The Prophesy

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Disclaimer: I own nothing all of the Harry Potter characters are owned by the beauteous JK Rowling and if you don't know that go kill yourself.

Pairing: Draco Ginny (yes I know it'll never happen in the book but that's why these are fictional), Ron Hermione, and perhaps Sirius Lucius.

Summary: Ginny finds a prophesy of her own while in the ministry of magic and has decided to follow its words. No she is not evil so don't think it. She's just feed up with good and evil and decides to follow her own path. The path she was meant to take.

Warnings: Yes there will be Harry bashing even though I love him he just doesn't fit nicely into this story line. Im sorry Harry I love you.

Chapter 1:

"Get Away!" Ginny screamed as she ran down the corridor. "Leave me alone. What don't you get about 'I don't like you anymore'?" She said as she continued to run. She turned around the corner, and ran straight into something and fell down. A hand appeared in front of her and she grabbed it as she looked up to find the owner. Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zambini were standing in front of her assisting her in standing back up. "You should watch where you're going Weasel. You never know who you might bump into." Draco said "Just be glad it was Blaise and not some arse." "You really shouldn't talk about yourself that way, ferret." Harry sneered as he turned around the corner and walked towards them. "Well actually I was talking about Crabbe and Goyle I saw a poor fourth year accidentally run into them once the poor thing was almost in tears once they finished yelling at her to watch where she was walking. And they had actually walked in to her. Just be careful around them Weasel." Draco said turning away from Harry. Don't worry Draco I'll stay away from them." Ginny said noticing the look Draco was sending her. "Draco!" Harry sneered "Ginny since when are you referring to Malfoy as Draco. He doesn't have the common decency to refer to you as anything other than Weasel." "Actually Weasel is a nickname I picked up on my own. All the Slythereins call me by that. It's because I figured out how to..." Ginny stopped talking. "Figured out how to what Gin?" Harry asked. "I would not call her Gin if you knew what was good for your health Potter, she doesn't look to fond of that name." Draco said "I think I know what Ginny's likes and dislikes are Malfoy." "Uh id have to say you don't cuz she looks pretty pissed to me." He said looking at Ginny glaring at Harry. "Whatever." Harry said ignoring Ginny's glare and Draco's warning. "So do you have an answer to my question Gin?" He asked with a pleading look on his face. "I already gave you my answer you arse. NO I refuse to go out with someone as prissy as you. You're rude; you don't care about any one but yourself. Not to mention I don't find you the least bit attractive, you can't kiss even if your life depended upon it, and your dicks far too small. Now fuck off!" She finished looking extremely pissed off. Harry was blushing with embarrassment, and Blaise and Draco were on the floor laughing. "Oh Merlin, Ginny. I love you." Draco said when he stopped laughing. "I know baby I know." Ginny answered, helping them up off the floor. "Gin, what the hell are you doing?" Harry said "How can you converse with these people don't you remember what they've done to you?" "Yeah I can" Ginny said. "They took me in, they cared for me. My god Harry they paid attention to me and they understood me you idiot they did far more for me in a few months than you ever did. You are such an asshole." Ginny said as she walked towards Draco "Now like I was saying before, Get away from me." Harry started walking towards Ginny. "Im not leaving with out you Ginny." "Get away Potter can't you see she doesn't want you near her. Don't you understand? How can you be so thick she insulted you and yet you still don't have a clue? I mean I would have figured it out when she started running away from me that she didn't like me. But then again I don't have to deal with that cuz she does like me." "Yeah but Draco your nothing like this horrible, small, selfish prat." Ginny said "Ginny why are you doing this" Harry asked. "Because I have realized that I am nothing like any of you. I hate what you stand for. Mudbloods, halfbloods, halfbreeds, they don't belong in this world. I have found that my magical powers are far stronger than ever imagined. I can probably over power you without any training at all." She said. "Im better than you Harry Potter, but I don't brag about it or expect praise. So once again fuck off." She said turning around. "Draco, Blaise, take care of this halfblood. I have somewhere to be." And at that she continued down the hall. Half way down she heard Potter's screams of pain. She smiled as she turned the corner and continued to Dumbledore's office.

