The Prophesy

Here is chapter two for all you beautiful people.

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Pairing: Draco Ginny (yes I know it'll never happen in the book but that's why these are fictional), Ron Hermione, and perhaps Sirius Lucius.

Summary: Ginny finds a prophesy of her own while in the ministry of magic and has decided to follow its words. No she is not evil so don't think it. She's just feed up with good and evil and decides to follow her own path. The path she was meant to take.

Warnings: Yes there will be Harry bashing but not as much as Hermione and Ron. I try to keep them as in character as I can but hey things happen. But either way I do love all of the characters but they don't work positively in every fic.

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Chapter 2:

The Next morning they went to breakfast.

"I'm not gonna say anything cuz yesterday it didn't work. Hopefully my silence will allow us peace." Blaise said.

"Blaise you idiot you've already cursed us they're on their way." Ginny said

Ron and Hermione walked towards them as soon as they walked into the Great Hall.

"Ginny I know you are apparently mad at us right now, and we don't exactly know why, but its your business. We'll be there when you want to come back to us. Either way we just want you to know that Harry woke up today. He's in really bad condition. We aren't sure if he wants to make it. Please if you could just go visit him I know it would mean a lot to him." Hermione said.

"Why should I visit him when he never visited me? None of you did. Only a few people ever visited me in the Hospital wing; Draco, Blaise, Luna, and Dean. You three never paid any attention to me. I hate you for it. If I ever did come back to you, you'd pay attention to me for a day then forget me again. Maybe I don't want Harry to come back." She said turning towards the head table with a pleading look on her face.

"What are you talking about?" Ron asked. "Gin, I thought you loved him." He said wondering what happened to his little sister.

"Oooh, now that was a big mistake." Draco said fire dancing in his eyes.

"NEVER CALL ME 'GIN' AGAIN!" she screamed "I am not a type of liquor. Do not refer to me as one. Oh and I never loved Harry. I had a stupid crush which I got over in my second year." She said her anger starting to well up inside him wanting to escape.

"Is there a problem here, Ms. Weasley?" Snape asked.

"Yes, actually Mr. Weasley and Ms Granger refuse to leave us alone to have a quiet meal." Ginny said.

"Well Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley I would appreciate it if you didn't harass my students." Snape said.

"We were just talking to our friend sir." Hermione responded.

"I am not your friend. I never was and never will be, I'm of searching for your friendship. Leave me alone." Ginny said coldly.

"If you bother my students again you will be joining me in detention for a rather long time." Snape said as Ginny, Draco, and Blaise left. "I shall see you in Potions. Good day." He said also leaving.

When Severous got to his classroom he found three nosy little seventh years crowding around his latest potion. "And what are you three trouble makers doing?" He asked

"Why were checking out your latest potion Sevie. And a good thing too, ya kno, if you added a lil dragon blood, and fairy wings to this it will be more constant." Ginny said checking Severous' notes.

"Hmm, you know Weasel that just could work." He said walking over to his storage cabinet and grabbing those two items. "Here, you may have the honors." He said handing them to Ginny.

"Fine but only cuz your to afraid it'll blow up on you." She laughed. Ginny then proceeded to put in a few drops of blood, and sprinkled a bit of grinded wings. The potion turned a brilliant blue before turning back to a duller blue. "There, that should work."

"Thank you. Now go to your seats before the rest of the class shows up." Severous said.

The three took seats in the front row. Soon most of the Slythereins had shown up and a few Gryphindors, who started confusedly at Ginny. When Ron and Hermione showed up the bell had just rung, seeing Ginny they became confused as well.

"Ginny shouldn't you be with the rest of your class?" Hermione asked.

"I am." She stated simply. "Shouldn't you arrive for class on time, or were you two of snogging again?" She asked seeing Their faces turning red.

"Take your seats." Snape said standing in the front of the class. "Yes Ms. Granger?" He asked seeing her raised hand.

"Why is Ginny in this class?" She asked not being able to resist her curiosity.

"This is the seventh years first class is it not?" Snape asked "Where else would a seventh year be?"

"Very true, But Ginny isn't a seventh year, she's a sixth year." Hermione said. "She should be with them."

"Yes well, Professor Dumbledor allowed Ms. Weasley to skip a year seeing as she got straight O's on her OWL's." He said proudly showing off Ginny's brain.

"Now if you don't mind beginning today's lesson. Here it is." He said waving his wand as a set of instructions showed up on the board. "You are to be grouped in the following groups: Ginny, Draco, and Blaise; Theodore, Pansy, and Granger; Weasley, Crabbe, and Goyle; Sabrine, Laura, and Ashley; Dean, Neville, and Daniel; Alexia, Haily, and Quat (pronounced as 'cat')." As he called out the names people arranged themselves into their groups.

"Today we are going to make a more complex form of the Draught of the Living Dead." He said after excusing them to get their needed supplies. "I suggest reading the ingredients and process before starting."

As Snape went around watching his students work he saw Ginny staring at him. "How may I help you Weasel?" he whispered when he got to her table.

"The beetles, that's what is wrong. And it is to be replaced with pixie dust because of the black rose petals." She whispered back to him.

"Well done 20 points to Slytherein." Snape said, just as there was an explosion.

"I told you not to put that in Granger that's what was wrong with the potion." Pansy said looking at the exploded cauldron. "30 points from Gryphandor." Snape said. "What why?" Hermione asked. "For not reading the board." Snape said "See it reads..."

And at that he was interrupted by Crabbe. "No Weasley don't do that." He shouted before taking Weasley's hand away and putting the correct ingredient in the cauldron.

"Good job Crabbe" Snape said. "Another 20 points to Slytherein. Now back to what I was saying. The bottom of the board reads there is an incorrect ingredient in this list. Find it and its correct replacement and tell me. If not this potion will explode. Get the puzzle correct and you get 20 points, wrong and lose 30." He said reading the bottom of the board.

"Who has finished the potion?" Haily's group raised there hands. "Okay then, 20 more points Slytherein." He said just before the bell rang. "Your homework is a 2 foot long essay answering what the correct ingredient is to replace the wrong ingredient and why its wrong." He said as everyone walked out of the classroom, everyone that is except three kids.

"Tonight at 11:00 please." Draco said.

"Will do" Severous answered. "So how are you three?" He asked.

"We're good, but we miss hanging out with you." Ginny answered.

"Yeah I kno but I have so much work." He said.

"Its ok we still love you." Ginny said, giving Severous a hug.

"Yes well now off with you three you don't want to get Minerva mad at you." He said leading them to the door. "I shall see you at eleven. You know the password." He said as they headed towards the door.

"Of course how could we ever forget?" Ginny said smiling a very knowing smile. Severous blushed at this.

"Yeah, yeah now off you three go." He said shooing them out the door. "Just tell McGonagall that you were with me."

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