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Kim's Thoughts

Over the last three months, I have gone back to Florida, to sell my house and get everything else shipped out here, to where I belong. I knew when I got on the plane to Angel Grove that I probably would never go back to Florida, but I wasn't going to move my stuff out here without having a place to stay and now I do. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I moved in with Tommy, now for all you perverted people out there, we haven't okay? We actually don't share a bedroom, unless I accidentally fall asleep in there and I have a few times, from exhaustion of helping out at the dojo.

It's definitely been different over these last few months, planning a wedding that is going to be well over a year from now. Why that long of a wait, you might ask? Well, we wanted to wait until he finished getting his doctorate, which he will start working on right after Christmas break is over with.

As for our Power Ranger duties, well they have certainly decreased since we defeated Nicarni-Aso and Ally and Hayley are getting used to knowing who we are and what we have done, in the past. I know that it has been rough on Ally, especially, but Rocky's been doing his best to answer all of the questions that she has about it. It seems like she always has another one come to her mind and she'll just rush over to see what the answer is, but she's been good to her promise and hasn't told anyone.

Hayley, on the other hand, has been trying to help Billy figure out a way to fully remove our powers without us going through the horrible withdrawal that we have experienced in the past. It's kinda rough knowing that we will be stripping ourselves of our own powers and that this is what is best for us. We aren't meant to keep these powers for a long time, they are supposed to be put back in the box, in case we ever need them again. Tommy and Jason are already beginning to experience migraines and nausea, so they will most likely be the first ones to have to give their powers back and Tommy will be giving his back tonight. Which means that we all will soon start experiencing these problems, even though it will take some of us longer than others.

I also thought that you might want to know about what that student did with her newsreel. She aired it on the Monday after we got engaged. I know that I had never seen Tommy so mad in my life and I was honestly afraid of what he might do to the girl, although she did not seem to be bothered at all. I guess that she has seen her fair share of irritable teachers before and didn't realize whom she was messing with.

Tommy had already planned to tell all of his classes, but now he had to dispel every lie that the girl had told about us and from what I hear, they were pretty outrageous. When he got home that day, I saw him throw one of the worst tantrums I had ever seen, before I sent him downstairs to take out his aggressions on the punching bag. I knew that he had a temper, under his air of calmness, but this matter had certainly pushed him over the edge. I agreed that this was our life and no one had the right to intrude on it, but he felt more strongly about it. Now he feels as if she will try to find out more about our lives, including the fact that we were and are still Power Rangers.

After that night, when I told Tommy about Richard, things between us have been great. The other rangers have not found out, as I thought it wasn't necessary and some of them would noth have had pleasant reactions. Jason, would have wanted to fly to Florida and kill him and probably would have tried it if he knew. I know that Tommy felt the same way, but he was trying to keep his emotions in check, in an attempt to not upset me anymore. They all know up to a certain point what it is about, but they only one who will ever know all of it is Tommy.

It's not that I don't trust my other friends, but he is the only one who was likely to really board a plane and go after him, but he didn't, although he doesn't know that when I went to sell my house that Richard showed up, again. This time, instead of feeling scared, I dared him to try to do anything or I would send Tommy after him this time, it scared him, I guess, because he left and I haven't seen him since. Thank God.

Anyway, after Tommy leaves to go work on his doctorate, I'll be left here to find a job and keep this place up. He seems excited about this and I hope that he'll enjoy all of it, although I am scared for him. I don't know why, but my gut tells me that I don't want him to go on this, but he wants to. They have him going off to some island, with this crazy doctor to work for a year and a half on some dinosaur project. So, tomorrow, at this time, he'll be on that island with Anton Mercer and I'll be sitting here, scared about what might happen to him.

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