "About time you showed up!" Koenma jumped out of his chair. "I have some information to help you find them…" The screen showed an image of a slightly grotesque orge with horns. "That's Goki." Another picture showed up. But this time, it was of an angel. Soft red hair and emerald green eyes, this boy was a dream. If I had known then what pain he would cause me, perhaps I could have protected myself from the utter heartbreak. As a picture of another demon appeared, the picture of the angel still stayed in my mind. "Aya…Aya…AYA!" Koenma shouted. "Hm?" "It's time to find the demon's energy and track them." "Oh, right." I made a portal and dragged Yusuke into it. I began tracking traces until I found some. "Unrameshi-san, listen to me carefully. In that forest, there is a clear cove. They will be there, according to their readings. I'll be back further, in case something goes wrong." I smiled. "Good luck, Urameshi-san." Yusuke nodded and smiled. "Maybe we can get together sometime." I knew he didn't mean it in a romantic way. "This wont be the last time we meet, Uramehshi-san." I smiled. He walked off. "And call me Yusuke!" He shouted. Now all I needed was to watch him beat up some guys. After many tries, I finally made it up the tree, and started hopping from one to another. In the middle of one tree, I saw a shadowy figure in black. Before I knew it there was blood, a numb cheek, and I was falling. Everything was pitch black. When I awoke, Botan was next to me. "You gotta be more careful! You're lucky Kurama was under you. You need some rest. Hiei knew you were a Spirit Detective backup and he was trying to kill you." I sighed. "Nice guy." I laughed at Botan got me on her oar and flew me home.