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Chapter 1: Sakura

Sakura sat in History class, bored out of her mind. They had been discussing the Revolution that occurred in Japan many years ago. "I can't take much more of this!" she screamed in her mind.

"Ah-ha! Ms. Kyle? Why don't you read the next paragraph for us?" her teacher asked.

Sakura gave a very heavy sigh, "Yes, sir." She stood up, took her book and started to read to the class. "'One of the most widely-known figures in the Revolution of Japan, was Hajime Saitou. A former member of the elite known as the 'Shinsengumi'. After the Meiji Era, he had become an officer of Tokyo with the alias 'Fujita Goro'. His only family being his young wife Sakura, whom he met under unusual circumstances and who never revealed much about her past.'"

"Well, Ms. Kyle, looks like you and Mrs. Saitou have something in common," her teacher laughed.

"Yeah, lucky me," Sakura replied sarcastically. At that moment, the bell rang allowing Sakura and her friends to grab their belongings and get out of there. As she and her best friend were walking down the sidewalk, she tugged on Sakura's sleeve.

"Hey Sakura?" she asked. Sakura turned around to face her.

"What is it Allison?" she asked her. Allison pulled out her History book and turned to the page Sakura had just read.

"I noticed something really weird in here. Look," Allison stated. She held the book in front of Sakura and pointed to a picture. It was a man with a young woman standing next to him, who appeared to be his wife. The man was very tall, had a firm face, with slick hair. The young woman next to him had most of her face covered with a fan. The only parts of her face that could be seen were her eyes. Sakura could've sworn that she had seen them before.

"Well what about it?" Sakura asked her friend as she took a closer look at the picture. "He's kind of cute," she said out loud.

"Whatever, just look at the girl. She looks just like you!" Allison told her. "Maybe she's an old relative or something," she figured.

"I don't think so. None of my family members have ever lived in Japan. Besides, she doesn't look anything like me. I look much cooler!" Sakura laughed. She began walking again as Allison kept examining the picture.

"Maybe she's right. Maybe it's just my imagination," Allison thought and put the book away.

"Hey! You coming or what?" Sakura called to her.

"Coming!" Allison replied and ran to catch up with her. "Well I've gotta get home. I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

"Sure. Later!" They both gave their traditional peace signs and ran off home.

That night, Sakura began to work on her History homework in her empty house. She lived there with her father, who was never really there. He was always out at a different bar every night. Sakura was the one who actually had a job to support them. She pulled out her History back to the page once again that she and Allison had looked at earlier. They were told to write a summary on the Revolution for the assignment. In about fifteen minutes she finished, leaning back in her chair and stretching. When she looked at the book again, she noticed the picture. Sakura leaned in closer to examine it once again.

"Allison's crazy. That woman doesn't look like me at all," she thought to herself. Sakura was about to close the book, but found that she couldn't stop looking at the picture. Only instead of looking at the woman, she was looking at her husband, Hajime Saitou. "Wow. His eyes look so intense. He really is cute." She mentally yelled at herself for thinking something so stupid. "I definitely need some sleep," she yawned. She got up, turned off her lamp and plopped onto her bed. Sleep easily consumed her, sending her into a strange dream.

Sakura was standing in a place of nothing but white light, nearly blinding her. "Hello? Is anyone there?" her voice echoed in the empty void. Just then, she heard steady footsteps coming from behind her. When she turned, a tall figure was looming over her. Something inside her kept her from running, or backing away. Her voice was lost to her, even as the figure lifted his hand and lightly caressed her cheek. For some reason, she merely leaned into his touch. She looked up to try and see his face, but it was covered with a shadow. The only thing Sakura could see was that he was mouthing something inaudible. Before she could ask what he had said, a loud bang echoed through the emptiness. That was when Sakura jumped up in her bed, sweating and panting as she looked around her dark room. "What was that all about?" she wondered. She wiped some sweat off of her brow and could hear heavy, wobbling footsteps heading for her room. "Oh no" she gasped and jumped out of her bed, running for the door. Before her hand could reach the lock, the door bursted open causing her to be thrown into the wall. Before she could even look up, a rough hand grabbed her by the throat and hauled her to her feet. "Not again!" she pleaded silently.

"There you are," her father slurred as he chucked her into the nearest wall. "Try to lock the door on me will you!" Sakura desperately tried to use her legs and run out of there, but her father would not allow it. First it was just throwing her around the room, then the real beating had begun. He kicked her, he slapped her, he even hit her with the beer bottle in his hand. He knocked her upside the head with it, causing a large gash to appear on her temple. It was a good forty-minutes until he had grown tired and wobbled back to his own room, slamming his door in the process. Sakura merely sat there in the dark corner, hugging her legs to her chest, crying into her arms.

She couldn't take it anymore. Using the walls for support, she stood on her battered legs and began to make her way downstairs, one painful step at a time. As soon as she heard stirring back up in her father's room she began to sprint through the door and down the street, completely ignoring the excruciating pain surging through her body. She could feel the blood seeping from her gash down her temple, and onto her cheek. Eventually rain started to pour down on her, with lightning and thunder crashing loudly. "I don't care! I just have to get out of here!" Sakura yelled to herself. All of her running eventually led her to the park, where she completely ran out of strength. She collapsed right under a large tree and turned onto her bruised back to see lightning crash, hitting a tree branch right above her. The last thing she saw was a flaming branch heading right for her until she blacked out completely.

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