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A/N: This is just a short prequel to 'It's A Girl' that I wrote. Sarai agrees to live with Angel.

It was a long day for Angel. First he agreed to take the job as the new Wolfram and Hart CEO, and then it was off to Sunnydale to see Buffy and help her with the First. The only thing he wanted to do now, was be with the person he loved most in the world, the girl who made him feel more human then anyone else ever had. The only problem was that was easier said then done. He was standing a few feet away from her, and yet, she seemed far away. "Can I come in?" he asked standing in a door way.

Sarai looked up at him from where she was sitting on the bed in the abandon loft she often used as a place to stay. "Sure," she said with a shrug. He walked in, and sat on the bed with her. She moved a bit farther from him, but remained on the bed, looking at the floor.

Angel was quiet for a moment. He didn't know what to say to her. The past year got so messed up, and they got so disconnect that he had no idea how they could reconnect, but he knew he had to figure out a way. "I need to talk to you," he said.

"I sorta guessed that from the fact that you're here."

"Oh, right. I took that job at Wolfram and Hart, I don't know if I told you that before I left."

"You didn't, but Gunn did."

"Okay, so you probably know that I'll be living in the penthouse there, right?" She nodded in response to his question. "You're going to live there with me," Angel then told her, with a strict voice.

Her head snapped up and looked at him, "no way."

"This isn't a discussion, Sarai. You're only 14."

"So, what. I know how to take care of myself."

"I'm not arguing with you about this anymore. You're coming to live with me. "

"No, I'm not!"

Angel took a deep breath, not because he needed to breath because of course he didn't, but he did it because he needed that moment to stay calm. The last thing that would help the situation was him snapping. "Yes, you are," he said gently.

She softly laughed, "you say that like you care."

"I do care. I care very much."

Sarai didn't know what to do. She was getting sick of being alone, but she wasn't sure she wanted to be with her him. Mixed answers flooded her mind and she was reaching her breaking point. Putting her face in her hands, she let out a loud moan, "I'm so tired," she whined.

"Then rest," Angel answered.

"I didn't mean sleeping tired."

"I know that. Sarai, please, come with me. Finally, just come with me and rest. Let me take care of you. I know you can't take care of yourself, not in the way you need to be."

"Oh, and how do I need to be taken care of? Please tell me this."

"You need to be kid, you need to not worry about all the worries that go along with the responsibility of taking care of yourself. You need to not be alone anymore."

Everything he said to her sounded very appealing. She had reached the point where she figured she had nothing to loose. "Okay, okay, I'll give it a try," Sarai said nodding her head.

"Really?" a surprised Angel questioned.

"Yeah, really. But look, this is just a try, alright? I don't know what you're expecting to come out of this, but...but don't expect much."

"Okay," he agreed. Sure it wasn't the heartwarming moment he wanted, but he had learned already that it was rare when he got something he wanted. But she agreed to live with him, and for now, that was all he needed. Maybe they would never have the relationship he though they'd have when she was a baby, but she was willing to try for something, and that was enough for him. They both went into it thinking they had not much left to loose, and neither one of them expected that they'd be gaining everything.


A/N: Short, I know, but it was on my mind to write, so I thought I would as I work on the latest IAT chapter. I hope you all liked it.