A Dancer's Thoughts

Summary: 10 years after Battle City, Tea reflects on her friends, the experiences they've been through and even her growing love for a certain blue-eyed CEO. SetoxTea oneshot!

Reason for Writing: Umm…I wanted to write a few Seto and Tea one shots and since I got so many positive reviews for my other fic, I decided to write this one. Since it's just the one chapter, I don't have to worry if I haven't updated it in awhile. I have no idea if it's good or not, I just thought it up off the top of my head.

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A Dancer's Thoughts

Tea sat in her penthouse suite in the Domino Hotel, smiling. In her hand was a letter from Yugi. Tea had been away from Domino for seven years, pursuing her goal of dancing. After so much work, her lifelong dream had finally come true. She had been accepted into Julliard in New York City and was now a well known dancer. But she missed her life in Domino and had returned. "To see my friends," she thought.

Friends. The one most important word in her life. Friends were the ones stuck with you, who made you laugh, who always had a shoulder to cry on when you were sad. Friends defended you and never gave up on you, no matter what happened.

Tea remembered Battle City, when Marik had used the Millennium Rod to take control of her mind along with Joey's. It was only the strong friendship that existed between Yugi and Joey that finally caused Marik's mind control to lift.

Glancing down at Yugi's letter, she smiled again. Her friends were the most important part in her life, and nothing, not even dancing, could get in the way of that. "I've put this off far too long," she thought, considering the changes they had all been through in the past 10 years. Joey had finally married Mai and they had a seven year old daughter named Ari and a four year old boy named Keith. Serenity had also gotten married, but surprisingly, the groom was neither Tristan nor Duke. Tristan was dating a girl named Miho and Duke, well; Tea could only guess that he was going out with one of his numerous fan girls. And Yugi? Yugi was still Yugi. The Game Shop had become very popular and now Yugi could afford to live the life of the rich. He was still a bit vertically challenged and had never married.

"Wait, was there someone I forgot?" Tea asked herself. Oh yes, the incredibly rich CEO of Kaiba Corporation, the one and only Seto Kaiba. And of course, his little brother Mokuba. "The last time I watched the news, I heard that Kaiba Corp. was so successful, they're going to set up a new location in the States," Tea thought back. "And according to the social column of the newspaper, Kaiba is still 'the most attractive bachelor of Domino, Japan.'"

She sighed. Of all the people she knew in high school, Kaiba was the only one she hadn't kept constant contact with. Then again, Kaiba wasn't exactly the type to reminiscence about his high school experience. "Go d, no wonder he's still single," she thought. "He's so solitary that he could never tell anyone anything, except for his little brother. Like he'd ever open up to some woman," she thought sarcastically.

But back then, he had been pretty hot. Dressing in long trench coats with his chocolate brown hair falling into his dark cobalt eyes, he had the whole mysterious guy look going. Tea wasn't the only one who thought that, back in high school, he had almost as many fan girls as Duke did. But Duke was actually interested in his girls, unlike Kaiba who regarded them as useless pieces of trash that were obsessed with making themselves look 'beautiful.'

"Anyway, it's not like he even knew that I liked him," she remarked. "I never let him know. He was the greatest rival of my best friend. I couldn't have said anything, it would have been disastrous," she smiled, picturing herself telling Joey that she was in love with his greatest enemy. "He'd probably have a heart attack or something," Tea thought, laughing.

"And what do I like about him anyway?" Tea asked herself. "Sure, he's good looking, but you can't really love somebody based on their looks alone. But that isn't the whole reason I love him. It's the way he cares for his brother, the look he gets in his eyes when he's determined to do something. That's what I love about him," she finished resolutely. "And that's the side of him those fan girls never got to see."

"But he's always been solitary," she wistfully thought. "Obsessed with completing his latest company products on time, trying to challenge Yugi to a rematch, never having fun, I could almost say that he's married to his work. He's always in complete control of everything in his life, so why would he submit himself to something as variable as love?"

But then Tea remembered the one time she had seen Seto Kaiba unnerved. (a/n: not talking about duels here, everybody gets really scared during those if they think they're going to lose. Yugi/Yami, Joey, Seto, Marik, etc.) It was during Duelist Kingdom.


