My second Fanfic about the Incredibles. Focusing on the parents in their teenage years this time. Is it possible to like someone in normal life and to despise him/her in the super life? Please tell me what you think about the idea.

Disclaimer: The charas and the world of the movie do still belong to Pixar... until I decide to buy the company!


Identity crisis

„Hey, Incredible!"

The superhero looked up from the newspaper he had just flipped through a moment ago on the roof of an abandoned house. There were not many people, who would come up here in order to speak to him, therefore he was not surprised to see another superhero, who slid over to him elegantly on his self-made skating rink. The wiry black-skinned man grinned as he did a somersault, let his skateboard disappear and landed in front of his friend perfectly.

Mr. Incredible screwed his mouth. „That was a waste, Frozone", the tall muscleman commented and closed the newspaper. „I saw you skating far too often, I won't break into applause."

Frozone shrugged his shoulders. „It was worth trying", he answered.

„Have you been looking for me?", Mr. Incredible asked and crossed his arms. "It's hard to believe that you ran into me in these quite surroundings completely by accident."

„Oh, you should know very well, how boring doing our job all by yourself can be", the ice-thrower replied merrily. „Our customers are generally way too frightened to say anything." That raised a smile on Mr. Incredibles face. „However you are right, I wanted to ask you something. Have you heard of the new superheroine yet?"

Wordless Mr. Incredible opened the newspaper. On the first page the name "Elastigirl" had been printed in extra large letters, followed by an even larger picture of the young heroine, who grinned into the camera perkily. „If you speak of of her", he said, „then yes. It would have been difficult to miss her in the news of the last days. The newspapers and television channels are totally crazy about her."

Frozone tilted downwards. „You don't seem to be very delighted with the fact that we got reinforcement, Incredible", he supposed. He grinned briefly. „Are you jealous?"

Mr. Incredible blinked. „Jealous?", he asked confused. „Why should I be jealous?"

„Because YOU had been the most popular superhero of this city before she started her carrier", Frozone explained and put his finger to the chin, as if he had to cerebrate. „Who knows, maybe you are missing all that fuss with the media now, cause they got a new star."

Mr. Incredible gave an angry snort. „That's ridiculous", he retorted. „I am glad, that there will be no full dozen of reporters on my heels for a little while. I just think that this Elastigirl enjoys the fuss too much." He read out the article. „I am glad that I was able to help. This world needs more people, who use their powers in order to help other ones. I hope that this city will become a safer place cause of my presence". The square-shouldered young man shook his head. „I am as safe as houses that she rehearsed this speach in front of her mirror at home!"

„Very poetical", Frozone agreed. „However I remember another young superhero, who declaimed such phrases in front of the cameras. I still have the articles at home... and the video tapes."

Mr. Incredible grimaced. „Hey, the whole business was strange to me. Today I know, that I shouldn't have said a few sentences, but what shall I do now?"

„It would be wise to give her a chance", Frozone suggested and pointed at Elastigirls photo. „It seems as if she is a newbie in our business too. It won't hurt to give her a few tips, but you shouldn't underestimate her skills just because she is new to the job. She seems to know very well how to use her powers."

Mr. Incredible frowned and looked at the photo again. Then he sighed. „You may be right", he admitted. „The main thing is that she has got the courage to do this job. But I think I should give her a few tips indeed." He screwed his mouth. „Otherwise some reporter will write a derisive article concerning her dramatic speeches for sure."

„Yeah, I remember", Frozone agreed. „This article has got a place of honour in my album. It even included a photo of you."

„Please don't remind me of this thing", Mr. Incredible begged and rose. „I think, the break was long enough. Time to go to work again."

„If Elastigirl leaves you over something", Frozone shouted teasingly as Mr. Incredible jumped onto the next roof. The muscleman preferred not to answer.


She was relieved, as she was allowed to soar onto the roofs of the city by a fireladder. She liked the life as a superheroine and she enjoyed the attention like every young human would, but in the last days the reporters had become a little bit too importunately. They had even begun to ask for her secret identity! As if any superhero would tell a reporter anything about his secret identity!

