Same Side 3

Same Side 3

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Uranus crossed her arms and tapped her foot, "what's going on? This waiting is driving me crazy!"

"Relax," Dais said, "everything's going to be just fine." I hope…

"Sailor Saturn saved my life," Kayura said, "if she doesn't make it," she lifted up her head and saw two people coming to them, "look!" she pointed at them.

"They made it!" Neptune cried.

Anubis was carrying what they thought was a perished Hotaru. Her face was very pale as if she was dead. Noticing their expressions, Anubis said, "she'll be alright. I suppose she just needs some time to rest." He looked down at her.

"We better take her home," Pluto said.

"What are we supposed to tell her father?" Uranus demanded.

"Well, we can tell him that we went on a picnic and she fell asleep!" Neptune suggested.

"He won't by that!"

Neptune smiled, "you have a better idea?"


Hotaru woke up and rubbed her head. It was early afternoon. "I slept late," she looked at her clock and then the calendar on the wall. She knew what day it was, "whoa, way late! I was asleep for one whole day?!" she pulled herself out of bed and remembered what had happened. She remembered meeting Anubis and the warlords. She remembered that she destroyed the Netherealm. Normally she would have died and reborn as a baby with her memory erased. But she only rested for a day. She was Hotaru. She remembered everything and she was not a baby. That's for sure.

"But how?" she mumbled, "how?" Hotaru did not know it, but when Anubis kissed her and pressed his forehead to hers, he gave her a part of his own energy. This energy made it possible so that she will not die after using her attack. Instead, she will rest for one whole day and then the next day she will be unable to change into Sailor Saturn. It was a way for her to get her strength back. After those two days, she would be stronger than before so that she wouldn't have to use her attack again.

Hotaru sighed, remembering Anubis. "How am I supposed to find him?" she felt like she should get dressed in something special. She opened her closet and as she went through the normal clothes she wore, basic black mostly, she found a dress she had never seen before. She pulled it out and held it against her. It was a light purple with deeper purple seams. It had sleeves that came two her elbows and the dress came down to her ankles. "Did Daddy bring me this?" She looked back in the closet and found a pair of dainty yellow sandals. Hotaru knelt down, picking up the sandals, "Anubis…" She knew it was him that saved her. The warlord of loyalty. The warlord of spring. Anubis.

Anubis sat on the hill looking at the sun. He propped his head up with his hands, propped with his elbows on his knees. Once the warlord of cruelty, the ogre, Anubis was now a loyal, caring being. Anubis never cared about anyone while he was the warlord of cruelty. He thought true victory only came from the battlefield. One battle led to another and Anubis wanted to fight more and more. Not that he was bloodthirsty; it seemed to fill a void inside him. However, fighting only filled the void for a small time. Anubis thought that Tulpa could fill the void but he didn't.

Anubis didn't care what happened to others until someone cared what happened to him: The Anicent. Why the Ancient saved him, Anubis wasn't sure. Maybe it was a sign. A sign that Anubis did not belong as Tulpa's warlord of Cruelty. No, no, Anubis did not belong there at all. He was nobody's pawn. Neither were the other warlords. Now he cared for people. Even the ronins, wherever they were. Anubis was worried about Hotaru. He felt like a piece of him was dying. He was sure that he'd see her again but he was still afraid if something bad might happened and he'd feel like he failed her somehow. Maybe he wasn't as loyal as he hoped he was.

"Anubisssss," he heard his name in the wind but he figured it was just his imagination. "Anubissss." A pair of sandaled feet appeared a few feet away Anubis. As the sandaled feet came closer, a trail of flowers grew behind them. "Anubisssss." The person laid a hand on Anubis's shoulder and he looked up to see Hotaru smiling down on him.

"Hotaru, you're alive!"

"Yes, was there ever any doubt?" she asked. She knelt down in front of him and wrapped her arms around him. "You saved me back there."

"I was afraid I'd never see you again," Anubis said as he held her close.

"I am reborn every time I use my special attack." Hotaru said. "I'm sorry, I should have told you."

"Don't worry about that," he told her, "what matters is that you're here."

Hotaru leaned back, "but something different happened. I'm reborn as a baby and I lose my memory. I only slept one whole day and I remember everything. It was you, I don't know what you did, but you did something."

"I'm not sure what I did either," Anubis smiled. "I love you."