When she reached the statue in front of Dumbledore's office. "Gumdrops." She hissed cursing the muggle loving fool she was about to talk to. When she reached the top of the stairs she cautiously opened the door. "P- Professor Dumbledor?" she said allowing her convincing good girl act to take control. "Why, hello Ginny." Dumbledor said. "How are you my dear?" he asked. "Umm..Well. Im fine sir, I was just wondering." She paused for a minute. "If I don't feel comfortable in my current house. Umm is it possible to switch houses?" She asked playing with her robes. "Now this is a serious situations Miss Weasley you know you can't switch back once you've made this change." "Yes sir I understand I just don't feel comfortable enough in my current room or house." "Well you seem to have taken thought to it all I guess." "Yes sir. I've been thinking about this for a long time." "Well since there are no rules against it. Im sure you may feel much more comfortable in maybe Ravenclaw. Merlin knows you're smart enough. Which reminds me I had meant to contact you soon to tell you something but seeing as you're here I shall tell you when you are resorted." Dumbledor said walking towards the sorting hat on top of one of his cabinets. "Thank you sir I really appreciate this." "Anything for you Miss. Weasley." He said as he put the hat on top of her head. 'Yes anything for me is right. I deserve it' Ginny thought. 'Hmm interesting thought.' She heard the hats voice once again since her first year. 'I was wondering when you would be back Ms. Weasley I know you are far different from you other brothers, I just wondered how long it would take for you to realize this as well. You are stronger, wiser, but also far darker than any Weasley. You have found your inheritance. But don't let it control you. You still can control your life. You know what you're capable of, so don't take it to out of control and become Tom. That would not be good' it told her before saying out loud "Slytherein" Dumbledor looked at her in shock. "Are you sure this is what you wanted?" He asked her. "If that's where I was sorted than that's where I belong." She said trying to contain her joy. "The sorting hat knows what's best for all of us." "Alright Miss. Weasley now about the other information. We have received noticed that you got all O's on your OWL's and I was wondering if you would like to skip a year and go straight in to your seventh year because of your advanced knowledge." "Really Professor." Ginny said looking much exited. "Oh I would love to skip a year if that's ok with my head of house that is." She said knowing very well that Snape would do anything for his favorite student. Ok let me go get Professor Snape and we can discuss your new house arrangements." Thank you sir." Professor Dumbledor left to go find Professor Snape leaving Ginny in the office to wait.

When they returned Snape had as neutral a face as ever, but Ginny could tell he was surprised that she switched houses and skipped a year. "I am glad to hear that you will be joining our house and as a seventh year as well. Welcome to Slytherein Ms. Ginny." He said. "Now if you'll follow me well get you situated." He said turning back to the door and leaving with Ginny following him. "Good Luck Ms. Weasley." Dumbledor said as they walked out the door. "That stupid git thinks im still just as innocent as I was in my second year. Shows what he knows, I am no longer that lost little girl who was under the control of Tom Riddle." She sneered. "Keep your voice down Weasel, the portraits are still loyal to the headmaster. Just be glad I got rid of all the portraits in my dungeons" he said proudly. "Whatever you say Sevvie." Ginny said walking beside Severous towards his chambers. When they entered Severous said." I did not expect you to switch so soon Gin." " Yes well Potter was annoying the ever loving shite out of me." "Yes well down to business. Im sure you know where you're staying." "Of course with my guards." "Good. Oh and I made an appointment for you to be measured for robes today." "I thought you didn't know I was switching today?" Ginny asked "I didn't." Severous said. "But you need out of those hideous hand-me downs anyway." "Merlin loves you for it to Sev." "Yeah I know. Just be glad I love you so much." "You're so full of yourself." "So?" Severous asked leading Ginny in to the adjoined room which held now many robes and pieces of fabric. Madam Malkin stood in the center of what appeared to have at one time been Severous' bed chambers. Then next hour or so was spent on finding the best silk robes with silver threading for her school robes and two special dress robes. It was a dark green robe with red highlights and silver threading. They also got two robes for Draco and Blaise each. Draco got silver looking dress robes with ruby threading, and Blaise got sapphire colored ones also with ruby threading. "Thank you for your service madam Malkin." Severous said "Any time Professor Snape. The robes should all be done by Sunday night." She said gathering all of her stuff and apperating away.

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