Summary: Remus Lupin, Victorian gentleman extraordinaire, is everything a gentleman should be, polite, collected, and lonely. But when he finds himself deeply indebted to a group of thieves he is introduced to the mysterious Sirius Black, and a brave new world he never imagined. S/R AU!

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It was dark that night, very dark. The boy looked around nervously, he didn't like the dark. He was in a small dark alley, light only by one street lamp. He could hardly see the light from the stars and moon above him.

He wrapped the black cloak closer to his slender body and shivered. Lord it's cold. He thought angrily. In fact he was dressed completely in black, in honor of his father's death. His much 'beloved' father, Edward Lupin died from a cancer in his lungs. He left his fortune to his only son Remus Lupin.

Remus was returning to his mansion after meeting with his lawyer James Potter about his father's assets. Remus was particularly upset because it seemed that much of the late Mr. Lupin's fortune was unaccounted for, in fact nobody had any idea how Lupin had gotten all that money, and frankly it was scary.

Edward Lupin owned many large houses both in the city and the countryside. He had vast sums of money in the bank, a library, and a wide circle of associates as was proper for an English gentleman. Remus was now in charge of this circle of politically assertive men, men who wanted to take advantage of him. Remus frowned at the thought.

The boy brushed his wavy blonde hair from his amber eye. People always thought his eyes were odd, exotic or beautiful at best. His eyes were bright, true amber. There was no hint of brown in the sparkling orbs. He looked behind him before arranging the black velvet hood around his face. Only a small piece of his blonde hair peeked out.

Remus was easily distinguishable by his hair. In fact there were only three people in the 'elite' now who had blonde hair, the lady Edwina, Mr. Peter Pettigrew, and Remus. Remus' hair was a light floaty golden blonde, shimmering with blood red highlights. People said he looked exactly like his mother.

"la la la….la." Remus hummed nervously. He was only eighteen, and a very sheltered eighteen year old to add to that. He turned left down another alley and walked, losing himself in thoughts about his father.

He stopped startled to realize that he was now in the docks. The docks were the scummiest, filthiest, most dangerous place in London. All the thieves, whores, and low lives, hung around the docks.

"Lost little boy?"

Remus froze and looked slowly behind himself and saw a man standing there, a taller man. Remus was immediately intimidated. He wasn't a very tall boy, only around 5'7. Remus wasn't one of those strong, muscled short men. He had muscles…just not enough to get him out of trouble. "No…Perfectly fine."

The tall man started to walk closer and Remus saw he was also dressed in a cloak. While this mans was coarse and brown. He didn't wear the fashionable smooth pants of the time, but instead black woolen pants that clung to his knee and then flared out around his calves. Remus could hear the click of steel toed boots over the cobblestone. "Really? You look a bit shaken up." The man commented in a light baritone voice, completely dipped in honey.

"No…I'm fine, really…now if you can just leave away now." Remus stumbled over his words.

The man moved closer. Remus saw the man had long choppy black locks, that were tied back loosely around his neck. Long, face framing bangs accented brilliant blue eyes. "A little boy like yourself should be careful around the docks, you know their full of common bred people like myself." The voice was sweet and kind, but those blue eyes laughed, and laughed…and laughed some more.

"Well if people like you didn't stalk little boys the docks would be a lot safer." Remus snapped. He slammed his hands on his mouth with a sharp intake of breath. Stupid! He scolded himself, keep your big mouth shut!

"Really? Well if you ask for my opinion I was simply asking if you were lost. Just trying to help the nobility really." The man smirked. "Well I'll be off then, must go find a whore." The man began to walk away and passed Remus, brushing the smaller boys shoulder gently.

Remus screwed his face into a disgusted frown. Swallow your pride. "Wait!"

"Yes?" The man looked back at Remus, a knowing smirk on his face.

"I-I-…Well I-um do appear-to be…I-." Remus sputtered.

"Allow me to guess. You're lost and you'd like me to help you find your way home?" The man said soothingly. Remus glared and just nodded. "Well? Are you a mute suddenly?"

"NO! I'm bloody lost and I'd like-" He took a deep breath and started again, slipping on the mask of gentlemanly cordiality. "It appears I am lost, sir, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd help me to my…neighborhood."

The man's smirk turned into bored look. "How many times did you rehearse that?" He started to walk away.

"I'm a gentleman, it's only proper for me to be polite to everyone." Remus huffed, he had to trot a little to keep up with the other mans brisk pace.

The other man was silent. "And your name is?"

"Remus Lupin."

"Ah…." The man smirked. "What a man."

"You knew my father?" Remus asked politely. How could father associate with such a common…thief? Pickpocket? I don't care about his bloody title! He's scum!

"It was a business relationship."

Remus snorted disgustedly and then caught himself. "I'm sorry sir, but I find it hard to believe my father would associate with your….kind."

He laughed, he laughed and laughed until Remus thought he was mentally ill. Remus moved a step away from him and the thief laughed harder.

"Sir I hardly believe it is gentlemanly for you to know my name and I to be unaware of your own." Remus sighed.


Remus waited for a surname before he realized he wouldn't get one. He sighed and followed the man called Sirius until he saw the familiar large, expensive houses come into view. "Thank you for escorting me home…I-uh-is there anything I can do for you in return?"

"Nah…" Sirius smirked. He backed away and started to fade into the shadows. "Don't worry, kid. You'll be seeing a lot more of me…I'm sure you can find a way to repay the favor then." He disappeared, leaving Remus confused and anxious.

"Weirdo." Remus muttered, using the slang most of his common friends used. He preferred to be with them then the 'elite' class. But his father gave him no choice, and now that Remus was the owner of all this land, he had no choice either.

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