"And I you," she embraced him again. As they kissed, birds flew around them, followed by a soft, gentle spring breeze. {An: Someone told me Anubis seems too old for Hotaru, since he looks 17, but really is over 1000 yrs old and she's only, like, twelve? So in the fic, she's 16, okay? And she's a little taller too.}

Lady Kayura dressed in her ancient robes and holding the Ancient's staff, peeked on Anubis and Hotaru from behind a tree. She smiled, "thank goodness she's alright." Lady Kayura whispered and pulled away from the tree. She frowned, knowing she was losing Anubis, the one warlord she loved.

As she was driving, Amara just couldn't get Dais out of here head. She never had to worry about thinking about guys because she thought more about racing and sports and school and sailor scout stuff. That all changed when she met Dais and he showed her his uncanny ability to use illusions. Illusions that seemed like reality. Of course, Amara learned right away that it wasn't real. Somehow she wished it were. Amara never had time to herself to relax; she was always tense, unlike her cousin Michelle. Michelle was carefree most of the time. Amara wasn't so laid back. Dais' illusions took her away from all that was bothering her.

"Why am I thinking about him?" she asked herself. "Come on, Amara, you're thinking about a guy! You never do that!" Suddenly, her bike disappeared. Because she was still in her riding position, she fell down. She grunted, expecting it to hurt, but the ground seemed to move. It wasn't hard like pavement is supposed to be. It was like sand almost. "Sure got hot all of a sudden," she moaned, pulling herself to her feet. When took off her helmet, she found herself looking out to sea. "Huh?" Her helmet disappeared and changed to into a sunhat. She looked down and saw that her boots were gone and her feet were bare with a dark pink anklet around her right ankle. Her racing clothes switched with a dark blue bikini and a dark pink sarong wrapped around her waist. "Auggh!" she blushed and covered herself her hat. "Dais, where are you?" she never wore something like this. "I feel so naked!"

"Amara," she heard Dais' manly, deep voice in her ear and felt his hot breath.

"Dais!" she turned around only to see he was not there. "Okay, Dais, now where are you?" she put her hands on her hips, "Dais?"

"Follow the trail behind the trees," his voice came. "I'm waiting for you."

Amara was on a tropical island. It was beautiful and it did seem so real. She could smell the salty air and hear the tropical birds singing and the noises of other native animals. She could feel the sand under her feet squish between her toes. The heat was warm on her back and the moisture in the air hung around. Amara placed the sunhat on her head to keep the sun out of her eyes. She walked by a strawberry bush full with fresh ripe straw berries.

"Go ahead," Dais' voice rang, "there's plenty more on the island."

Amara plucked a strawberry and put it in her mouth. It was the juiciest and sweetest strawberry she ever tried. She walked on and saw other erotic fruit; bananas, oranges, passion fruit and others she has never seen before. They were all so good, like nothing she ever had before. "This is some illusion," she whispered to herself. She still hasn't seen the best of it. As she pushed a branch out of her way, biting into another fruit, she gasped and saw a beautiful waterfall. Butterflies and birds were flying around. Monkeys were swinging on the vines. It was breathtaking. She nearly dropped her the fruit she was snacking on.

Dais walked out from behind the waterfall and the water fell down his body. He was waiting for her in a cave that was right underneath the waterfall. He wore a dark brown loincloth {he does somehow remind me of a Tarzan wanna be}. His full-body white hair was waving in the wind. He crossed his arms and looked at Amara. His rippling muscles shined with a sexy manly glow. Amara couldn't speak. He was certainly the most beautiful and gorgeous man she ever laid eyes on. {An: Now I know why he's the SUMMER warlord!! HE'S SOOOOO HOT! MAN, I WISH I WAS AMARA RIGHT NOW!}

Amara's mouth dropped open, my god, he's so gorgeous! She thought as her face turned red.

Dais jumped off the edge and did a few spins in mid air and dove perfectly into the river. When he came up he smiled up at Amara. She blushed. Dais walked out of the water and swung his wet head.

"Dais, where am I?" Amara asked.

"Paradise, of course," he answered. "Couldn't you tell?" he walked close up to her, took her hand that was holding the fruit and bit into it as she was still holding it. Her eyes widened as she watched Dais chew the fruit. He swallowed and smiled.

"Wow," she mumbled, "Paradise," she looked all around, "yeah, looks like that to me."

Dais took her other hand and showed her around. They hiked up to the top of the waterfall. "Take a dive," he said.

"Are you crazy?!" she demanded, "do you know how high we are?"

Dais folded his arms, "come on, you drive a motorcycle. I'm sure you do other extreme stuff. If you want, I'll jump with you."

"Okay. On three?"


