As soon as they lost sight of the ghosts, Danny dropped the shield and collapsed, reverting to his human form.

"Ouch," was all he could comment to Sam before closing his eyes and resting.

"Well," she commented wryly. "We've been here before."

"Huh?" Tucker asked.

Sam simply shook her head with a smile and nodded towards the exhausted Danny.

"Oh," he replied, matching her smile.

A little under 20 minutes later, they reached the porthole, and zoomed through. Danny awoke with the jerk of the Speeder stopping and shook the sleep from his eyes.

"I'm taking Jazz to her room," he said as the blue rings appeared again. "Close the door and meet me there...please." He then grabbed a magnifying glass, and floated through the ceiling, holding Jazz carefully in tow. Sam and Tucker glanced at each other as he left, and followed his instructions with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Danny phased them into her room, and laid her gently on the bed. Then he held up the magnifying glass. He figured if he could use it to diffuse his power, he could also use it to focus, like he used to with sunlight and ants when he was little.

After a little experimenting around, he finally found a way to work his theory, and focused it on the lock of the collar. It fell off soon after, and he lifted it gently from under her before holding it up triumphantly.

"Thanks," Jazz said from her pillow. "I really hated that thing." Danny grinned and set it down. She looked like she'd gone through a wind storm. Her hair had fallen out, and the headband now rested around her neck, far more loosely now that the collar had been removed. Her skin had taken on a grey shade, but he could already see the color coming back.

"How is she?" Sam asked, coming in the door, Tucker on her heels.

Danny turned with a grin and glanced at them. "She seems fine to me."

"Good," Sam folded her arms and leaned against the wall. "Because you do realize that your parents are out hunting ghosts madly through the town while trying to find you, right?"

Danny couldn't help but smile. "They are?" He shook his head. "Why am I not surprised?" He stood and smiled down at his sister. "How do you feel?" he asked.

"My hair fell out," she groaned and tried unsuccessfully to comb her hand through the tangled mess on her head. "But other than that, I feel really tired."

"That sounds familiar," Danny shrugged with a smile.

Jazz responded with a sigh. "You'd better call Mom and Dad before they hurt someone."

"Right," Danny said with a nod and ushered the others out of the room. "Oh, and Jazz," he said just before he shut the door. "Thanks." He didn't see her warm, contented smile as she drifted into a peaceful slumber.


"So," Tucker walked up behind Danny, causing his friend to jump slightly. "You back up to full strength?"

"Hello to you too," Danny growled jokingly before his mood sobered. "Full strength and full responsibility," he hung his head in a far more somber mood. "But," he nodded as Sam joined them, "it is nice to be able to stand up without help, and even though I slept through most of the last few days, I missed flying.

"Although," he looked down at his hand, "it's weird...I think I picked up something from Jazz..."

Sam raised her eyebrow in curiosity. "Why? What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well," Danny said slowly, "Jazz gave Dad a complete psycho-analyzation this found it interesting."

"Woah," his friends responded at the same time.

"And," he continued as if he hadn't heard them. "I made sure I had time to study last night because I...well, I wanted to..." He suddenly realized that the spaces on either side of him were empty and turned to see Sam and Tucker staring at him with shocked expressions.

"You..." Sam started.

Tucker finished for her,"...Studied?"

Danny glared at them. "At least," he said flatly, "Mom and dad are off me being the ghost. They studied my blood and didn't even find any ectoplasmic residue. Unfortunately, they've turned their attention back to Jazz."

"Why?" Sam asked, shaking off her surprised.

"Well," Danny grinned, "she's been acting a little strange lately too. I think she picked up some of my traits."

"Like what?" Tucker asked.

Danny shrugged. "Why don't you ask her yourself? Hey Jazz!" He waved his sister over, and she complied slowly.

"Woah," Sam commented. "You look awful." Dark circles outlined her tired, blood-shot eyes, and she slumped through the halls as if in a trance. "Still recovering from the zap that the Fenton Feeler gave you?"

"Not really," she blinked at them through her heavy eyelids.

Sam and Tucker glanced at each other. "What then?" Tucker asked.

"Are you sick?"

"No," Jazz replied, covering a yawn with her hand. "I was up almost all night playing Doomed 2. That's why I'm so tired." A sudden thump stopped her from saying more, and she looked down to see Tucker had once again fallen to the floor. Sam, however stood there, with an expression of shock that put all the others to shame.

"See," Jazz glanced slyly at Danny. "I told you only Tucker would faint. You owe me five bucks."

"Aw Man!" Danny growled and folded his arms in a huff.

THE END! Woot! Hope you guys liked it! It might take me a while to get my next story up, and I'm revising yeah. Anywho, REPLY"S ROCK!