Dracula: The Series


Chapter 5

Lucard stood in the middle of ring of a government officials. They hung on every word that he uttered; nothing out of the ordinary.

Across the room, Lexa was chatting with a woman about finances. The woman was nodding and muttering comments; but Lexa knew she wasn't really listening. It took only a moment to realize what she was focused on: Alexander Lucard.

Lexa looked up as he moved toward them; it was like watching a king stride through a room. It made her heart skip, her breath caught.

Alex had to admit, the sight of Lexa set him on fire. The glass in his hand cracked as he watched her. He walked toward her as a war raged in him; he wanted to bite her and taste her blood, the other half of him wanted her body.

He came to a stop beside her and looked down; she met his gaze. A silent agreement of desire went between them. His right arm slid around her waist and she leaned into him.

Lucard focused on the other woman staring at him, "Excuse us."

She nodded numbly.

Lucard collected their respective coats; sending out a telepathic a call for his car. Coming back to Lexa, he held her coat while she slid it on. His hands brushed her bare shoulders. He felt her tense at he brush of skin on skin.

Stepping out into the night, his driver had the door open as the walked down the steps. Silently he told the drive to head for the castle.

Lexa was intent on the outdoors as they drove. Lucard kept resisting the urge to grab her and take what he wanted. He glanced at her and found her hands restless. He knew from her thoughts that she was conflicted about how to act.

Lucard closed his eyes, pulling in a deep breath he let it out carefully. "Felix, take us to Miss Graham's."

He heard her turn in the seat, opening his eyes he looked at her. Gently he reached for her hand. Her skin was flush and burned with heat. Lucard made himself focus on the blue of her eyes rather then the beat of her heart.

"Lexa, I don't want to rush things with you." He said carefully. He could feel the tips of his fangs descending. "I can tell you are not ready for what…we are both in need of." He had to pause, his hunger surged at that moment. "I will not force you."

She was watching him with wide eyes, "You're serious." It was a statement.

"I always am." He said honestly.

Her shoulders drooped as her breathe eased out slowly. "Thank you, I was prepared to…act in gratitude, but this is better."

He wanted to pull her into his arms. It went against his nature to release prey. But something inside of him said that she wasn't prey.

Lucard raised her hand to his mouth and kissed it; he heard her heart flutter. Her blood rushed with emotions. Quickly he lowered it before she would feel his fangs. A moment later, he spoke carefully.

"I want to see you again, but perhaps not for a few days."

He could tell she was thinking, "I think…that would be very wise."

He allowed Felix to assist her from the car this time. As Lexa disappeared into her house, he heaved a sight. His fangs dropped out and he leaned his head back.

"This is going to kill me," He muttered and pulled in a breath, "Felix, take me home."