Rated PG for minor violence and slightly tense scenes.

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"Stupid alarm clock," fourteen-year-old Daniel Fenton muttered to himself as he grabbed the last of his books off of the desk, and shoved them into his backpack, just before rushing out of his bedroom door and down the stairs. "I know I set it last night!" He grumbled under his breath. He didn't even have time for breakfast now, and he could smell the remnants of his mother's excellent cooking drifting through the remodeled, three story house. His stomach growled in protest, but he knew that another tardy would land him a detention...and he really didn't want one of those at the moment.

"Morning, honey," His mother smiled happily to him as he rushed by the door, running a hand through his unkempt black hair. As he approached the door, he realized his mother had been working on something, and stopped. Gulping, he backed up and took a second look. She was indeed holding a little, stainless steel grey and neon green (obviously ectoplasmic related)cube delicately, before placing it on a small cake platter.

"It's done!" She smiled at him. "What do you think, Danny?" He raised an eyebrow at it.

"Um...what is it?"

"It's a power enhancer," She patted it gently. "It will increase all of our inventions' capacity output by at least three hundred percent!" Danny hoped that his face didn't go suddenly too pale. His parents, ever obsessed with ghosts, invented items that would supposedly track down and capture ghosts. Unfortunately, they usually didn't work they way they were supposed to.

An excellent example of that, was an incident that took place a few months before. Danny had wondered into a large, failed experiment, accidently setting it off. He hadn't walked away unscathed either. Because of that single experience, he now had the powers of a ghost, and could actually turn into one at will. Unfortunately, with his parents being...well..the way they were, Danny hadn't worked up the courage to tell them, and since he felt no need to do so in a hurry, he saw no reason why his news couldn't wait.

"Um..." he stammered, "good job mom. I'm late. Bye!" She waved after him as he the corner. "Why me!" He groaned to himself, not noticing that he had just walked through the front door until he had reached the bottom step of his front porch. "I hope no one saw that," He gulped and looked around, but no one was in sight.

He checked his watch and continued to walk, rather quickly. He was lucky he'd woken up when he did. He still had time to talk to Tucker and Sam, his two best friends, and the only two people he'd told about his ghost powers. They'd probably have a few ideas as to how he should deal with the power enhancer. He was having a hard enough time dealing with his parents inventions as it was, and it was getting difficult to keep the charade up. But he wanted to tell them before they found out themselves, and he wasn't quite ready for that yet.

He glanced at his watch again, and sighed. He tended to do that when he was worried. Lancer, his Biology and English teacher, was always– Danny stopped mid-thought as he realized that the homework he'd stayed up half the night finishing was sitting at home, on his bed where he'd put it so he wouldn't forget it. "Aw man!" He slapped his forehead and turned to look at the few blocks he'd come. It seemed like miles already, just because it would take him an extra 7 minutes to run back home, and get back to the point where he was right now, and he did not have 7 minutes to spare.

"That's it," he shook a fist at his house, hard to miss because of the large flashing neon signs and satellite equipment (among other things) that looked like they had been pasted on the entire exterior of the house. "I'm flying to school!" Yet another advantage to having ghost powers.

Looking around, he made sure the street was still clear (it was) and jumped behind some garbage cans. Two bright rings appeared around his waist, and spread apart. When they had moved past his head and feet, they disappeared, leaving a white-haired, teenage ghost, dressed in a black suit with white trimmings, and stark green eyes. Still making sure no one saw him, he turned invisible and flew back to his house and phased into his room.

"There you are," he said, grabbing the stack of papers on his bed, and shoving them into his backpack. He was just strapping it back, when a footfall outside the door caused him to whirl around.

"Danny?" His mother's voice asked as the door began to open.


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