"Celtic Guardian, attack his Blue Eyes White Dragon!" roared the spirit of the puzzle.

A girl ran forward, tears falling from her sky blue eyes. "No, Yugi! Stop!" she begged.

At this, Yugi regained control of his own body. "Stop, Celtic Guardian!" he said, hoping it wouldn't be too late.

Celtic Guardian stopped mere inches from the mighty dragon, sword still raised.

"Big mistake Yugi," Kaiba said. "Now it's my turn! Blue Eyes, attack his Celtic Guardian with white lightning!"

Stunned, Yugi could only watch as his life point counter dropped down to zero. "No, Grandpa!" he exclaimed.

Satisfied, Kaiba turned to leave.

"Wait, Kaiba!" somebody said.

Stunned, he turned around.

"What do you have at the end of the day?" Tea asked. Closing her eyes, she said, "Yugi has friends. Yugi has faith. But what do you have at the end of the day Seto Kaiba? Tell me!"

He paused for a minute before replying, "All that I need."

End Flashback

It was a lie, and she knew it. He was tired, exhausted, and his brother's soul was trapped inside a madman's castle. He had nothing; he was on a fool's errand, trying to save the one person that mattered to him. "And he failed," she remembered. "He dueled Pegasus and lost. It was only because of Yugi that he managed to escape alive. And even then, he still wouldn't thank Yugi. He wouldn't acknowledge that Yugi saved his life. All he was obsessed with during Battle City was defeating Yugi," she thought resentfully.

She often wondered about him. During Battle City and especially the Great Leviathan experience, her group had offered him the hand of friendship many times. "Well, maybe not Joey," she smiled. "But every time we tried to help him, he just pushed us away. Maybe that's it!" she realized "Maybe his evil stepfather did something to him that made Kaiba the way he is today. After all, he was supposed to be kind of greedy. Maybe he raised Kaiba to be the same way."

"So the reason that he pushes us away is that he's afraid!" Tea realized. All this time, she never would have suspected that the rich and famous Seto Kaiba didn't want to make friends because he was afraid of trusting them.

Tea fell back on the couch, shocked by her realization. Beside her, the alarm clock beeped urgently"Ack! I'm going to be late for Yugi's!" she exclaimed. Opening her spacious walk in closet, she pulled out a black shirt and a hot pink long-sleeved shirt. After quickly changing her clothes, she grabbed her cell phone and sprinted out the door.

The location of the Game Shop was not far from Tea's hotel, yet the walk seemed to take forever.

Turning the final corner, Tea started sprinting towards the shop. "If I hurry, I'll only be a minute late," she thought. "I hope the others won't be too-oof!" Running straight into someone, she fell backwards.

"Watch where you're going next time, moron," came a highly annoyed yet monotonous voice.

"Kaiba?" she asked, peering up into the man's face.

"Gardener? What are you doing here?" he asked. "And all by yourself, especially without the nerd herd?"

"My friends," she said, putting a strong emphasis on that word, "are waiting for me. And if I don't hurry, I'm going to be late. So what are you doing here anyways? Seeing some corporate minions?"

"Hnn. I'm meeting a business executive that foolishly challenged me. He said that his company could easily put mine out of business," he spat out. "But I'm going to show him who's boss. This company hasn't been producing weapons since the time of my stepfather, but we still own the most technological products in the world." He paused, noticing his companion stare off into space.

"Why S-Kaiba?" she asked. "Why are you like this? You detested everything your stepfather did, so why did you have become like him?"

Kaiba's icy blue eyes swept over the brunette. He didn't like this change in topic, but he didn't need to give her an answer and she knew it. Turing around, he started to walk away.

"Don't walk away from me, Kaiba!" Tea demanded. She started to stride after him, eventually matching footsteps with the young businessman.

"I don't need to answer your question, Gardener," he icily remarked.

They were almost to the Game Shop now. "Kaiba," Tea said, darting in front of him. "Why? Why do you have to be like this? Come back to the real world," she gazed up at him with alluring blue eyes.

"Those eyes, they seem so familiar," he thought before becoming swallowed by a haunting train of memories.


"Mommy, no, don't make me leave you!" Seto screamed as he was pulled away from the hospital bed.

