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Chapter 12


"Starfire! MOVE!" Cyborg said to her as he ran also.

But before they could get far, the imitation S lade exploded, causing the rest of the ceiling to cave in on top of them.

In front of them was Slade trying to push in a code to open a door it looked like. He typed in the right combination of numbers, and the door opened and closed, leaving Raven and Robin on the other side.

"Raven, get us to the other si-" Before he could finish, there was an explosion in the other direction. That explosion caused the ceiling to cave in, burring them.

"I hope the others will be ok…" Terra thought to herself " I'm just so… tired….." After that thought, she fell asleep.

Even with Raven healing her, she couldn't resist the pleaser of sleep. Not after what she had gone through in the last few days.

End Flashback-ish thingy…

Terra woke up to the sound of a scream. But no one was around her. It was dark, there was one light on. She waited a second or two to take in her surroundings to realize where she was.

She remembered everything. Slade, Beast Boy, the others, Raven…. Wait,…. "Beast Boy!" she shouted, but was met with a 'shhh' from the nurse at the front desk. She walked towards her.

"How long have I been asleep?" She asked first off.

"About an hour or so. Not that long really." The nurse replied.

"How is…. How's BB? Do you know?" she asked anxiously

"I don't get much news up here, but as far as I know he's Ok. No doctors have come out to tell me otherwise." she said reassuringly. "Though, I would like to know"

Terra nodded.

"How did you get here. I mean, how are you still alive?" She asked in a curious tone, obviously not to offend.

Terra laughed nervously "Well, to tell you the truth…. I don't even know….. I just woke up in the Titans Infirmary. What happened before then, I can't really remember. I just heard this… noise in my head. It sounded like someone's voice. Someone familiar. But, anyways, The last word I heard in my head was 'Now'. then everything cleared up and it went from blinding white, to pitch black, and I woke up several hours later." She explained

The woman looked at Terra for a second as if trying to see if she were lying or not, then her looked softened; she believed her.

"Who do you think it was, talking to you when you were still stone?" She questioned, just wanting to know if Terra might've had any idea.

"I don't know. Honestly. But, If I were to have to guess, I'd say-"

"Um, excuse me" Another nurse came in interrupting on accident. "Were you the girl that came in with Mr. Logan?" The nurse asked

"Um, You mean Beast Boy? Yeah" 'Logan? Garfield Logan. I think that's what he told me his name was….'

"Yes. Well, I think you might want to come with me." She said as she motioned for her to follow.

Terra turned to see the woman she was talking to, she smiled, and wished her good luck with anything she would have to do. Terra smiled slightly and followed the other nurse. And when she took one last glance to see the woman again, she was gone. Confused, she continued to walk.

"Is anything wrong miss?" Terra asked softly.

The woman said nothing.

"Is he ok miss?" She asked again.

And again she was met with no reply.

"Is he ok?" She continued to ask, trying not to get angry.

The woman once again did not speak.

"Miss I-"

"We're here." The woman cut her off.

She opened a door, leading to a white room. It wasn't small, nor was it big. There were no windows, and only one door. There was a counter and a sink with various items on it. Two chair, and a bed-

Terra let out a small gasp and put her hand up, covering her mouth


Coughing hard, he emerged from the fallen ceiling. He dusted himself off, coming over a few scratches. Nothing big, but they were still bleeding. He cleaned up his cuts best he could, then looked around.

He could see the night sky. There seemed to be no floor above him, just a few beams. Coming into realization of where he was, his eyes burst open.

"RAVEN!" He yelled as he ran back to where he came out of the pile, and began to dig.

After about a minute or two, he found her. She was unconscious, but breathing. He pulled her out of the pile, and cleared a place on the ground where he laid her down.

He then began to look her over to make sure she wasn't badly hurt anywhere.

She seemed to have only a few scratches, he sighed in relief. He sat next to her for a few seconds, just staring at her, then her eyes opened. He jumped.

"What are you looking at, Boy Wonder?" Raven asked as she began to sit up, holding her head.

"N-nothing, I was just seeing if you were ok." He blurted out.

Raven blushed, and so did Robin a bit.

Raven stood up "we should see if the others are ok, Robin." She said then grabbing his hand and helping him up "If we had a cave in, Cy and Starfire most likely had one as well. "

Robin nodded and grabbed his communicator. He sighed, it was busted.

"Uh, Raven? How about you call them, my communicator is busted." He said putting his hand behind his head.

Raven agreed, and called the others, but there was no answer.

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