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OK! IF YOU DON'T THINK I SHOULD DO THIS, PLEASE TELL ME AND I'LL TAKE IT OFF!Here's my new thing. Let's see if I can't turn this one-shot into a story? (hey, it's worth a try) Some of you (please don't ask me who…it might have been RavenDarkSorceress) said it seemed…incomplete. Thank you for pointing that out. I read back over and said "Golly gee wiz, it seems like something's missing" Actually, I didn't have the 'golly gee wiz' part, but all the same. TTfan…..about the whole Starfire thing… No comment. DarkDeamon3….:bursts into tears: I'm so glad you liked it…..THATS SO GREAT! Thanks for the encouragement Alena-chan, XLife & raven, and kairi kingdom, feel free to point out any mistakes…I AM SO OPEN FOR SUGGESTIONS! Otakualways, yes, the italics are robin.Ok, here I go, and wish me luck. And lets just see how many persons (I, you, he/she) I can turn this into!

What Drove Me to Madness

Chapter 1-In the Beginning

I suppose I should start from the beginning. My feelings were totally under control the whole entire time. I'm lying, of course, as I say this, but you never needed to know that. And I'm also sure that you don't need me to tell you what has happened in our past. But, I'll do it. Just for you. Just so you can see how you drove me to this madness.

It started off slow, like the ripple in the middle of the sea that slowly forms into a tidal wave. I can't tell you exactly when it started, but it was so subtle that I didn't notice it until it smacked me dead in the face. Ha, dead.

You always seemed so in charge. Always so calm. You were so in control of everything, and you never had to worry about hiding anything. Never had to worry about what you thought. Never had to rein in your emotions to manage your power. So, I guess you can say that I envied, envy, will envy, you.

But now I hover between death and you. My memories are the only thing to tie me down. I remain in limbo, and I think.

(A while back…)

"Beast Boy, please! Will you stop watching T.V.?" Cyborg yelled, his voice booming throughout the tower. Raven walked out of her room and headed to where the two were fighting.

"No. You never know. One day it might just come in handy."

"Oh, please. Like it's going to do anything for you. I seriously doubt you will ever be on a rerun of Wheel of Fortune to know all the answers." Cy thundered.

"Like you actually can answer all the correct letters from every episode." Beast Boy folded his arms. "You're just jealous."

"Why would anyone be jealous of you?" Raven asked, setting a hand on the couch. Robin stood in one of the doorways, a hand hiding his smile. She shook her head, her face apathetic. "I mean, it's not like you're too good for anything, right?"

"Will you never stand up for me?" Beast Boy groaned, but Cy just laughed. He knew Raven was kidding in her own little way.

"Please," Starfire said, walking in. "Beast Boy is good at changing into animals, is he not?"

"She's being sarcastic," Cy said, explaining. Starfire continued to look puzzled but said nothing.

"Besides, isn't it your night to make dinner?" Robin finally chimed in. Beast Boy groaned.

"Why must you all gang up on me?"

"You're an easy target," Raven said.

He groaned again but headed off to the kitchen.

"I'm going to get a quick charge in before dinner, and then….TWISTER!" exclaimed Cy.

Raven slapped herself on the forehead with her palm. "You people are impossible." Her voice, as always, was inflectionless.

"We are going to play a game about the natural disaster also know as a tornado?" Star asked.

"Not quite. You see, it's a game where everybody puts their hand on a colored dot, and twist around until some one falls….We'll explain it when it's time to play," Robin said.

After dinner, the mat was spread, and Beast Boy hopped excitedly around. "I love this game! Don't you? Huh, Raven? Don't you?"

"Shut up. I refuse to degrade myself to such a primal level: crawling on the ground. No, thanks." She sat down on the couch and grabbed the spinner. "Left foot red," she said, sighing.

Two games later, the rest of the Titans begged for her to join them.

"Beast Boy can man the spinner," Robin said.

"Man!" Beast Boy cried.

"Yeah. No one likes a cheat. He keeps turning into all sorts of different animals so he can win. That hippo trick wasn't funny. Isn't it against the rules somewhere?" Cy complained.

"Hey, no need to hate me just because I'm well endowed." Beast Boy said. Raven actually snorted at this, but hid it as a sneeze.

"Please, Raven. Do you not wish to join us in this game of twisting?" Starfire looked hurt.

"We'll never bug you about it ever again if you play," Cy tempted.

Raven stared at them.

"Well?" Beast Boy asked, breaking the silence.


She left the mat and stood in between Cy and Robin on the mat.

"Right foot green. Left foot blue. Left hand red. Right hand blue. Left foot yellow. Right hand yellow."

Through the shifting, somehow Robin's hand made it under her leg. His arm brushed against her thigh and sent a jolt to her stomach. Stupid food, she thought. Beast Boy never made anything for normal….well, semi-normal, people.

The next call, she couldn't remember what, sent Cy almost crashing into her. He caught himself at the last moment, but she toppled over and some how managed to roll over onto Robin. He looked up at her with a smile playing on his lips.

"Well, we lose," he said.

God, he was comfortable. Much better than that stupid mat. That's why she said it. It was nice to stretch out after being cramped in odd shapes. She rolled off.

"You can never bother me about this again," she said, and she walked off to her room.


Do you remember that? It was so insignificant. Still, your smile….

Do you hear me? No, of course not. You've left me again. I don't feel anger towards you though. I would leave me too.

I feel like I'm bouncing. Who is holding me? Something touches my lips. Warm, but what is it? I can barely open my mouth to it. The dark of Death doesn't like it, and it screams at me to stop. Death seems so wise. Should I listen? Hmm, too late. It's a tear. Who is crying over me? Who is holding me?

Raven, it's me. We're taking you to the ambulance. Just hold on a little longer.

It sounds so much like you. It's uncanny. But you've left. The darkness is welcoming me back.

Raven, listen to me. Stay with me.

Death grabs my hand, whispers in my ear.

I'm being pulled back and forth. My recollections shall decide where I belong.

Please tell me what you thought of this…I dunno what to do. I am so open to anything, it is unbelievable. Don't think it should be here/ TELL ME…..think it belongs….TELL ME! Not quite sure? Confused? Need a vacation? TELL ME! Kk, thanks.!