Elastigirl took a deep breathe, as the voices of the city became quieter underneath her. And it hadn't been a highlight of her carrier. Only an adolescent pickpocket. But nevertheless a half dozen of reporters had been there immediately, who had heckled her. As if they had been waiting for her to show up. That was somehow uncanny.


She winced startled. She had been so lost in thought, that she failed to notice she wasn't alone above her. She turned around slowly and desperately tried to carry it off well. The stranger should at least not know, that he had scared her. When she saw, who had addressed her, she screwed up her eyes. She was still a newbie in the superhero business, but this man she had seen plenty of times in newspapers or talk shows. He was one of the most famous superheroes in this whole state.

„I can't believe that they actually allowed you to leave", Mr. Incredible commented. He leaned against a wall easily. „That surprises me. They seem to dangle round you very persistently."

„Who?", she asked in order to hide her uncertainty. How do you talk to a living legend? „The reporters?"

„Who else?" He looked down on the streets. „They can be a real pest."

Elastigirl slowly recovered from her shock as anger surged within her. Why did he have to be that arrogant? „They are just doing their job", she answered with a voice as cool as an icicle. „And besides of that I think that YOU are in the newspapers much too often to judge journalists unfavorably."

Mr. Incredible raised his eyebrows, when he riveted on her, then he forced a smile. „Touché", he said. „But they are too unapologetic sometimes. Did they already ask you about your secret identity?"

„Why?", she demanded to know and crossed her arms. „Do you want to know my address too?" She looked devastatingly at him.

The smile disappeared from his face as her cool answer. „What's wrong with you?", he wanted to know. „Why are you that unapproachable?"

Elastigirl shrugged. „I think it's just very impolite to speak ill of the guys, whom you owe your good reputation", she replied. „I saw some of your interviews. It did not seem to me that you were ill at ease."

A wrinkle appeared on Mr. Incredibles forehead as anger surged within him. He hadn't expected that the discussion with this new superheroine would be simple and enjoyable, but NOBODY was allowed to maintain that he didn't deserve his good reputation. "Do you think, that I have no right to get interviewed?", he inquired. „Do you contend that that I'm not doing my job well?"

Elastigirl showed him a mocking grin. „Apparently the press considers that", she answered. „Apparently everyone believes that I am better than you. Or has anyone asked you for an interview since I moved to this city?"

„You reckon yourself to be the wisest person on earth, don't you?", Mr. Incredible hissed. „However I prefer being less present in the newspapers than making a fool of myself like you did!"

The superheroine turned red. How dared he say that? „When should I have made a fool of myself?", she shouted furiously. „You are only jealous!"

I hope that this city will become a safer place cause of my presence ", Mr. Incredible quoted tauntingly. „Don't you think that sounds way too melodramatic? Do you practise these little speeches at home in front of your mirror?"

„Do you want to maintain that you did not say something stupid in your whole life?", Elastigirl asked indignantly. Her face was still red. She kept a straight face cause she didn't want to satisfy him, but deep inside she was hurt. She had thought that she had talked like a real superheroine and now he dared to maintain, that she made a fool of herself.

„Of course I have", he answered and grinned. Somehow it felt great to see this quarrelsome brat disconcerted. „However I have learned what a hero should say and should not say. Today nobody laughs at ME anymore... compared with you."

„How DARE you say that?" she screamed and clenched her fists. She was on the verge of attacking this arrogant smart-aleck in front of her. The only thing that held her back was, that she knew how strong he was. „Before we met, I had just thought, that you are addicted to good publicity... but I would have never believed that you are jealous, because the press is interested in me now! You narcisstic big head!"

She registered concerned that Mr. Incredibles fists were twice as big as hers, as he clenched them. He bared his teeth and shot an evil glance at her. „Narcisstic big head?", he repeated. „Ha! Don't even try to say that you dislike this whole fuss! What was the matter? Have you been disregarded at home? Did you choose to become a superheroine cause of that?" As Elastigirl wanted to answer something, he had an idea. „I know what we should do! Why don't we let the journalists decide?"

„What?", the girl asked confusedly. „Decide about what?"

„Who is the best of us two of course", he explained with a fierce grin. „We continue or work completely normal and let them decide, who they want to write about. The one who has the best articles, wins."