"One, two, three!" Amara cried and Dais pushed her into off the waterfall and she screamed, "DAIS!"

Dais jumped in after her. She came swam up to the surface by the time he hit the water. She swam to him, "why on earth did you do that for?!"

"You really weren't going to jump, where you?" he asked.

"Sure I was!" she snarled and went to the shore. Dais helped her and gave her sunhat back.

"Admit it, you liked it."

"You just don't push people into water like that, Dais!" she muttered, flinging the hat to get the water off.

"It was fun. Wasn't it fun?" he asked.

She pursed her lips and bit her bottom lip. She wouldn't speak.

Dais smiled, "tell me, Amara, it was exciting." He stepped closer. "Didn't you like it?"

"Well, yeah, I like it. It was fun." She admitted hesitantly with a small smile.

"Want to go again?"


"That's fair," he said.

Amara ran her hand through her hair, "I'm sorry," she sighed.

"Don't be. I pushed you."

"Listen, Dais, I need to learn how to have fun. I worry about things a lot." (She seems like a girl that thinks too much and doesn't know how to have fun.) Amara admitted, "and your illusions take me away from whatever is on my mind. AT least for a moment, until I realize that they're not real."

"They don't seem real enough for you?" he muttered, somewhat disappointed.

"Oh, I didn't mean it like that," she said. "I know that they're illusions. No matter how realistic they are."

"I see," Dais nodded, "they work better on those that are weak minded but you are very bright. You see right away that they are illusions."

"I just wish they weren't' though," Amara said, "This place isn't real. The sweet taste of this fruit isn't real. I'm just imagining it. It was all in my mind. Thank GOD that what happened up there was all in my mind too!"

Dais laughed.

"I wish I could really taste this fruit," she said as she plucked a strawberry and ate it. She could taste the sweetness of it but she knew it was all in her head, "and I could really smell the air." She took a breath, "and could feel the sand between my toes." She wiggled them. "How I wish this paradise was real."

Dais looked down. He himself almost thought his own illusion was real. Here he was, trying to make Amara feel good and give her an illusion of peace and he failed.

"Dais, is there anything that you can show me that is not an illusion?" she asked, "Can you show me something real? Something that's not only my imagination, is there anything? Please, show me something real!"

Dais grabbed Amara's hand and pulled her to him. She dropped her hat. He wrapped his arms around her and answered her question with a kiss. Her eyes widened. She wasn't excepting him to kiss her. But it worked. It did seem real. Slowly, she reached her hands to his white locks and relaxed into his embrace and closed her eyes. His lips were indeed sweet, sweeter than the tropical fruit. His tongue that explored her mouth was also very real and sweet like a succulent, juicy pineapple. She found herself enjoying the kiss more than any race in her life. Dais' lips trailed down to her neck as he held her light brown hair between her fingers. She could smell his white hair. It smelled like tropical flowers and fruit with a musky manly smell. His breath tickled her ear as he whispered her name. A man has never kissed her like that before. And still no man didn't lay his lips upon hers ever. She always hoped her first kiss would be remembered. This was just how she wanted it to be. It was better than she had hoped for.

The kiss ended too soon when they both ran out of breath. Amara blinked, finding it almost impossible to believe.

"Was that," Dais breathed huskily, "real enough for you?"

Amara grinned, "Dunno…why don't you kiss me again?"

Dais grinned back and answered her question again with even a longer and passionate kiss. Lady Kayura watched Dais kiss her. She smiled at Dais' attempt to use his illusions for good. She looked down at a strawberry push and plucked a strawberry. Nibbling at it, she realized she was loosing her comrades, the warlords, one by one. {There's a reason why I'm putting Lady Kayura in here. You'll figure that out at the end}

Wearing a long-sleeved dark red shirt and a dark green long skirt, Michelle put her violin up to her chin and began her song. There was a pond in the meadow she was in. Her song attracted deer and rabbits and other small cute fuzzy animals. But the best visitor of all was Sekhmet, who she didn't notice. He wore an outfit that complemented Michelle's: a dark red shirt and a dark green pair of slacks.

Michelle closed her eyes as she began to lose herself in the music. The leaves fell from the trees and spun around her. There was morning dew on the grass and wildflowers. She took a few steps back and then forward and soon she was dancing around the meadow, playing her song with her eyes closed. Sekhmet walked behind her and followed her steps. Michelle put her arms to the side and twirled around. Sekhmet placed his palms underneath her forearms. Michelle still didn't know she had a dancing partner. Then finally she twirled around and opened her eyes and found the fisherman that stole her heart.

