Chapter 4:

The lights went on, and Kagome was in shock!

"Happy Birthday Kagome!" Everyone yelled happily once the lights turned on, scaring Kagome, but making her feel so much better at the same time.

"Happy Birthday girl." Sam said as she gave Kagome a big hug.

"Thanks guys!" Kagome thanked everyone, a few tears running down her face.

"What's wrong Kagome?" Sango asked.

"Nothing." Kagome said. "Everything is great." Kagome said.

"But why are you crying Kagome?" Shippo asked.

"Because I thought you all forgot that today was my birthday. But I'm so happy now that I can't help it." Kagome told everyone.

"We're glad you like it." Miroku said. "Now let's party!" He exclaimed.

Everyone had gotten a present for Kagome. Then Koga showed up with a present too.

"Thanks guys." Kagome thanked everyone for the presents.

"You're welcome Kagome." Koga said as he kissed Kagome on the cheek, making her blush. She hadn't expected it, even though she should have. She was just too caught up with the sight of Sam and Inuyasha in front of her. Inuyasha was standing there with his arm around Sam's shoulders, holding her close to him. How Kagome longed to be in Sam's position.

"OK everyone!" Sam exclaimed. "Time for Spin the Bottle!"

"What?" Kagome asked.

"We're playing spin the bottle." Sango groaned, not too happy about it. She never liked spin the bottle, mainly because when Miroku spun it usually landed on her. She still hasn't figured out how it always does that though. It really annoyed her.

There was a round table set up already, with a bottle in the middle of it. Everyone sat around it ready to play, and Sango seemed to be the only one that wasn't excited about it. All the guys sat on one side of the table, while the girls sat on the other side.

Music was playing. The song that was playing was I'm Gonna Getcha. Kagome thought it went perfect with what was going on, so she made sure it was on repeat.

First Miroku spun the bottle. It spun and spun and spun until it started to slow down. Sango held her breath. Not me. She thought. Not me. Not me.

But it stopped, and landed on Sango.

"Well, Sango dear, looks like you and me will be going into the closet together." Miroku said with a smile as he reached a hand to Sango.

Sango groaned, even though she secretly loved going into the closet with Miroku. She just would never show it, even though they were both usually in there the longest out of everyone that played the game. But Sango took his hand and they walked into the closet, Miroku lifting his eyebrows up and down really fast as he shut the door.

Everyone laughed. Then Inuyasha got up. "Well who's ready for a movie?" He asked.

Everyone got up and headed over to the couch, watching a movie, since they all knew that Miroku and Sango would be a while.

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