Chapter 7: Adjusting

Sakura looked around to find unwelcome and unwanted stares from countless people. Of course when she looked around at all the women, she realized why she seemed so out of place. "Wow. They're so beautiful in those kimonos. No wonder Saitou said I looked like a boy," Sakura thought. She continued to follow Saitou through the town right into a kimono shop. Sakura couldn't even understand what Saitou and the shop owner were discussing, until they took her by the hands and led her to a changing room. Sakura needed a lot of help to actually put it on, and had no idea what she looked like when she was finished. When she stepped out of the changing area, she walked out to where Saitou was standing. Once again with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth. "So, how do I look?" Sakura asked him.

"Look for yourself," Saitou replied as he pointed to the right. Sakura looked over to see a full-length mirror. She took a deep breath and slowly walked over to it. Sakura had closed her eyes, stepped before the mirror, and opened them. She gasped at her reflection.

"Is–is that me?" Sakura asked out loud.

"No." Saitou replied sarcastically. Sakura didn't even bother to think of his response, and continued to look in the mirror. There she stood in a beautiful dark-blue kimono with white cherry blossoms on it. Her hair was on top of her head in a bun, while her bangs outlined her face.

"I can't believe that's me," Sakura gasped.

"If I can believe it, I'm sure you can," Saitou smirked and walked up to her. "Here," he said holding out his hand. Sakura looked and gasped even more.

"It's beautiful" she said. Saitou was holding a jade clip with a white tiger lily shape on it, and put it in her hair. "I don't know what to say. Thank you, S–Fujita." Sakura turned with an actual smile on her face, but with tears in her eyes.

"Don't make a scene of it," Saitou told her and turned toward the owner. "I'll take seven more kimonos in the same size, but different colors." he told him. Sakura turned in shock and gasped again. "Yes, I am buying you kimonos. I can't have you walking around wearing that one all the time."

Sakura was too speechless to say anything and simply nodded gratefully. Saitou told the owner to have them delivered at the dojo later that afternoon. "Do you suppose we could get something to eat? I'm still a little hungry from breakfast." Saitou looked down at her quizzically. "Please?" she pleaded. The pure innocence that Saitou saw in her before had returned. He simply nodded and led her to a restaurant nearby. Sakura was still getting used to walking in a kimono. Saitou was surprised as to how quickly she was adjusting, and how graceful she could pass herself off as. They both walked into the restaurant and were seated quickly. Saitou ordered soba while Sakura asked for the same. In the middle of the silent meal, Sakura put down her chopsticks and held her head.

"What is it?" Saitou asked, noticing the tired look on her face.

"I don't know I–I just feel dizzy all of a sudden. I'll be fine after a second or so," Sakura replied. Saitou removed one of his gloves and reached across the table to feel her forehead.

"You have a fever. We should get you back," he said and stood up.

"I'll be fine, really. I just need to wait it out, it doesn't usually last long anyway," she told him.

"This happens often?" Saitou asked.

"Well–I-" Sakura started, only to have Saitou gently grasp her arm and lift her to her feet. "I'm sorry for being so much trouble for you," Sakura whispered as they walked out of the restaurant. Saitou didn't even look at her in response and simply kept walking.

Out of the corner of his eye, Saitou noticed that Sakura had a little bit of trouble walking straight. He caught her arm and wrapped it around his own. "Lean on me," he told her. Sakura looked up at him in surprise. "I'd rather not have people thinking I'm escorting a drunk home." Sakura glared at him, but laid her tired head on his arm. As they continued to walk, Sakura's vision continued to get slightly blurry. Saitou noticed that even with his body to keep her balanced, she was still stumbling. To make matters worse, he felt a few raindrops fall on his face. "Terrific," he thought sarcastically and looked down at Sakura. Her eyes were closed, as if she were sleeping. Saitou watched as a raindrop fell onto her cheek, and caused her eyes to open.

"Huh? Where are we?" she moaned, rubbing her eyes open. Just then it began to pour down rain on the village.

"Come on!" Saitou scooped Sakura up into his arms and ran for cover. He found a large tree, just big enough for them to shelter under. Saitou set Sakura on her own feet once they were safely protected from the rain. "We'll have to wait the rain out before we can continue back to the dojo," Saitou explained.

"I see. Alright then," Sakura replied and just leaned against the tree as she watched the rain.

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