Hi everyone! I'm still alive, graduated from high school, and off to university in several months if I manage to get into one.


Here's a Sati, there's a Sati
And another ickle Sati
Indian pigtail carwash Sati
Sati Sati duck

Sati Sati point break Sati
Odious happy warcraft Sati
Sati ain't a human Sati
Sati Sati duck

Cookies need a lot of love
Just like everything
Such as purple dinos and
Extreme tobogganing
Sati helped the Oracle bake
This led her to her doom
See, kids, you should skedaddle
While Or'cle's in the room.

Did you ever hear a Sati
Say that cookies smelt good, Sati
Smith got her, so goodbye Sati
Sati Sati duck

Sati messed with cookies, Sati
If they're bad it's her fault, Sati
What's she smiling at, that Sati
Creepy Sati duck

Then things went back to normal and so
Sati got de-Smithed
She came to lying on the road
(Bad Jedis are called Sith)
She made a sunrise in the sky
T'was bright and pretty too
All for the sake of some dead guy
Crap, no rhyme... Keanu?