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What Drove Me to Madness

Chapter 6—Final Thought

I know it's coming. I can feel the breath of finality, the pull of the eternal. One more whispered story of my mind for you. Yet still, you torture me. Your words to me, to Star, from everyone, for me. I hate you for everything… I love you for everything.

One more breath for me to call for you.


Raven slipped out early. A whispered smile to the murmuring boy in the bed, tangled in sheets, the one not dressed in the room, and she left.

Back in her room, she slipped into bed. Despite sleeping with Robin, there was so little sleep involved. In a few seconds, she was asleep, dreaming warm thoughts and imagining she could feel Robin's warmth still beside her.

The next thing she knew, there was a knock on her door. "Raven?" Cy asked. "Are you alright? It's almost noon."

"Mmm," she grumbled. "I'll get up later."

It was later when she finally awoke, surrounded by her dark walls and mirrors. A content soreness flooded through her muscles. She tidied up some, and then walked out of her room.

It was oddly silent. She walked to the kitchen and got some food, good food… not tofu. She ate that silently, listening to the eerie silence in the tower. She jumped into the shower after eating, but she was preoccupied with thoughts of Robin.

Who was she, this new her? There were no doubts, no regrets. Their night together seemed to have erased all thoghts and fears of anything but him. Beautiful, sexy, sweet, Robin.

She redressed in a haze. The tower was still creepily quite. She decided to take a walk around. Where could they be? Surely not a mission without her. She would have heard the alarm.

She walked around. No one, no T.V. on, no Cy in his workshop, no Starfire flitting around, no Robin…

She took a walk to his shop. She could hear voices, muffled, musical and rough. She stuck her head inside the door, about to chide whoever was in there for not being louder. That would be a first. But when she saw, her heart stopped and her breath froze.

"Robin, even if she won't say it, I will. Forever." They were sitting on his car, too close for comfort, oblivious to Raven's entrance.

"I don't want you to have to worry about it, Starfire. I'm sure it was all a mis—"

Starfire stopped him with a kiss, deep and searing. She caught Raven's eyes but continued as Robin leaned in. Raven stayed long enough to watch Robin's hands got to Starfire's shoulders, caressing with familiar ease.

As she fled the door, she heard Starfire's, "Even if she won't, I love you." And Robin finished his word. "Mistake."

Raven ran fast to her room, taking no notice of the brewing storm outside, reflecting the tumult of her emotions. He hadn't loved her. He had used her. And she had fallen for it. FALLEN! A sob, and actual sob, wracked her body, and she felt tears flooding her stinging eyes. Promises. Fear.

I want to be gone.


And there you have it. Why I need you. Even if you never wanted me. But, here, I'll make a compromise to Death, who seems hard-pressed to have me. Death, let me see him one more time, to tell him. Then I'll go with you. We'll be together. Consort and Mistress.

I don't understand why you won't listen to me. But I understand. Raven, please, I can't be without you. Please!

But Star. And I'm not stupid. I can see, I can hear, and I can remember. Don't lie to me. Just hold on. I'm coming.

Raven, you're leaving me. Why are you leaving me? Everyone else has left! Everything in my past… My future is fading without you. There is no without you. And to be with you, if it has to be in ground, then let it be that.

Robin….wait. What are you thinking. Just…wait. Wait. I'm waking up. Death is agreeing for the moment. One more look… it can be your explanation. Just wait.

I c-can't. I c-c-can't do this w-wi-without you. Raven. I'm coming. Baby, I'm coming. We'll be fine together, wherever you are. I'm coming.

Robin…why are you crying. I can here you…Robin. Damn it, wait! Wait for me to open my eyes. What are you saying.

I never cared for anyone else. Never. I never loved anyone more than you. Star says you saw us, that day in the shop. It wasn't what you think. But why waste my words now? I'll explain them to you in death, my love, and we will be there..eternity.

Robin. Don't. Wait! Why waste your beauty of life? My eyes are opening. Death is waiting…moving. There you are. Splended, sobbing, perfect in the blur of my mind. Your holding something…what. What is it. Robin…no. No!

I'm coming.

A scalpel to your wrist. Robin, please. Look at me. LOOK AT ME! My eyes are filling with tears. Look at me now. My heart… Robin, no! Is this the pain you are in… to watch the one you love succumb to death's seducing call? Look at me, please. I'm here. Robin. ROBIN.

Get out of my head. I'm going for Raven. Rae, these doubts in my mind call like your voice. It's not you. I love you. I'm coming. I'm coming for you.

God. Robin, I love you, too. Open your eyes look at me. Don't do it. Pull it away from your wrist. Stop! STOP.

The black glow that encircles your wrist, rips away the scalpel. It's me.

A sob. "Robin, I love you!"

You look up. How beautiful.


"Robin. Please. I love you."

"Raven?" You rush over to my bed. "Oh god. Raven."

You're sobbing on me. Death is screaming as it fades, cursing me. I'm crying on you. I almost lost you. I almost watched you die.

"What were you thinking. You're so stupid."

"Raven, your voice is so weak. I love you. I do. Don't make me leave you. Please. I don't ever want to leave you again. You're so precious. While you were…going. I remembered so much. The twister board, the Ferris Wheel…I realized how much I needed you. Don't make me leave."

"Robin, no. Don't leave. I won't make you. You fought for me."

"Raven, you're weak. The doctors are coming. I'm here."

"…and yes," you whisper. "I'll fight for you always."

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