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Epilogue: Girl talk


"You FOUGHT with DAD?"

The girl was staring so wide-eyed, that her eyes were nearly aching. Completely speechless she stared at her mother, who was looking back at her with a slightly roguish glance on her part.

"What?", the older woman asked decidedly innocent. "Did you believe, that I'm not able to take on him?"

Violet blinked. "Yes... I mean no... I mean..."

Helen laughed quietly. To see her on other occasions so intelligent and eloquent daughter speechless had been definitely worthwhile of telling her this old story. More than worthwhile.

„I didn't fight with your father", she answered, "I fought with a smart-aleck big head named Mr. Incredible."

Violet cut a grimace. "But Dad IS Mr. Incredible!"

"But he hadn't been in those days... at least not for me." Helen suddenly became serious again and approached her daughter cautiously. Violet observed this with an uneasy feeling, even if she resisted the urge of flinching. If parents showed the signs of becoming serious suddenly and approaching their children, then that could only mean, that they wanted to discuss an important, but all the more embarrassing topic. "Haven't you asked yourself, why I told you this old story?"

"Because Dash is still too young?"

"Very funny, young lady." Helen gave Violet a piercing look. Even if she was proud of her daughters eloquence, that did not mean, that Violet was allowed to lead her a merry dance. "Do you prefer listening to me or baby-sitting Jack-Jack for the whole next week?"

"Mom, he is cute, but because of him two of my best sweaters have burn marks", Violet grumbled and looked at her mother sullenly. "Go ahead, say what you have to say."

„Very well", Helen stated slightly grinning. "I assume you noticed, that not all parts of my story were completely... G-rated."

"YOU should know", Violet mumbled, while a faint blush was colouring her cheeks. Already during her mother's telling of the story she had been blushing several times, while Helen had continued describing her past placidly. Her mother was a very good storyteller, but the girl would have been deeply grateful, if Helen had skipped some chapters. She loved her parents dearly, but only as her PARENTS. To imagine them as adolescents was... was... Violet flushed even more. Hastily she continued to speak. "You have never talked with me about... this topic in former times. Why this story NOW?"

"Because you are no little girl anymore", Helen answered and put an arm around Violets small shoulders gently. The girl was suddenly feeling like a caged animal. "Tell me, Violet... how was your date with Tony?"

The looked at Helen saucer eyed. "Mom!", she protested.

"You promised to listen to me", Helen reminded her.

"I have never promised to answer EACH question!"


"Okay, okay", Violet gave in grumbly. In the past days she would have jerked herself free from her mother's grasp in this moment at the latest and would have fled into her room. But since this case with Syndrome her whole family had grown together much more tightly. Even Dash was no longer a visitation for her sins ALL ALONG. "It was nice. We have been in cinema and after that..."

"Do you like him?"

Violet wriggled uncomfortably and looked at her mother with a pleading gaze, but the older woman stared back at her strangely... maybe solicituously. She felt, how her shoulder was gently squeezed. "Yes", she whispered so quietly, that nobody could possibly hear her except Helen. Dash might have gone to the sporting ground with their father, but thanks to his powers he could have run back and listened to them with no trouble at all. "Mom, what's...?"

„Do you think, that he is the right one for you?"

Violet was looking at her mother nearly anxiously now. Why did Helen ask her that? "I... I do not know. Mom, we had just ONE date!"

Helens glance remained serious. "Did he behave somehow... strangely?", she asked tensely. "Did you have the feeling that he wanted more from you than just kisses?"

"MOM!", Violet shouted shocked and jumped to her feet. She looked at her mother disbelievingly and even felt a little sore. How could she only think of such a thing? "Tony is NOT like that!"

Helen remained calm despite Violets outburst of emotions, but she didn't try touching her daughter to calm her down. In that case she would have run off without doubt. "Violet, do you reckon your father as a playboy?", she asked quietly.

Violet blinked, confused. Why this theme change? "No... of course not. Why...?"

"Even after I told you, that he had slept with Elastigirl... before he knew, that I and she are one person?"

"But..." Violet struggled for words. Whatever was wrong with her mother today? "But that was just..."

"Desire", Helen interjected. Her voice was gentle, but she kept her eyes fixed on Violet thoughtfully. "It was pure desire, I know. Your father is the most honorable man, whom I have met in my whole life... and nevertheless he wasn't able to control his desire. Neither was I."

Slowly but surely Violet was fed up with this discussion. She put her hands on the hips. "What does this have to do with me and Tony?"

"Isn't that obvious?", Helen asked and rose. "Vi, you are both very young. You are attracted to each other, perhaps you'll even fall in love sometime. And till then things can easily get... out of hand."

Violet pressed her lips together. How could her mother do that to her? "Do you want me and Tony to break up?", she retorted.

"No, of course not, sweetie", Helen answered and shook her head. "I think, that you two are a well-matched couple." She smiled at her daughter encouragingly.

Violets anger faded, but confusion took up it's station immediately. "What do you want from me then, Mom?"

Helen breathed a sigh. "Honey, I don't want you to get hurt, that's all", she confessed quietly. "Your father and I would nearly have lost each other forever, just because we couldn't control ourselves." Her arm stretched and her hand touched Violets arm hesitantly. "I don't want you to suffer the pain I had to suffer. I don't want anyone to hurt you that way ever."

The last sheds of anger in Violet melted away and made room for relief and thankfulness. She took a step forward and embraced her mother. "Nobody will hurt me, Mom", she whispered. "Tony is REALLY fond of me."

Helen showed a faint smile and embraced her daughter tightly. She laid her cheek on Violets silky hair and closed her eyes. "I hope so, Vi... for you", she said quietly. "But please promise me, that you'll control your feelings. Don't take hasty action like your father and I did."

"I promise, Mom."

Helens smile became wider. She gently pushed her daughter away and ran her fingers through Violets hair. "That's my girl", she remarked affectionately. "I am proud of you."

"Thanks, Mom." Violet gave her mother a short kiss on the cheek, separated from her and took some steps backwards. "But now I have to call Tony. It's time to fix our second date. I love you, Mom."

Thus she turned around and ran up the stairs. Helen looked after her for some seconds, before she sighed and sat down on the couch. "I love you too, Violet", she said. "But I wished, that my precious baby would not grow up so fast."

In this moment she heard a very familiar noise. She sighed again as she rose from the couch in order to look after the crying Jack-Jack. Well, at least it would take a long time, until THIS baby reached that wonderful and dangerous age.

She did not tell Bob of this discussion, when she came home with Dash late in the evening. She loved him still as much as she did in the past, perhaps even more, but some things were not intended for man's ears. Nevertheless she was confident, that Violet would take her advice to heart. They were superheroes... but they had weaknesses like every human. Even superheroes had to deal with emotional distress.

Helen stretched her arm and tucked back a strand of her sleeping man's hair. But there was love too. Each moment with Bob had been worth all her suffering. While beeing that close to him she was feeling the same safeness, which she had felt at the time, when Bob had found her again. Smiling she bedded her head on his arm and closed her eyes. She would never permit anyone to take this man away from her. He was her support, her soulmate, the missing part of herself.

Forever. Or at least a lifetime.