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Warning: Contains vampires doing their thing, so if you don't like it. You may leave right now.

Summary: Harry is bitten by a vampire, but he is not meant to die. Consequentially, the vampire changes him and he starts out on a new life with Claudia and Jason as his companions. What adventures are in store for him?

The Power Known Not

Chapter One

"I've never had a young one before." The dark figure next to the bed protested.

"Let it be a mercy then. He is near death." A woman said from the shadows.

"Fine then." He said irritably. Bending over, the shadow moved the head back and forth in his hands a few times. He laid a gentle hand on the boy's neck. "The life beat is strong in him."

"Just do it!"

"He could survive." He protested once again.

"If you will not do it, I will. I have not fed recently, do you wish that upon this boy, this innocent boy near death who will not survive? Why do you think I linger here, in the shadows?"

He sighed. "Fine, I will drink." He crouched by the boy and moved his head up, exposing a pale neck and a nearly visible pulsing vein. He moved his lips to the vein and bit down, hard. A warm, coppery liquid filled his mouth and he swallowed. And he again swallowed. And again. And again. And then he stopped, and sat up, stopping the flow of blood with a finger.

"Why do you stop?" She hissed, stepping nearer. "We have already lingered here for too long."

He stood up. "I stop because he is not meant to die."

"What do you mean?" She hissed stepping nearer again.

"The blood turned bad in my mouth." He said shame faced.

"Why must I choose one not meant to die?" The woman bemoaned to the ceiling, albeit quietly. Shaking her head, she grabbed her companion's wrist and cut it with a hidden knife, watching as the blood dripped onto the floor. It hissed as it made contact with the floor and she smiled.

Moving his bleeding wrist over the boy's mouth she let blood drip onto his lips. The boys tongue felt out the droplets and licked them up almost eagerly.

"Good." She muttered, and thrust her companion's wrist onto the boy's lips. He took hold almost immediately, and she smiled, guiding his head back to the boy's throat. "Drink for a while more, let your blood replace his. I will go find his things. The wounds should heal on their own."

She left, intending to feed on one of the others in the house. There was a large boy, slumbering in his room, he would be easy prey, but after the boy, she wanted something more of a challenge. She slipped into the room where a gargantuan man and a small woman slept. The man she decided. After all, he had been unkind to her on the street.

It was more of a disservice to his wife, but she was not interested in this man. At least not the way he thought. She was interested in him now though, he was food, and food was interesting. Should she kill him or just leave him, after taking a few body parts he thought he needed. Raising her eyebrow, Claudia made her decision, and carried it out.

Jason gasped and pulled back, tugging his wrist from the boys mouth. He wouldn't let go. The way this was going, he would be drained. Claudia would be pleased. "Claudia!" He called.


She appeared in the doorway, with blood trailing down her face and red on her lips. "What?" She asked crossly.

"He won't let go." He said softly, feeling his legs collapse under him.

Claudia hissed as she watched Jason collapse. "Lovely." She muttered. "This was supposed to be simple. Just in, feed, and out." She strode over to the boy and pushed the bone in front of his ears forward, causing his mouth to open slightly. Forcing a finger in there, she pried the boys mouth off of Jason's arm and knocked him over the head.

She drug Jason into the other room, the one with the fat boy and bit the boys throat and attached Jason. Once she was sure that the Jason would drink and recover, she went and began to pack the boys things. Seeing a letter on the desk she picked it up and skimmed it.


I'm doing fine, my relatives took my trunk and put it under the stairs, and my other stuff (wand, invisibility cloak, photo album) are hidden under my bed. Thanks for the food!


"Idiot boy" she thought, "leaves the location of his belongings lying around for anyone to see!" Nothing that the note was dated a week ago, "Doesn't even send his letters promptly!" Gathering his things, she got his trunk and put the rest of Harry's things into it. He was a wizard, that complicated things a little. His powers would be strengthened by the vampire blood, and he would have to hasten his studies, and learn how to make the potions necessary to go undetected among humans, wizard and muggle alike.