"Sekhmet!" she cried, "how long have you been here?"

"Long enough to say that I had my first dance in a long time," he answered with a smile.

Michelle blushed and placed her violin in its case. "My pleasure," she whispered.

"That was a very beautiful song you were playing, Michelle," Sekhmet commented, "even more beautiful than the first one I've heard you play."

"Flatterer," Michelle mumbled.

"I'm glad that I was able to see you again," Sekhmet said.

"Me too," Michelle sat on the grass and hugged her knees. She cocked her head as she studied Sekhmet. There was something unique about Sekhmet. His eyes looked beady and they reminded her of the eyes of a snake. There were frightening at first glance but then they looked soft and warm the next. His hair was the color of clovers and his smile looked almost mischievous in a handsome way. He was unlike any man she ever met. She met baby cute men and drop-dead gorgeous men, homely and plain men and some men that were down right repulsive. Sekhmet was none of those. He was handsome, yet sickly-looking. (His beady black eyes with purple eyelids and his complexion make him look like he's got the flu!) He even looked somewhat insane but his virtue of piety proved otherwise.

"Michelle, wait, don't move," Sekhmet instructed.

"Huh?" she mumbled.

Sekhmet stepped close to her. She saw that he was looking at something. She looked down and saw a rattlesnake slither over her feet. She almost jumped out of her skin but she couldn't move, not because Sekhmet told her not to but she felt like she was frozen. Michelle couldn't even whisper to the snake 'go away.' Just as the snake opened his mouth and was about to draw his fangs and bite into her leg, Sekhmet put his hand in the path of fire and took the strike. He pulled back and the snake still held onto his hand.

Michelle gasped, surprised by Sekhmet's action. Why didn't he just grab it? Why did he let the snake bite him?

Sekhmet pried the snake's fangs off his hand, "bad snake," he scowled. He was about to rip the viper in half but looked at Michelle and realized he couldn't do that in front of her. It was only a snake and in away, his kin. So he let it slither up a tree. "I guess I wasn't the only snake that heard your music."

"Your hand," Michelle said, rising to her feet. "You're hurt."

"I'll be fine," he said.

"It was poisonous."

"Have you forgotten I'm the warlord of venom?" Sekhmet demanded, "well, used to be, anyway." Sekhmet looked at the two puncture wounds in his hand and they began to heal. He showed her hand, "see? I'm fine now."

"I can't believe you just let it bite you," Michelle said, her fingers touching her collar bone, "that was very sweet of you, Sekhmet."

"Well, if it bit you then you I would never be able to forgive myself," Sekhmet told her.

Michelle smiled and walked up to him, "thank you."

Sekhmet nodded.
"Tell me," Michelle said, interested in the snake subject, "Sekhmet, were you always to heal this quickly after a snake bite?"

Sekhmet sighed. He never told anyone about his past but somehow felt like he could tell Michelle, "That's how I became the warlord of venom. One day while I was fishing, I brought in my catch of fish and instead, I caught a snake. I always fished from the same lake and I never seen one snake there. The snake bit me and swam away. It was painful and I was lying in the boat for a long time. Then suddenly, the pain was gone and the bite marks disappeared. Not long after that, I became the warlord of venom. I also heard of a myth that people like me, who are immune to snake bites, are half demons." {That's probably not true how he became the warlord of venom, but I guess it makes sense. But I read on sites that people like Sekhmet are supposed to be demons or something like that.} "Must be true."

"You can't believe that," Michelle said with her hands on her hips, "I certainly don't. That's, that's just, crazy! You don't look like a demon to me!"

"You acted like it just a day ago," Sekhmet reminded.

"No, I didn't think you were a demon," Michelle shook her head, "I just thought you were, a bad person, that's all."

Sekhmet smirked.

"I'm serious, Sekhmet," Michelle pointed at him as she stepped closer, "You're not a demon. I don't care if you were the warlord of venom, or your hair is the weirdest shade of green I've ever seen or your eyes look like a snake's, YOU'RE NOT A DEMON!"

"What am I then?" Sekhmet demanded as he sat down on a log. "I don't remember anymore."

"You, sir," Michelle declared, "are a warm, caring and handsome fisherman with a big golden heart." She searched her mind for more, "You are like no man I ever met. No body let a snake bite them to save me before."

Sekhmet smiled, "thank you, Michelle."