„And you believe you have a chance?", Elastigirl provoked him. She would NOT chicken out, not because of this... package of testosterone! „Wasn't it you who said that the press wants only ME in the moment?"

„I took it very easy lately", Mr. Incredible admitted. „Let those laugh who win... and that will be me, cause now I'll show you, why they call me Mr. Incredible!"

„We will see", Elastigirl accepted and grinned at him impudently. "I agree. Who has got the best headlines at the end of this month, is the better superhero. And the loser has to announce this fact in an interview!"

„Very well", he said and sticked out his hand towards the girl. „You should learn this text very well."

She took his hand and shook it. „Why should I? I will not be the loser. Good luck... you will need it!"

After these words she stretched her body and grabbed an iron pipe on the next roof. Mr. Incredible watched her as she absconded in her own acrobatic way. He wore a smile. This brat would get the shock of her life! She would regret moving into this city! He considered wheter he should look for crime right now in order to demonstrate that she underestimated him.

Then it came into his mind, that he had no time for fun. He consulted his watch. Six o'clock! And he had an important date at seven! He had to move home immediately in order to shower and change! But Elastigirl should be careful nevertheless. He declared war against her! After this thought he jumped onto the next roof and hurried to get home in time.

Helen accursed herself for the fact that she had not watched the clock. Nervously she tried to attach the earring several times, then she took a deep breath to get her hands back under control and succeeded. Because of this arrogant Mr. Incredible she had almost forgotten, that she had a date today. She would have never forgiven herself, if she missed it. She had got to know the boy a few days after her arrival in this city and had been very pleased of his friendlyness. He had offered her to help her with the disposition with her furniture, wherefore she had been grateful. She was tough enough to strike down criminals, but that was mostly because of her elasticity. He however had had no problems with the furniture thanks to his considerable muscles. On top of that he was funny, always good-tempered and very charming.

„Exactly the contrary of you, Mr. Incredible", she mumbled invidiously, while she tried to attach the other earring. As she thought about it, she had to admit, that the superhero had advantage over her friend at least in physical strength. She had seen today how the muscles under his costume had moved, when she had made him furious. Fortunately he had not attacked her. Against this well-built and battle-tried superhero she would have probably drawn the short straw.

Suddenly Helen blinked. Why was she still thinking about this Mr. Incredible? Okay, he might have advantage over her friend physically, but besides he was disgusting! Maybe she should simply forget him... at least for this evening. She wouldn't forget their bet. She smiled grimly. In a few weeks Mr. Incredible would wish he had never met her.

She was just checking her make-up, when the doorbell rang. Excitedly she looked at her mirror image a last time, then she left the bath in order to open. Her heart was pounding like mad. That was her first Date in this city. She desperately hoped that she had not been deceived in him. He seemed to be the perfect man. She had been surprised that he hadn't had a girlfriend, but she was naturally glad about that. With trembling fingers she unlocked the door.

„Hi, Bob", she greeted beaming with joy. He looked good. Although he only wore normal Jeans and a short-sleeved, yellow shirt, he looked like a film star... an action-film star. His well-built body might not be completely innocent of that. A radiant smile lighted up his face and he handed her a small bouquet of red roses.

„You look fantastic, Helen", he noticed. „I'm afraid I'll have to gaze at you the whole evening, wheter I want to or not. My eyes are under your spell."

Helen giggled briefly and gut the roses into an appropriated vase. Why couldn't every men be like Bob? Then the world would be a better place for sure. „You are looking good too", she answered. She looked at him flirtatiously. „Although I had hoped, that you would surprise me somehow."

„Should I have kicked in the door?"

„No, better not", she replied laughing. „I think, I need it." She looked at him hopefully. „What have you planned for tonight?"

Bobs eyes glittered teasingly. „That is a... surprise."

„You are so mean!"

„I know", he answered with an arch smile and reached out his hand. "Shall we? The sooner we go the the sooner you'll see your surprise."

Helen snapped his hand and smiled back. In this moment she had completely forgotten Mr. Incredible and his bad manners. Bob was really all that a girl could wish for.