"Seto, darling, you'll be fine," she attempted a smile but a spasm of pain crossed over her soft features.

"Doctor, we need to get her to operating table right now!" a surgeon shouted.

Fighting his way back to the bed, Seto grabbed his mother's hand.

"Seto," she said. "I don't want you to forget."

"Forget what, mommy?" he asked, sniffling.

"That you should live your life to the fullest, even when I am gone. Don't forget Seto," she begged. "Don't forget what living is all about."

"I won't, mommy," he promised with all his heart.

She finally eked out a smile before her bright eyes dimmed, then finally shut forever.

End Flashback

"Kaiba? Kaiba?" Tea asked. She waved her hand in front of his face, receiving no response. Then remembering her original approach, she tried again.

"Come back, Seto," she pleaded. "Come back to the real world." Tentatively, she placed her hand on his arm. "You're miles away. Come back." Still receiving no response, she made one last attempt.

"Is this what you want from yourself? To live the life of a cold and stuffy businessman? Please don't hide anymore," she begged. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to help you. I want you to remember what life is really about."

Seto heard her words as though they were coming from someplace far away. They echoed throughout his brain, resonating again and again. He remembered horrible things from his life, things that he wished to forget. That was what Tea Gardener did to him. She forced him to relive the worst moments of his life. But she also brought him something else that caused him to erase everything else, to make all the horridness disappear. Tea Gardener brought him hope.

Tea, watching him intently, saw the strangest thing happen to his eyes.

They softened.

It was as if all of the hardness had just faded away, like ice disappearing off a pond in the spring.

Then something even more amazing happened.

A single tear fell down his cheek.

Tea couldn't believe her eyes. "Se-Kaiba, crying?" she thought. "No way! Not in a million years would Kaiba break down like this. And especially in front of 'Yugi's friend,'"

But, being the kind, caring person she was, Tea reached up to brush away the tear.

Never, not even in her wildest dreams, could she imagine what happened next.

Seto brought his own hand up to stroke her cheek, reveling in its softness. His other arm reached around her waist, pulling her close. Then, ever so slowly, he bent down and pressed his lips to hers.

Tea almost fainted from shock. "What does he think he's doing?" she thought. "I-ohh…this is nice," she thought. Reaching her arms up to his neck, she started to kiss him back.

Seto nearly jumped out of skin. "What the crap?" he thought. He had never kissed anyone before, but he had to admit that this was nice. Tea still hadn't let up on the kiss yet, being the guy he was, he pulled her even closer so their bodies were pressed up tight against each other.

Tea was still confused. "First he argues with me, then he zones out, then he kisses me!" However, she continued to kiss.

Slowly, Seto pulled away and examined the girl in his arms. Her face was flushed, but she was smiling. Somehow, that encouraged him to say something. "I-" he began but was interrupted by a cheerful ring tone.

"My cell phone!" Tea exclaimed. Fishing it out of her purse, she pressed the send button.

"Hello?" she asked.

'Tea?" Yugi said. "Where are you? You said you'd be here by 5!"

"I'm really sorry, I got distracted!" she responded. "I'll be over in a sec!"

"But Tea-"

"See you, Yugi!" she said, then hung up.

She glanced from Seto to the Game Shop and back again. Then she saw Yugi through the window.

"Tea!" he exclaimed. Obviously, since the window's view was so impaired, Yugi hadn't seen Seto.

Tea turned around, an apologetic look on her face. "I'm sorry," she said, then ran towards the shop.

Seto watched her run away, one finger tracing his lips where an imprint of her still lay. He smiled. Not his usual smirk or sneer, but a real smile, one full of life and happiness.

"Hi, Yugi, sorry I'm late!" she said.

"No problem Tea!" he replied. "Guys!" he said raising his voice. "She's here!"

Joey and Tristan came out of the back room of the shop.

"Tea!" they exclaimed, then enveloped her with hugs.

"Tea, what took ya so long?" Joey asked.

"Maybe she was on a date or something!" Tristan said, elbowing Joey in the stomach.

Laughing at his silly friends, Yugi asked, "Tea, how have you been?"

Smiling, she responded, "A lot better now that I'm home."



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