Phantomness loves the pokemon special and pokemon Zensho manga, but unfortunately, they're so short… *sighs* this is kind of like a mix of the two with Phantomness' own intervention, so…

Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Shogakukan Comics. This is fanwork, I am making no profit. I only own this story and my own ideas.

Notes: telepathy, ** thoughts, italics for pokemon chatter.

Title: Pokemon Special

Chapter 1: Introductions – VS Rattata

            It was a windy day.

            A group of seven kids took turns throwing poke balls at an angry Rattata.

            "Darn! Why won't it go into the poke ball?" One kid moaned.

            "You bought a cheap one?" Another kid asked, hurling his. However, it bounced off as well.

            "KIDS!" A voice yelled. "What are you doing?"
            Professor Oak came running up, panting.

            "Wild pokemon are dangerous!"

            "But Professor!" One whined. "Its so close to town, can't we capture it?"

            Oak sighed. "You have to weaken the pokemon first." He snapped his fingers, as two trainers came running up behind him.

            The first trainer had black spiky hair and amber eyes. The second had brown spiky hair and brown eyes. They each had one of Oak's new pokédexes, and six poke balls clipped on their belts.

            "Grampa, what did you call us here for?"

            "We already know how to catch pokemon, Professor Oak-san." The trainer in the red and white jacket told him.

            "I know, Ash, Gary, but would you mind giving a practical demonstration?"

            Gary turned, looking at the second thirteen-year old. "Well?"
            Ash rolled his eyes. "What, the ever cool and collected Gary Oak doesn't want to show off?"

            "Oh, can it." Gary said, punching him in the arm amiably. "You know you want to show off."

            "Can't help it!" Ash said cheerfully, as he tossed a poke ball forwards. "All right then, Venus, let's go!"

            The ball split apart, revealing a Bulbasaur.

            The Rattata charged, seeing an opponent. Several girls screamed as they scattered.

            "Venus, Sleep Powder." The boy said in a cocky tone. The rattata immediately fell asleep.

            "Now, Vine Whip."

            Well, there goes a Rattata, flying over the horizon.

            "I am the best!"

            Gary coughed. "I'm sure you are, 'Red'." He said, using his best friend slash pokemon rival's nickname.

            "Nice for you to notice, _Blue_." Ash said in reply.

            Gary chuckled. "Well, I guess we'll be off now that Grandfather's finally finished his pokédexes."

            "Yes! Now that we're official pokemon trainers, we can go compete for the badges."

            Oak coughed.

            "Remember, you two, Team Rocket is out there."

            "We know." Gary said, a tone of exasperation creeping into his voice. It was evident he had heard the speech before.

            Ash nodded. "We'll be careful, Professor."

            "I hope so! I'll check in on you whenever you update your pokédex at a center." Oak finished. "Good luck to you both."

            "Bye, Red!" Gary said, releasing his Pidgeotto. "I'm heading for Saffron first!"
            "Same to you, Blue! I won't lose!" Red called, as he picked up Bulbasaur and began walking down the path. "I'll hit Pewter first."

            The two of them shook hands, one last time, and then set out on their separate journeys.

            Bulbasaur peered at the world from Red's shoulders as they walked along.

            "Don't worry, Venus, I'm sure we can take care of everything." Red said confidently.

            Me too.

            "Now let's see…" Ash tucked his pokédex into his front jacket pocket on the inside so it could not be easily stolen, and then took out his binoculars.

            See anything interesting?

            "Unfortunately not." They kept walking. A few Pidgey appeared, but Venus was not eager to fight them.

            Who else did you bring?

            "Oh…" Red stopped. "Let's see, I have Star…"

            Star was an Eevee who had escaped from a Team Rocket experimental facility. She had the combined powers of the three stone eevelutions, but usually stayed in her poke ball because transforming forms caused great pain.

            And unless he had enough money to afford the necessary evolution stones, he was stuck.

            She was awfully cute though.

            Venus nodded. * Smart… three in one combination. *


            That was Poliwhirl, the one who had been with him since he was a baby.

            Poli was very loyal, and always tried to protect Ash.

            Venus continued to listen as she munched on some wildflowers.

            "Hmm… Raichu…"

            His father had left Raichu, but his father had only trained it for a few days before evolving it.

            Still, it had been too weak for him.

            Ash hadn't seen his father for years, but he still had Raichu. And Raichu accepted him as his trainer.

            Sometimes, he wondered what his father was like, but not much. He lived alone, anyways. His mother was never home.

            She worked as an engineer for Devon in some far-off land. Every month she sent a letter and cash, but it just wasn't the same. Ash had been training pokemon for two years, but he had yet to see his mom.

            "Lapras, that's dad's pokemon too…'

            Frankly, Venus could not care less where her master's worthless father was. In the short three months she had been with him, he had taken admirable care of himself and all of his pokemon.

            Lapras was timid, almost to the point of extremity. She really was shy.

            Sometimes, Venus wondered if it was caused by his father's actions. The man hadn't exactly won the award for 'most considerate trainer', or even 'trainer with above average intelligence'.

            "And… Aeroy."

            Aeroy, a.k.a. Aerodactyl, had been a present from Blaine. He was Ash's grandfather or great-grandfather, she wasn't sure which precisely.

            Last year, Ash had found the Old Amber, and in return, Blaine had resurrected it, bringing forth Aerodactyl.

            Now, Aerodactyl was very devoted to his trainer. The only possible problem was his weak eyesight. Not being used to modern air, he used a combination of echolocation and smell to find his way around.

            Still, Venus was confident her master would do well, as they began their new adventure.

End Chapter

WARNINGS: Later on this fic will be shonen-ai Championshipping, just warning you now.