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In an alley not so far away from the docks, a woman was hurrying home. She was obviously rich by her elegant dress and jewels, but she was crying, makeup smeared, and nose dripping. She was returning home from her lover's home, she knew well that a lady shouldn't be out alone so late at night….but she had to see him.

They were going to elope, they were so in love. Her tears quickened. How could she do this to her family? Abandon them for a low-class butcher. But she loved him so much…they were soul mates!

She heard footsteps behind her in the alley and whirled around, "Whose there?" She called softly.

The footsteps started to echo louder. She gasped, turned and started to walk briskly away. She was almost home, the back door to her family's large home was only a few meters away.

She looked over her shoulder and saw a glint of silver. Her body froze and her eyes widened. An axe…oh god it was an axe. "Get back," She sobbed quietly, "My family…they're right there! They'll kill you!"

"Nobody will be killing tonight but me," the man hissed in a cruel, demented voice.

"Who are you?! Get away from me!"

She stepped under a street lamp and tripped over her own feet. She landed on her backside, yelping and whimpering. He took a step into the street lamp, axe glinting. The brim of a hat covered his face, but she could see a scar…running down his cheek to his chin. "Please don't! I'm in love…I'm going to run away with my love…we're soul mates!"

"Love?" The man snarled. He smirked and touched his hat. "Love isn't real." He tossed the hat at her. Her brown eyes widened violently at the face beneath and she howled like a dying animal. She screamed as he buried the axe in her collar bone…again and again….and again.

He yanked the hatchet from her flesh with a sickening pop for the last time. Dropping a silken handkerchief over her twisted face he scoffed and walked away. Love? What sort of fool would risk everything she had for love? Obviously one who didn't deserve to live.


Back in Wonderland, Remus was following Sirius while clutching his bleeding wrist. Remus wanted to turn around and run home, but god. He sighed. How had his father gotten so deeply indebted to a piece of dock scum like Black. The blonde felt a surge of resentment towards his father, that bastard just died and left Remus with all this unfinished business. His father had been a bastard in life and a bastard in death.

"Mr. Black?" Remus asked courteously "Where-"

"I thought you were calling me Sirius now."

"It wouldn't be appropriate for a Lord such as myself to addresses scum-" Remus barely caught himself, "A man such as yourself by his given name."

"What a polite gentleman," Sirius murmured darkly.

Feeling a pang of guilt, Remus turned his face from the back of Sirius' head. He'd only recently noticed how…pretty Sirius' hair was. It was long and thick and as black as the night sky. There smaller man had to actively resist the urge to touch it and find out if it felt as soft and warm as it looked. "Where are we going Mr. Black."

"We need to meet with some business partners to discuss…arrangements."

"What arrangements!" Remus snarled. "You don't even have the right to speak to a proper gentleman like me!"

The blonde turned to leave when a bruising grip latched onto his wrist. Looking at his wrist in outrage, Remus lost himself in fiery azure eyes. "I suggest you loose that holier-then-thou attitude right now, Lord Lupin," Sirius spat out his title with scorn. "I could sell you right now for a thousand pounds."

Blue eyes bore into amber and a silent understanding was reached between the two. Yanking his hand from Sirius' tight grip, the blonde rubbed his wrist, all the while glaring at Black.

"Lighten up, Lupin," Sirius snickered.

"Right, you threaten to sell me and then tell me to lighten up," growled Remus sarcastically. He followed Sirius towards the back of the smoky room and to a wall of doors. Black grabbed Remus' wrist again, however this time his fingers wrapped almost tenderly around the smaller mans arm. Remus blushed at the soft touch before his common sense kicked in and he protested weakly, "Let me go!"

"Wouldn't want to get swept away in the crowd would you?" Sirius asked lightly. He turned to smile comfortingly at Remus, sending the blonde into a blush that was redder then a tomato.

Sirius pushed through a door and suddenly he and Remus were in an empty hallway decorated in fine red velvet furniture, the walls were striped red and gold and golden candle holders hung off the walls, each one dripping with stones that shimmered like diamonds.

They reached the end of the hall and Sirius opened yet another door. This one led to a room where the air was grey with smoke, so grey Remus could hardly see the six men sitting around a rectangular wooden table.

"Sirius, I knew you'd get the kid!" One of them laughed.

Remus crossed his arms nervously across his chest and scooted a few steps away from Sirius. "Black, what is this?"

Sirius smirked and sauntered over to the table, finding his seat at the head of the table. Remus stood awkwardly in front of the table, feeling like an innocent man about to stand trial. To enforce the metaphor Sirius banged a mug of beer against the thick wooden table shouting, "Here, here!"

Everyone quieted and looked over at Sirius.

"This boy is the son of Edward Lupin!"

There were glares and jeers.

"His only son," Sirius smirked as everyone fell completely silent and looked at Remus like he was a piece of meat. "But Mr. Lupin has agreed to help us."