If he went to Hogwarts, that wouldn't be too much of a problem, if she remembered correctly, the Potions Professor there was quarter vampire and had to use the potions himself. The headmaster might be a little miffed though, he didn't like his students being turned.

"I'm finished." Jason said from the doorway, his eyes bright from the recent feeding.

"Good we'll be leaving in a moment then. Why don't you go and get some food from downstairs, Since Harry is coming with us, he will want something to eat other than blood." Claudia said.

Jason nodded, his eyes getting brighter at the mention of food. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me. I have one more thing to attend to." Claudia said, and re-entered the room where the man slept. When he emerged minutes later, she was smiling sadistically.

Jason saw her grin and shivered, coming up the stairs with a large basket of food.

"That man," She began, "Will be very unhappy tomorrow morning, or when ever he wakes up."

Jason gulped. "I really do not want to know what you did to him."

Claudia smirked once more and she whispered something in his ear.

Jason whimpered and stepped away from Claudia.

"Now, now, it won't be that bad for him. I refilled the flasks by the way." She added, figuring out how she was going to carry the boy.

"Good." Jason replied, shrinking the baskets of food and the trunk. He had been a wizard, in the early sixteen hundreds before he had been changed.

"He's so small, I'd say he'd be about nine or ten." Claudia murmured. "I think I can just carry him like a baby."

"Okay then, we shouldn't be lingering, we need to get him to a safe place before the actual change takes place." Jason said.

"Yes we should." Claudia replied. "Why not the Leaky Cauldron?"

"Sure, we haven't been there for about fifty years, so it should be safe." Jason replied.

"Okay then." Claudia replied and she and Harry disappeared in a puff of smoke from number four Privet Drive.

"Hello Tom." Jason said softly. "I'm sorry to bother you so late, but me and my companions are in dire need of a room."


"Jason Riksen." Tom said softly, leaning over the counter peering at the vampire. "I've heard of you." He said slowly. "Why do you need a room of mine at such a late hour?" Tom asked sharply.

"Could I just have a blasted room?" Jason asked, fishing in his pocket and setting down ten galleons. "Those should more than cover the cost of a room.

"Fine." Tom said, slipping the galleons away. "But I'll not have you bleeding my customers, you can get your own blood. You'll have room thirteen, it's open." Tom grinned, exposing teeth yellowed with age.

"Of course." Jason replied. Turning he added, "By the way, Claudia's with me." And he rushed up the stairs, not being noticed by any of the other customers.


"Why did you feel the need to tell him!" Claudia shouted at Jason once the door was locked and wards were put up.

"Because it is his establishment and he had a right to know." Jason replied calmly, checking on Harry.

"He had a right to know?" Claudia asked, launching herself at Jason, beginning yet another wresting match.


Tom, standing outside of the door, grinned. The listening spells he had were working like a charm. He didn't normally activate the listening spells on the rooms, but these weren't normal customers. It appeared the business was going as usual for them, fighting with each other and generally trying to murder themselves.


Claudia gasped for breath and hugged Jason. "That was fun. Now if you don't mind watching Harry, I'll be showering."

"Of course, and you leave me with the cleansing charms." He muttered watching Claudia saunter off to the shower. Wrestling with Claudia was always fun, they were evenly matched, and pretty strong as it goes for vampires. If needed, they could go for years without feeding. Most vampires could not last two months and would go insane without the blood.

Harry groaned, and Jason looked on in mild interest, if he wasn't correct, the boy was in great pain and should be screaming by now. All he was doing was moaning. Interesting. He watched as the boy's already raven locks gained a deep sheen and became thicker, his skin became pale, and his body changed shape. Moaning once more, the boy sat up and opened his eyes to reveal green ones.

"Where am I?" He spoke, looking at Jason.

"You are in room thirteen of the Leaky Cauldron, You have been kidnapped, and my name is Jason Riksen." Jason said, watching the boys reaction.

"Okay, are you a Death Eater?" Harry asked looking around the room with a slight frown.

