Deep in Earth

Chapter 1 The Message

It has been about 8 months since they've 'lost' Terra, and far too long for Beast Boy to handle. Everyone on the team was searching for the cure, day and night without much progress. But the one working the hardest, surprisingly, was Beast Boy. While the others would just work in between the missions, at night or in their spare time, he was always thinking about it. Even if it didn't look like he was.

Every time he would sleep, he would dream about having Terra back, and everyone being happy again. Each time he would eat, he would think of Terra being by his side. Whenever he would play video games, he would think of her, cheering him on, when he was loosing the game. Every time they went into battle, that she would be helping them, defeating anyone who stood the way of their victory. But most of all, whenever he was upset or depressed about something, he would think of her, she was his reward at the end of the game, she was the grand prize, she was what he was looking forward to at the end of the day. Now, all he had to do was complete the obstacles standing in his way of her.

He had to find the cure. He had to…not only for himself, but for everyone else. For the titans, were not the same, and never would be…unless, she was back. He had to bring her back for everyone to be happy again. So that they could all see her smiling face again. But most of all, he had to bring her back…for Terra herself. So that she most of all could be happy. So she could see them all again. So that she could live again. He realized that this was not all for him, But all for her. It's her life to live, not his.

Every day when he was in his room, or just alone, he would think of her. Her smiling face, long blond hair, and those wonderful eyes of hers that he could just loose himself in. but he easily got distracted by those things to see what really mattered. The cure.

He would often start to do calculations in his head, take notes, and research. I know it doesn't sound much like Beast Boy, but he was trying, and giving all that he could, just to get her back. But even with his all-nighters, and constant thinking mode, he still wasn't much closer. If anyone else was, he didn't know.

But one night, while in a deeply concentrated mode. He fell asleep over all of the paperwork. And had a dream that he had been having very often, but it changed, and he could tell.

(Beast Boy's dream)

The titans were in battle, just a normal one; the H.I.V.E was robbing a bank. But it wasn't that normal, because, the H.I.V.E. was winning.

Raven and Jinx were fighting a hard battle, but it seemed that everything Raven did, Jinx was always one step a head of her. Every time Raven was about to grab hold of something, Jinx got it first.

Cyborg was battling G Mammoth, who seemed to be at least ten times stronger now then ever before. He was lifting huge amounts of pavement out of the ground, like it was nothing, and could grab hold of, and throw anything at Cyborg without even breaking a sweat.

Robin was fighting Gizmo who seemed to have restocked on his gadgets from the last time that they all fought. He managed to somehow knock Starfire unconscious, and still fight Robin. They were both throwing smoke bombs and light disks to try and throw each other off. Which didn't work well.

Then there was Beast Boy, who's only job was to keep civilians away and to block any misfires of the H.I.V.E.'s path of destruction. When Mammoth crashed into a building that started to tip over. Beast Boy was too busy shooing people away to notice, until it was too late. The five story building fell on top of a road block, which made pavement and concrete go flying up into the air. He was about to get crushed, when Terra came in on a rock worm she pulled out of the ground and stopped the rocks before they could hit Beast Boy.

With everyone distracted by Terra being back, the Titans took out the H.I.V.E. by surprise.

At this part of his dream he would go up and rap his arms around Terra, and she would do the same to him. But, that did not happen, not this time.

As soon as she saw him coming towards her, Terra began to run away. Beast Boy, being confused, ran after her to find out why she was leaving him, yet again. She ran into Slade's old lair, the one her stone prison still stands in. he walked in after her, and day turned to night, it was dark, and all he could hear was Terra, crying

He then began to slowly walk inward. When the old door reappeared and slammed behind him, sending a sudden chill up his spine...

Beast Boy then cautiously moved forward to wear he heard Terra, which was right in front of her statue. She lay there, hurtled up at the feet of it, like she was scared of something around her. So Beast Boy took a chance and tried to calm her down. Any way he could.

"Terra?" he said, somewhat scared, yet caring "…are you ok?" she looked up at him with dead eyes, ones that did not belong to a young thirteen year old girl. She looked as though she was almost frightened to death about something. Her hair was knotted, clothes were even more torn then before… and those eyes… if you saw them, you would run away screaming, they were terrifying. He moved in closer to her.

"Terra, its going to be ok. I'll take you back to the tower, you look like you could eat someth-" she cut him off.

"Beast Boy…" she said as she shuddered "it's almost too late." She said with a tear in her eyes

"Too late for what?" Beast Boy asked scared "for what Terra? What happened?"

"You have to save me, come for me…before…it's too late." He began to break down in tears "you have to hurry! I won't last much longer before, I am…completely lost." she then got up and began to back away into the shadows of the cave.

"Terra! Wait! Come back!" Beast Boy screamed "i dont want to loose you…not like this…not again…" he fell to the ground on his knees and began to cry too.

"Beast Boy" terra began "you…must go now…I cant stay much longer… you have to go…" she then pulled her butterfly clip out of her hair and tossed it to Beast Boy, who's head was down, it landed on his lap. When he looked up to respond to her…she was gone. He looked to his lap and picked up the barrette and held it close to him. Then he realized something.

"Wait! Terra!" he looked up to see Terra yet again, her eyes now glowing.

"I said go!" she shot a small rock at him and he flung backwards. Out of his dream, and back to reality.

(Out of his dream)

He got knocked out of his chair and fell to the ground. He looked back up to his seat.

"Ow!" he said rubbing the back of his head "I fell asleep! Again!" he then threw something at the wall. He opened his eyes and looked at what he had thrown.

It was Terra's barrette…

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