Disclaimer: I don't own the Matrix or The Llama Song.

This is my third Llama song fanfic parody... I'll stop soon, I promise!

This fic was written by me and three classmates. To hear a version of The Llama Song, go to albinoblacksheep(.)com.

The Agent Song

Here's an Agent
There's an Agent
And another hundred Agents
Running Agent,flying Agent
Agent Agent duck.

Agent Agent cleansing Agent
Matrix green reducing Agent
Agent Agent bang bang Agent
Agent Agent duck.

Smith had lots of copies
They all looked the same
Each with suits and shades so cool
The One, they tried to maim
But he totally squashed them
And flew into the sky
So they dream to one day watch
The One collapse and die.

Did you ever see an Agent
Slash an Agent, bash an Agent
Wearing shades affects your vision
Agent Agent duck.

Twice an Agent, thrice an Agent
Lots more Agents, rabbit Agent
Agent in a subway Agent
Agent Agent duck.

Hello Mr. Anderson
Why do you persist
You know we will squash you
So why do you resist?
My hairs' getting thin now
Wish I were an elf
Maybe I should spend less time
Looking at myself.