"No." Jason replied, baring his left forearm to prove it. "I have seen many Dark Lords rise and fall, And I have concluded that light triumphs and it is much more interesting to watch what happens to the people fighting."

"Why am I here then?" Harry asked.

"Because your mum and your dad loved each other very much and one day they got a little carried away and they had—" Jason was stopped by Harry's voice.

"I don't mean that! I mean, why am I in the Leaky Cauldron?" Harry asked, blushing a little, but it was barely visible.

"You are here because you were near death and this idiot of a vampire blooded you." Claudia said from the doorway, a towel covering her black hair and wearing a fresh set of black robes.

"What!" Harry shrieked, acking against the wall.

"I will not repeat myself." Claudia said, rolling her eyes. "Jason, it's your call."

"Yes, I know." Jason replied and banged his head against the wall a few times. "Look, Harry, you were about an hour from death, and it was Claudia's idea to feed on you. If it makes you feel any better, you are a very high ranked vampire, Claudia and I are two of the highest." Jason said.

"I don't bloody care about status! I care about having to kill to live!" Harry shouted.

"Actually, you don't have to kill, you only really need to take enough blood to live, about a pint a month. Not very much really. And you don't even have to get it yourself, you can purchase it." Jason said.

"Bloody Lovely! I don't have to kill to live, I can purchase blood! Can I also purchase a dagger to stab myself in the heart with?" Harry asked sarcastically. "I was an hour from death! Couldn't you have left me to die? Would it have killed you to?" he finished in a whisper.

"Actually, it wouldn't have killed me, vampires are very resilient." Jason said and then continued, "And technically you're dead you don't need air, water, or food. To survive, all you need is blood." Jason said helpfully.

"Thanks, so I suppose that I'm going to only be allowed out at night?" Harry asked.

"Nope." Jason said cheerfully. "There are potions. There's about five of them, they allow you to blend in with the others."

Harry brightened. "I suppose that's one good thing." He said, not yelling now.

"Now that you're a vampire, you can use magic on your own. It will be slightly different, you will have more power behind your spells, and such. Also your sense are heightened, you can hear better, see better, and such."

"You're right." Harry said, realising for the first time he didn't have his glasses on.

"I would recommend getting contacts. Wizarding ones, because they can change to suit your whim." Jason said.

"That sounds good. Anything else I should know?" He asked.

"Yes, you're faster, have more muscle power, but not more muscles, and any dormant gifts you may have had before are not dormant anymore." Jason said. "Do you mind if Claudia runs a scan on you?"

"Not at all." Harry replied, swinging his feet, and squinting into the corner. "What is she doing?"

"Skimming the cholesterol off of the blood I collected." She said. "Lesson number one, don't harvest blood from fat people, it's a lot of work. The blood that you purchase may have a constant shaking charm on it, so do a 'finite incantum' on the flasks to check, if you're buying fat and other stuff too, it's not usually worth your trouble."

"Okay." Harry said, not really understanding. "May I get some sleep?" Harry asked.

"Of course, we'll be going shopping tomorrow morning, both muggle and magical." Claudia said grinning.

Jason moaned.

"It won't be that bad." Claudia said, and the friendly banter between them resumed while Harry drifted off to sleep.


Harry woke up in a brightly lit room to a feeling of softness and warmth and a sense of contentment. Which was altogether strange because at the Dursleys he bed was an old mattress the poked him in the back, his room was cold, and he was never content. What's more, his stomach was full , and it was never full at the Dursley's. Harry concluded that he was not at the Dursleys, and he better get up.

Harry sat up and saw the slumbering forms of Jason and Claudia. It all came rushing back. So now that I'm a vampire, I should probably figure out my strengths. Maybe there's something in on of my Defence books. Harry looked around and saw his trunk. Moving quietly because at the Dursleys if he woke them up he would be punished, and he didn't want to find out what would happen if he woke the vampires up. Getting five years of Defence books out, Harry pulled a roll of parchment out along with a quill.

