Chapter Five: Memorial

When they went back into the office after Sara's funeral Grissom, Catherine, Warrick, Nick and Greg set up a little Memorial table for Sara. They had bought a little mahogany table and a matching mahogany picture frame. Sara's mother had given them a beautiful photo of her daughter smiling in front of a sparkling lake to put in the frame. Then they had put the frame at the back and surrounded it with candles and various symbols. There was an amulet of Catherine's, an ankh, several little glass angels and two little white wooden crosses. It looked beautiful.

One of Ecklie's girls, Kaitlin Wilkin, came in while they were staring at their table.

"Hi. Can I put this on your little table?" Kaitlin asked timidly. She held out a pretty little amethyst amulet. "I knew Sara and she liked my amulet." Kaitlin's lip trembled a little and they could see her fighting tears.

"It's Kaitlin isn't it? Of course you can," Grissom told her. She silently moved forward and placed the amulet on the table.

"Thanks," she whispered before fleeing into the arms of one of Ecklie's other girls, Marina Webber, who was waiting for her. Ecklie came in next and stood looking at the table for a while.

"Nice. You can leave it there for as long as you want. None of my shift will mind it. I'll make sure of that," he mumbled. He thought of how he used to dislike Sara and realized that he'd liked to dislike her. He was really missing the feisty brunette and her sharp tongue and rolling eyes.

Ten years later Nick, as the last CSI to resign from Grissom's original shift, finally removed the table from the break room and took it home. They had made a pact that the last person to resign could keep it. Nick planned to give it to Grissom though. He couldn't exactly keep it in his house now that he was married.

Grissom had left first, securing himself a teaching job in New York two years after Sara died.

Then Warrick had moved to Miami scoring himself a job on Horatio Caine's team, which was now led by Calleigh Duquesne as Horatio had resigned a year before. That was four years after Sara's death.

Next to go was Catherine. She had married a really nice guy who taught in an Early Childhood Center in Los Angeles. Lindsey was planning to study at UNLA. That was year six after Sara died.

Then Greg had left with his wife Kaitlin (Wilkin) and their eight-week-old daughter Sara. He was a CSI 3 and was going to work at CSI in Nebraska. He and Kaiti had decided that Nebraska was a better place to raise a baby than Las Vegas. Year eight after Sara's death.

Now Nick had decided to move back to Texas with his new wife Elizabeth. He'd decided he'd go and study birds at the Dallas University. Other than that he and Liz were going to get a ranch up and running something they'd both always wanted to do.

They remained close even though they were far apart. They were all happy and healthy and everyone knew why. They had a very special angel watching over them. An angel who would be with them in their hearts and in their lives forever and a day.