"I did not! You never told me what your proposition was! How can I agree!"

A few of the men looked irritated that Remus was so vocal, one grinned, and another murmured quietly, "Not like his father is he?"

"Mr. Lupin you owe us a magnificent sum of five thousand pounds, you may either pay us the money by the end of the week or immedietly agree to whatever we ask of you." Black announced, sharing knowing looks with his associates.

Remus glared at them, "And if I don't get the money?"

"Your family will be seized and imprisoned and your assets liquidated. If the liquidated assets do not produce the required sum then your family members will be sold until we have our money." At Remus' look of horror Black shrugged, "Nothing personal, but your father thought he could trick us, and unfortunately as his only direct next of kin, his debts fall to you."

The blonde nodded angrily, despite the cruelty of what Black had suggested, he agreed. His father tried to cheat his way out of his debts and left this huge mess on his shoulders. A gentleman owned up to his mistakes, he didn't push them under the carpet. "Very well, I agree to aid you in whatever you wish."

"We require a signature." Black stated, pushing a quill and a contract across the table to Remus.

The eighteen-year-old nodded and took the quill. With a shaking hand he signed his name on the dotted line at the bottom of the parchment. "Now what do you want with me?"

After a moment of silence Sirius said:

"You're going to help us catch the axe-murderer."

Remus laughed, "Very funny, now seriously, Black-"

"I'm completely serious."

The blonde laughed again. "Now come on…." He looked around, "Oh dear god, you're completely serious."

"This is no laughing matter."

Remus rolled his eyes, "What does he owe you money too?"

"No, he's killing people who are essential to our operation."

"And what exactly is your operation?"

Sirius grinned, "That is none of your business."

"Look, I don't understand, how do you expect me to help you catch the murderer?" Remus sighed.

"Our killer is a member of high society,"

"How?" The blonde gasped.

"He leaves a distinct handkerchief at each crime scene. They're all off the same silken weave, scented, and imported from France."

"But why would a gentleman feel such a repulsive urge to hack another man to death? It's disgusting." Remus insisted, wrinkling his nose.

Sirius elegantly raised an eyebrow, "A whore is a whore, whether she wears a burlap sack or silk."

The blonde eyed Sirius coolly, "Every man I know in my fathers social circle was a true gentleman, I don't know anyone who would enjoy taking another man's life."

"You are young, aren't you?"

"My age has nothing to do with it. I know people of my own class." Remus argued.

"Look, the murderer is killing people who are relevant to our operation, it's not a question of whether he enjoys the kill or not. We need you to help us find him."

"There's nothing I can possibly do to help you, I'll give you all the information I have but-"

Sirius sighed and cut Remus off, "We know exactly what we need you to do to help us."

Remus sighed and swallowed thickly, "Tell me what I need to do."

"You can't do anything, you will be in the country, recovering from a tragic bought of Scarlet Fever. But, your pretty cousin Rosemary Lupin will be in town with her dear friend, Mr. Sirius Black."

The blonde shook his head and blinked twice, "I don't understand, I don't have a cousin-well not a pretty one-but-"

"You're an idiot," Sirius finally sighed, "You're going to play Rosemary."

The teen's eyes widened, "Me? Dress up as a girl…why?!"

"Because, everyone knows who Remus Lupin is, who his friends are, what he looks like, what he acts like. But if we introduce an unknown, pretty, cousin of Remus Lupin, they won't know what to think. You're going to by my spy, tell me everything you see and hear and we'll figure out who's our killer."

Remus shuddered and swallowed his pride, it was this or the end of him and his family. "Fine, Black, but I want one thing."

"You aren't in any position to be making demands."

"I need to know what this operation is. If I don't know what sort of clues I'm looking for I might miss something essential."

Sirius smiled, a real true smile. It made his eyes light up and for a moment Remus stared into them, their color was so painfully blue that they were almost addictive. "Smart boy, huh? The murderer is killing people who're in debt to us."


"I feel absolutely ridiculous!" Remus snarled.

"Well you look absolutely stunning," Black said appraisingly, looking his project up and down.

Remus's blonde hair was covered by a perfectly fitting wig of red curls that were elegantly pinned up around his face. There was black paint on his lashes and gloss on his lips and something soft and pink on his cheeks that warmed them to a constant blush. He was wearing a simple dress of pale blue. "Black, this will never work. Ever! I can't act like a woman!"

Sirius rolled his eyes, "'course you can, I'm sure you could nag any man to death."

"Bastard," Remus spat.

"There, there, a lady doesn't curse, now does she?"

The blonde angrily pushed one of the curls out of his face and glared.

Black offered him an arm, impishly grinning, "Now take my arm and act like a good girl while I introduce you to high society. Care to play along?"

Remus took the offending arm and scowled, "I don't have a choice, do I?"

"Not really."

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