Starting with his first year book, he flipped to the index.

"Vampires," He muttered, "Lets see, page 178." Harry was unaware that he had woken Claudia and Jason up, but they were watching him.

Vampyres are a very advanced creatures. The ministry of magic classifies them as beings, because they are able to rationally converse and think. Vampyres naturally develop a shield around their minds, they become naturals at Legimency. You cannot tell a vampyre from a human based on their mind shields. The most definite way to tell a vampyre from a human is by the skin and the eyes. Their skin will be pale and without blemish. It is a shade in-between milky white and white pearls. It also seems to glow. The eyes, are a normal colour when dormant, but when about to feed, or when the need to feed arises, the pupils will enlarge, causing the eye to appear black. It is claimed the some Vampyres can hypnotise humans and coerce them into willingly being fed upon. Vampyres exist solely on the blood of humans. In dire cases, they may feed on animal blood, but will become a zombie if they have not ingested blood from a human. They do not generally kill, unless the need for blood overtakes them. Most vampyres feed from once a week, to once a month. They may breathe, eat, and drink, but they do not need to. A vampyre does have more strength than a human, the vampyre blood changes them into beings with a better sense of smell, better eyesight, a highly defined sense of touch, and at least three times the muscle strength.

"Very good." Claudia said, startling Harry from his reading. "I am glad that you are learning about our kind. That is mostly accurate, except for the part about the skin glowing. It may happen, but not in all vampires." Claudia added.

"He didn't include the part about the hair, and one vampire always being able to tell another apart from the humans." Jason said, looking over Harry's shoulders.

"Okay." Harry said, scribbling that down.

"We have an important day, I'd put your robes on." Claudia added and then caught sight of Harry's scar for the first time. "Shit, you're Harry Potter." She said.

"You didn't notice?" Harry asked.

"No I did not." Claudia said. "This complicates things a bit."

"A bit?" Jason asked. "Try a lot."

"Look Harry, do you regret being turned? I need you to honestly answer me now." Claudia said, looking Harry straight in the eye.

"No." Harry said. "You got me away from the Dursleys, and it looks like I'll be better off, So I don't regret it." Harry said slowly, thinking each word through.

"Good then. You're stuck with us. First part is disguising the scar." Claudia said. "Jason'll take care of that I can't do illusions at all."

Harry stared at her. "You're a vampire. You have better senses. You couldn't see the stupid scar?"

"Shut up." Claudia said indignantly.

Jason rolled his eyes at Claudia whose back was turned. "I'll do the illusions, but you'll have to borrow a set of robes from Claudia." Harry and Claudia turned to him with identical looks of disgust.

"I'm not going to wear a girls robes!" Harry said firmly.

"He is not going to touch my robes!" Claudia said at the same time.

"Fine." Jason said. "I'll shrink a pair of mine." He moved over to a small bag the rested at the end of the bed, and pulled out a set of robes the couldn't have possibly have fit in there. "Put these on and they might shrink to fit you, go do that in there, and while you're at it burn the clothes you have on now."

"How?" Harry asked.

"With magic. You can use it now You're not an underage wizard, you're a vampire which is a completely different thing." Claudia snapped, rifling through a small bag that rested on the bench under the window.

"Oh." Harry said and then thought for a moment. "What about my Hogwarts robes?"

"Do you want to be walking around Knockturn Alley with a Gryffindor patch on your robes?" Claudia said. "No, you don't. Now go and change before I do it for you." Claudia added looking Harry up and down.

Harry squeaked and went into the room and saw a shower there too. "Can I take a shower first?"

"Fine idea, you smell pretty ripe." Claudia said.

"Thanks. It's not my fault the Dursley's wouldn't allow me out to shower." Harry replied.

"Sorry." Claudia said.

"Why? You have nothing to be sorry for. It's them who should be sorry, but I don't think they are."

"Trust me, they are." Claudia said with an interesting tone in her voice.

"I get the feeling that I don't want to know." Harry said and turned the shower on.


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