Michelle smiled down at him and placed her hands in his. He stood up and kissed her lightly on the forehead and pulled her into a warm embrace. Never in his life has he ever been called the kind things she just called him. He knew that she was right. He was no deamon. He had a gift. He was inune to snakes, besides, if he really was a demon, Sai of the Torrent would be too because he was immune to the venom in Sekhmet's sword. And Sai didn't look like a demon at all.

"Could you play that song for me again?" he proposed.

"Anything for you," Michelle answered and opened her violin case. As she put her violin to her chin, she felt Sekhmet wrap his arms around her as he hummed along with the music.

Lady Kayura cocked her head to the side and listened intently to the music Michelle played for Sekhmet. It certainly was the most soothing song she ever heard. What Michelle told Sekhmet was true. Kayura also knew there was a streak of kindness, deep inside the seemingly insane warlord of venom.

Trista somehow got an idea in her head to go to the mountains. Being the guardian of the gate of time for, well, for all time seemed to take its toll. It just got too lonely for her. She wore a dark red jumpsuit with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath and a long warm gray over-coat with black gloves. On her head she wore white earmuffs and on her feet black snow boots. Her long black hair with green high lights was not tied with a bun. But she still was freezing. It was dark and cold. Taking a few steps in the snow, she thought that she had made a mistake.

"Why did I come here?" Trista asked herself. "I must be losing my mind." She heard the howling of wolves not far from where she stood. "Oh no."

She stayed where she stood, hoping that the wolves would not find her. But they did and so did someone else. Kale, dressed in his armor of the jackal, walked up behind her and took off his cape. He placed it around her shoulders and she screamed and spun around.

"It's only me," Kale said.

"There are wolves out here!" she cried.

"They won't hurt you," Kale told her, "I'll make sure of that."

"Thank you."

"How did you know I was here?" Kale asked.

"I didn't," she admitted, "I just got some urge to come to the mountains."

"While you're here, who's guarding the gate?"

She sighed; "I'm taking a break, okay?" she shivered.

"You're shaking," Kale noted and wrapped his arm around her. "Let me take you somewhere so you can get warm."

They wolves watched Kale walk with Trista. They knew who he was and did not come to attack her. Instead, they walked with Trista and Kale. Not to wait for them to be separated, but in a way, they were Kale's pets, or family.

He took her to a cave.

"It's dark in here," she complained, "I can't see a thing."

"I can," he guarded her through the way and pulled her to the side to prevent her from crashing into a stalagmite.

He sat down and his full armor went to its sub armor and then to a gray long-sleeved shirt and black pants and shoes. He leaned back against the wall.

"Are you getting warmer yet?" he sat across from her.

She looked up, "yes, thank you."

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing," she replied hesitantly.

"I can tell there is something wrong. What is it?" he stood up and sat next to her.

She sighed, "I'm just lonely."

Kale nodded in understanding, "I see. So am I."

"You are?"

"Of course," Kale said, "I'm the warlord of Corruption. Well, I used to be anyway. I'm alone in the dark most of the time because darkness seemed to be my only friend."

Trista stood up and kicked the flames out.

"What are you doing?" Kale demanded.

"Putting the fire out of course," she answered.

"Why?" he stood up beside her.

"I want to be in the dark with you, that's why." She grunted as she continued to kick dirt inot the flames. "If you're going to be in the dark, then be in the dark with someone who cares about you."

"Trista," Kale whispered. He put his hands on her shoulderst and rested his chin on her head. The fire was all the way out and the smell of ashes hung in the air. They stood in silence for a while and when Trista shivered again, Kale turned her around and pulled her close to keep her warm. The wolves howled again and Trista was not afraid.

Kayura walked by the cave and could see them inside the cave. She stopped and she felt a tear grace her cheek. Maybe it was better that the warlords found someone that cared about them but in the meantime, who was Kayura supposed to be with? She still had the spirit of the ancient with her but it was not enough. Like the warlords, she needed a companion. She walked on with the ancient's staff serving her has a torch. Maybe someday she'd meet someone. But for now, she was alone. She was Lady Kayura, the ancient.

The End. Was that cute or what? Hey, I've got a question for all of you guys! I'm stumped! I don't' want Kayura to be alone, so which baddie from SM should I pair her with?

1. Rubeus

2. Sapphire

3. Diamond

4. Hawk's Eye

5. Tiger's Eye

6. Elios (I know he's not a baddie, but he's a cute character from the show!)

If there's another baddie that I'm missing or if you have an idea, let me know! We could pair her with a bad guy from RW, but it might be better to keep RW characters hooked with SM characters!